News You May Not Have Heard About — 04/24/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. US Supreme Court rules Iran must pay almost $2bn to victims of 1983 terror attacks

  2. House panel votes to freeze lawmakers’ salaries

  3. Phony ‘truancy court’ order against homeschoolers nixed

  4. Now Congress acts to rein in president’s power

  5. Governor enables 200,000 felons to vote in November

  6. Dirty secret Hollywood doesn’t want you to know


  8. Chelsea Clinton touts gun grab after Scalia death

  9. Obama lectures Brits: Sovereignty OK, but ‘collective’ better

  10. Counter-terror expert: Obama let Saudis escape responsibility

  11. X22Report New Report Shows the US Is Preparing for Mass Civil Disobedience – Episode 952b

  12. Russia Issues Chilling Warning to America! (Video)

  13. Trump Would Absolutely Change The Republican Platform On Abortion

  14. Students Attack Protesters: Fight Breaks Over Gender-Neutral Bathroom At High School

  15. Spy chief pressed for number of Americans ensnared in data espionage

  16. Oklahoma lawmakers approve bill to revoke licenses of abortion doctors

  17. LINCOLN GETS THE BOOT: $5 Bill to be Altered


  19. GOOD NEWS: This state just outlawed civil forfeiture… more to follow

  20. Botched Airdrop Sends Humvees Plummeting To Their Doom

  21. Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg named in massive conspiracy and racketeering lawsuit involving Johnson & Johnson, a Wall Street hedge fund, and the Levaquin drug

  22. House Debate on IRS Rehiring

  23. Anti-Federalist Paper No. 61 – Questions And Comments On The Constitutional Provisions Regarding The Election Of Congressmen

  24. Paul Ryan: ‘We Don’t Have’ Votes to Pass a Budget

  25. At Least Eight Dead in ‘Execution Style’ Killings in Ohio

  26. Hollywood’s Lone Conservative Group Closing Down

  27. Weather Channel Founder: Get Politics Out of Climate Debate

  28. American Arrested for ISIS Ties Wanted to Move Terrorists to US Via Mexico




World News Banner

  1. Turkish govt rejected Kurdish offer of peace talks, opposition says

  2. Russian Navy to have nigh-unstoppable hypersonic missiles by 2018 – report

  3. Russia warns U.S. over naval incident as NATO tensions laid bare

  4. It Begins: US To Launch Submarine Drones In South China Sea

  5. US Joins Arabs in Rejecting Israeli Rule Over Strategic Golan Heights

  6. Amid fear of Hezbollah attack, IDF walls off section of Lebanon border

  7. U.N. advances global governance with climate accord

  8. French students celebrate ‘Hijab Day’ in Paris

  9. Failed N.K. missile launch damages launcher, causes human casualties: report

  10. China deploying troops along N. Korea border

  11. China Flight Tests New Multiple-Warhead Missile

  12. Israel, Egypt, Jordan, enter ‘unprecedented’ intelligence-sharing agreement

  13. South Korea announces most high-profile defection from North since Korean War

  14. Names of intelligence officials, agents, appear in Panama Papers

  15. Turkey arrests senior official for selling weapons plans to US-based firm

  16. Revealed: Decorated Nazi commander became Mossad assasin

  17. More than 170 states set to sign landmark climate agreement


World Financial News Banner

  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. Tubman To Replace Jackson On $20

  4. Seeing green: More banks willing to deal with legal marijuana businesses

  5. Russia calls Saudi bluff after Riyadh threatens to boost oil output

  6. Moscow & Shanghai seek to dominate gold trade

  7. Saudis derail oil freeze deal over regional rivalry with Iran

  8. ALERT: This Will Be The Biggest Shock For The World In 2016

  9. 12 Tips to Survive The Next Economic Collapse and The Beginning of the Next Great Depression

  10. David Stockman: Economic Collapse Is Imminent

  11. US Troops in Europe to Outnumber all European Troops Combined

  12. Biggest Financial Bubble in History Will Engulf World-Gregory Mannarino

  13. Another Record Collection from Federal Taxes

  14. Wall Street banking revenue is in free fall, and here’s why

  15. Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It’s 2008 All Over Again

  16. “Unequivocally” Great News America – Gas Prices Are Soaring

  17. It’s all your money: US aiding business start-ups — for illegal aliens

  18. Deutsche Bank Settles Lawsuit for Price Rigging, Turns “State’s Evidence” on Other Banks

  19. Surprise, surprise: Insurers losing money on Obamacare

  20. Formation of the Insurance Development Forum by the United Nations, the World Bank Group and the Insurance Industry

  21. Lawsuit: Al Jazeera America lost $585 million in 2 years

  22. Goldman strategy that returned 105% in days

  23. Get Ready for Huge Obamacare Premium Hikes in 2017

  24. United Healthcare To Pull Out Of Most Obamacare Exchanges

  25. Chinese Mega-bank Partners With World Bank for New World Order

  26. When you see this, it’ll be time to buy oil stocks

  27. Bill Bonner: What if we’re wrong about gold?

  28. op analyst: A six-month boom in this sector starts now…

  29. Top trader: The only sector you should buy today…

  30. One of the best bargains in precious metals is disappearing…

  31. Jim Rickards: ‘A scramble for gold has begun’

  32. INSANITY: Banks are now paying people to take out mortgages

  33. Alexander Green: A new bull market in uranium?

  34. Flashback: Two Big White House ‘Green’ Cronies Unite: First Wind scored over $700 million of stimulus funds, now being acquired by SunEdison

  35. SunEdison Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection



Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Yellowstone Eruption Next?

  3. ‘Fireball’ meteor lights up English skies (PHOTOS)

  4. India drought: ‘330 million people affected’

  5. Drone Footage Shows Devastation Of Japan Literally Ripped Apart As Fears Mount With Food In Short Supply And Ringing Warnings Of ‘This Has Only Just Begun’ – This Will Be The End Of The Pacific And Tens Of Millions Will Die

  6. Nuclear leak at Washington’s infamous Hanford Site is CATASTROPHIC, former worker claims, as eight inches of radioactive waste escapes core of ‘the world’s safest’ tank

  7. Ecuador Survivors Shaken By Strong New Quake

  8. Dutchsinse : Craton – Plate Movement from West to East Over 1 Hour Time


Technology News Banner

  1. ‘Sweaty’ Billboard Kills Mosquitoes To Fight Zika Virus

  2. Wallpaper Camera Wraps Around Any Surface

  3. NBC News predicts populace to be RFID chipped in 2017

  4. Look Mao, no hands! China’s roadmap to self-driving cars


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In the Middle East, ISIS jihadists massacre Christians. Those who survive are raped and sold into slavery. It’s a blatant genocide of Christians. We successfully pressured the Obama Administration to recognize this “genocide against Christians.” Now we have an obligation to act under the Genocide Convention. We must 1) stop the genocide and 2) protect Christians. We’ve mobilized our offices on Capitol Hill and across the globe to fight back.

Time running out for Army hero Sergeant Martland

When a decorated soldier was told to turn a blind eye in the case of a child who was being repeatedly raped and beaten, he knew it was an order he had to refuse. Now, doing the right thing will cost him his career.

Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret, learned from a 12 year-old Afghan boy’s mother that an Afghan police commander had chained her son to his bed in order to repeatedly abuse him…all occurring on a United States military base. The commander was being trained under Sgt. Martland’s mentorship.

Join our global call-to-action by asking the United Nations to preserve religious freedom and recognize the genocide against Christians

Christians in “ISIS/Daesh” controlled areas are being murdered, beheaded, crucified, beaten, extorted, abducted, and tortured.

A college in New York City tore down gender markings from all bathrooms!

Cooper Union, a New York City college, removed “men” and “women” signs from all campus bathrooms earlier this week. Now, students are forced to use restrooms with members of the other sex. Women will be unable to avoid sharing a bathroom with men.

Last fall, a group of students ripped off the gender signs from doors of restrooms in denial of God-given gender distinctions. Instead of replacing the signs and standing for biological truth, the administration decided to compound the problem—they removed the gender signs from all restrooms on campus.

Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!

The American Family Association is calling for a boycott of Target after the retail giant said it would allow men to use the women’s restrooms and dressing rooms in their stores.

On its web site this week, Target announced, “[W]e welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity. …Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.”

This means a man can simply say he “feels like a woman today” and enter the women’s restroom…even if young girls or women are already in there.

Archaeology News Banner

  1. Ancient Egyptian Demons Drawings Found

  2. Researchers Unlock the Mystery of the Mummified Lung of a Merovingian Queen

  3. Spanish Archaeologists Continue Works to Recover the Elaborate Villa of the Emperor Hadrian

  4. Viking Invaders Struck Deep into the West of England – and May have Stuck Around

  5. Is Bigfoot Real? Emerging Scientific Evidence

  6. Examining the Impressive Ancient Roman Walls of Lugo

  7. The Fiji Mermaid: What Was the Abominable Creature and Why Was It So Popular?

  8. Impressive Mosaic and Large Roman Villa Discovered in UK… But it is Now Re-Buried

  9. The Monumental and Mysterious Silbury Hill

  10. Archaeologists Speculate Shackled Skeletons Were Slain Comrades of Greek Coup Leader Cylon

  11. The White Slaves of Barbary

  12. The secret life of an ancient concubine


Health News Banner

  1. This revolutionary treatment kills cancer from the inside out

  2. Alcohol, Processed Meats Boost Stomach Cancer

  3. HPV vaccine makers to be sued in Japan for damage and deaths caused by toxic immunizations

  4. Cincinnati warns 16,000 residents their water is likely contaminated with lead… while the EPA remains totally silent

  5. Why are purple foods so good for you? Learn the science of why these pigmented choices are good for heart, brain health

  6. FTC attack on Dr. Mercola nothing but an attempt to intimidate natural health proponents… Mainstream press parroting all Big Pharma’s talking points

  7. Keep mosquitoes away (and the pathogens they carry!) with a truly natural repellant spray

  8. 8 Home Remedies To Cure Viral Infections Naturally

  9. The Most Effective Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure

  10. 8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Raw Tomato Juice

  11. CLAIM: Restaurants in China lace their food with morphine to make customers chemically addicted… Big Food does the same thing in the USA with MSG

  12. Hygiene-free hospitals? New study suggests that medical staff DON’T actually wash their hands in almost 40 percent of all cases

  13. Gardening is more effective exercise than going to the gym: burns more calories… more rewarding and enjoyable

  14. TSA ‘saving the day’ by confiscating pimento cheese dip, while failing 95 percent of bomb security tests

  15. Science proves that hiking is one healthy, natural solution to ADHD and anxiety

  16. Study indicates that even one week of organic consumption vs. conventional foods leads to a 90 percent reduction in pesticide poisoning

  17. Can A Toxic Metal Found in Vaccines Cause Heart Disease?

  18. If You Only Take One Vitamin, Take This

  19. Money-laundering, pro-GMO Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) could be held liable in court case prosecuted by the state of Washington

  20. Reforestation efforts improving as ‘seed bombing’ initiative shells out 900,000 future trees per day

  21. Modern-day ‘reefer madness’ propaganda appears in Senate hearing after lawmakers ‘morally’ condemn two-fifths of Americans who use marijuana

  22. 9 Fruits & Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again & Again

  23. Why You Should Drink This Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper Tea Every Day

  24. 7 Houseplants That Prevent Insomnia & Purify Your Air Naturally

  25. The CULT of ‘Scientism’ explained: How scientific claims behind cancer, vaccines, psychiatric drugs and GMOs are nothing more than corporate-funded science FRAUD

  26. As Burger King proudly presents their ‘angriest’ red-dyed burger, consumers should consider the health risks of artificial food dye

  27. Surprisingly high number of patients admitted into mental health facilities die, and their deaths are often unreported… why?

  28. America is suffering from the same environmental, food and medicine toxins created during WWII that helped carry out the Holocaust

  29. Governor accused of criminal racketeering cover-up of Flint’s lead poisoning… Will EPA officials who ignored the risk be held accountable too?

  30. Can drinking a gallon of water every day make you healthier? A first-hand account of this ‘challenge’ says maybe so..

  31. Streamlined deception: Journalist exposes EVERYTHING you read in the mainstream media has been planted or approved by the government

  32. Popular Pills Spike Your Cancer Risk by 35 Percent

  33. A Simple Way to Reduce Stress

  34. Breast Health Support for Women

  35. Astaxanthin With Enhanced Antioxidant Benefits

  36. Avocado Uses and Health Benefits

  37. Women with larger behinds are healthier and more intelligent, study finds

  38. EXCLUSIVE: Quaker instant oatmeal and Silk non-GMO soy creamer found contaminated with alarming levels of glyphosate weed killer… and they’re not even GMO!

  39. Detroit’s corrupt healthcare system exposed: Crittenton oncology nurse goes berserk when probed about cancer fraudster Dr. Farid Fata

  40. France bans glyphosate products with harmful co-formulants after yanking Roundup from garden centers

  41. Parent’s worst nightmare: Wave of babies born in Japan with extra arms and legs due to Fukushima radiation… Stillbirth numbers on the rise

  42. Same national media that freaked out over lead poisoning in Flint, remains totally silent on nationwide mercury poisoning through vaccines

  43. Flu vaccines causing massive spike in deaths of elderly across the UK, warn health officials

  44. Why chocolate helps you sleep better: Cacao nutrient found to regulate your biological clock for a full night’s sleep

  45. Retail demand for organics is exploding so rapidly that Costco is actually lending money to farmers to grow more organic food

  46. Healthy, anti-inflammatory gut bacteria is actually key to averting the start of cancer

  47. Do You Have a Low Platelet Count? Risks & 7 Natural Treatments

  48. Mullein: The Medicinal Herb that Fights Infections & Inflammation

  49. Avoiding Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

  50. Balsamic Peaches and Goat Cheese Salad Recipe

  51. Candida Natural Treatments

  52. 6 Rash Natural Remedies

  53. Video: How Sunlight Becomes Vitamin D

  54. Your Genes Predict Your Virginity

  55. California dreamin’ of clean air: 52% of Americans live with unhealthy ozone & particle pollution

  56. Why Are They Trying to Kill You? When You Realize What Is REALLY Going On In the U.S., the Conclusion Becomes Inescapable

  57. Chernobyl On The Hudson Causing a Massive Spike in Thyroid Cancer

  58. Study ties recently discovered immune cell to disease

  59. Fluoride Now Linked To Neurotoxicity Pandemic And Development Of The A-Bomb

  60. Omega-9 Benefits the Heart, Brain & Your Mood

  61. Discover 5 scientifically-backed reasons to use this “liquid gold” every day

  62. Does Sex Protect Men Against Prostate Cancer?

  63. Doctors Using Magnesium to Reverse Diabetes


Misc News Banner

  1. Online Biblical Hebrew Course for Christians

  2. Geekly Update – 20 April 2016

  3. The Complete History of the Freemasonry and the Creation of the New World Order

  4. Saint or Sinner, Government Eyes Are Watching Every Move You Make

  5. SHTF – Moving Out of Major Cities Before a Catastrophic Disaster Strikes

  6. Google warns 760,000 websites: ‘You’ve been hijacked’ – but many are infected again in days

  7. [FAIL] Don’t Get Burned By Crowdfailures

  8. Prince, Fan of David Icke, Prepared to Expose Illuminati’s Secret Plans? Shocking Symbolism Surrounding His Death!



Religion News Banner

  1. Satanism as a new political movement in America

  2. The Government Of Turkey Is Now Confiscating Christian Churches And Will Be Demolishing Them. Antichrist Empire Of Turkey Is Also Planning To Slaughter All Christians

  3. Is It “Anti-Faith” To Prepare For The Very Hard Times That Are Coming?

  4. Christian Converts From Islam Live In Fear For Their Lives

  5. The Shocking Truth of Church Budgets


  7. Pat Boone doubles down on ‘SNL’ ‘sacrilege’

  8. Police arrest Jews for trying to offer sacrifice on Temple Mount

  9. Strange Details Behind Prince Blood Sacrifice to Baal! That Killed Him

  10. UNESCO’s Anti-Jewish Temple Mount Vote Ignores Fact The Quran Says Site Is Jewish

  11. I LOVE ISLAM (What Muslim-American children are being taught.)



Jihad News Banner

  1. Prison Becomes Islamic Recruiting Ground

  2. Celebrating Terrorism, Palestinian Style

  3. ISIS Boasts Of Plans For Suicide Bombers And Beach Massacres This Summer, Spanish Police Make Arrests

  4. Gang of Muslim Teens In UK Crash A House Party And Beat And Rape A Random Teenage Girl For THREE Hours, Then When They Are Arrested They Tell Police She Liked It

  5. Muslims Conduct Systematic Massacre And Slaughter Forty People, They Then Bury The Bodies In Two Mass Graves

  6. ISIS wants to launch chemical or nuclear attacks – EU/NATO security chiefs

  7. ISIS freezes 45 of its members to death in Mosul

  8. ISIS suspect reveals plans to open up route from Syria to U.S. through Mexico

  9. Turkey Seizes Last 6 Christian Churches in Diyarbakir as ‘State Property’

  10. SIS harvesting organs from shocking new source

  11. NATO security chiefs warn of ISIS plan for nuclear attack on Europe

  12. Taliban Touts Bergdahl Swap As Major Achievement

  13. ISIS Executes Muslims Who Helped Christians Escape Capture: As Obama Claims Terror Group Is Losing

  14. Muslims Take 250 Women And Butcher All Of Them To Death In Mass Murdering Spree


Prophecy News Banner

  1. The Prophetic Significance Of Israel’s New National Holiday

  2. Biblical Scale Invasion Of Parts Of North-Eastern United States Coming In Weeks – Are You Prepared For The ‘Emergence’? They Lived 17 Years Underground

  3. By This Time Next Year We Will Be Under Martial Law

  4. The Mysteries of CERN and The Unknown (Video: 58:30 minutes long.)

  5. Priests And Sacrifice – Rebuilt Temple Moves Closer To Reality

  6. Steve Quayle on The Second Coming of Nephilim

  7. Death of a Prince: The Back Story That Has Never Been Told


New Moon News Banner

At sundown Friday April 8, 2016 in Jerusalem the new moon was not sighted due to significant haze over Israel. There are several groups in Israel who go out each month to sight the new moon. No one reported sighting the new moon in Israel. By default, the first Biblical new Hebrew month and start of the Hebrew New Year begins at sundown on Saturday April 9, 2016.

As brother Mike Clayton says “No matter if you will be setting your Festivals by the calendar or the sighting of the moon, lets begin this year with respect for those who may see things a bit different than we do.” We are all in a rehearsal mode. In other words, we are practicing observing the Mo’edim (Appointed Times/Feasts) of Almighty Yahweh until Yeshua returns. When He returns, He will teach us all things.

PASSOVER: With the start of the Biblical Hebrew New Year at sundown on Saturday April 9, 2016, the Passover Seder will begin at sundown on Friday evening April 22, 2016 and Passover will conclude at sundown on Saturday April 23, 2016.

FIRST FRUITS: The observance of First Fruits or in the Hebrew Bikkurim begins at sundown Saturday 23, 2016 and will conclude on Sunday April 24, 2016.

UNLEAVENED BREAD: Observance of Unleavened Bread is for seven days. The first and last days of Unleavened Bread are High Holy Days and no work is to be performed on these two days. The first day of Unleavened Bread will begin at sundown on Saturday April 23, 2016 and conclude at sundown Sunday April 24, 2016. The last day of Unleavened Bread begins at sundown on Friday April 29, 2016  and it will conclude at sundown on Saturday April 30, 2016.

COUNTING OF THE OMER: Beginning on the Feast of First Fruits (Bikkurim), we begin to count 50 days. This is called the Counting of the Omer. On the fiftieth day following the Feast of First Fruits (Bikkurim) is the Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) also known as Feast of Weeks (Leviticus 23:15-21). (Note: Pentecost is a Greek word which literally means “fiftieth”.). Shavuot (Pentecost) will begin at sundown on Saturday June 11, 2016 and it will conclude at sundown on June 12, 2016.

There is a free PDF file of the Passover Haggadah you may download and print out for your use HERE. At this same link, you will also see a button to click on for Passover Recipes. Enjoy!

Let all in the Body of Yeshua give thanks to our Loving Heavenly Father for His Appointed Times that we may observe His Feasts. By doing so, we are showing/demonstrating by our “actions” that we truly love Him the way He has given His children to show Him that they love Him.

May Yahweh bless each and everyone of you who have already observed Passover and those who will be observing Passover.

To our loving Heavenly Father be the Praise, Honor, Glory and Power for ever and ever, Amein!


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Broadcast on Hebrew Nation Online airs LIVE at 9 am and 5 pm Pacific on Fridays or listen to the podcast later.

Join us this week with Laura Densmore and Kimberly Rogers:

*Days of Baal and Days of Elijah
*Arch from Temple of Baal in NYC has been cancelled
*Palestinians pushing UN Draft resolution on Israeli settlements
*Slated for a vote on Passover weekend: “Counterfeit Covenant”
*Is Obama planning revenge on Netanyahu with UN vote on Palestinian state this fall?
*Passover sacrifice to be re-enacted in front of Temple Mount next week
*GOP insiders invoke Jim Crow style discrimination to stop Trump voters in Colorado
*Trump: Colorado a “fix”: We have a rigged system
*Close in scripture/prayer: Amos 9: 8-15

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The 1260 Report airs live on Fridays at 9 am and 5 pm Pacific time or listen later by podcast.


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Romans 8:7 “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be.” (New King James Version)

The carnal mind is hostile to God and subsequently to one’s neighbor. Because Satan’s spirit is hostile to law, all who bear his image are hostile to law, breaking laws, taking advantage of each other. They are self-centered just like Satan, interested only in the protection and the increase of themselves.

Here is the basic drive of that spirit, its heart and core: overweening pride. Remember, Satan is “the king of pride.” Overweening pride reveals itself in hostility, animosity, hatred, malice, deceit, anger, cunning, competition, resentment, bitterness, self-pity, and intellectual vanity. Every one of these attributes divides people against each other.

Consider how that spirit divided the Jews from Jesus. That spirit eventually led them to divide to the ultimate: They murdered Him. They took His life, defending themselves from the truth that He was preaching to them. The animosity, the hostility to God has never been shown more clearly in the Jews’ relationship with Jesus Christ. What God tells us is we have the same spirit as those people. We have been marked.

This is only a partial list of this mark, a partial list of the spirit that emanates from Satan. All we have to do to add to the list is to think of those attitudes that drove Satan to persuade one-third of the angels, organize them, and then lead them into war against God, and we will discover the elements of that spirit emanating from the Beast and marking men.

Have we ever felt any of these attitudes toward some of our brethren in the church? Perhaps so strong that we do not want to be around them, so we do what we can to divide from them because they actually become repulsive to us? We become convinced that they are evil, unconverted, that we cannot control them so that they will do or be what we want them to do or be. When this happens, the mark—the spirit of this world—worldliness—might just be gaining the upper hand in our lives.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: The Spiritual Mark of the Beast


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The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number Four – Creation and the World

All of the numbers used in scripture have some variety in their meaning. However, every number has a common theme that runs through each one. The number ‘four’ is no exception. This number is overwhelmingly seen in the material creation and the expression of God’s purpose in the world or on the earth. We first see this in the 4th word in the beginning, the aleph-tav. The fourth word in the book of B’reshith [Genesis] is not translated into the English. In the Hebrew it is simply the first and last letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet. It appears hundreds of times in the Tenakh [Old Testament] as a grammatical form called the sign of the direct object. But when it is used as a distinct part of Hebrew grammar it is seen followed by a maqqef, or what would be called a hyphen in the English. It is only seen a hand full of times as standing alone. At any rate, it still points to the creation as being the direct object of the Creator, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega. The fourth word speaks of the creation and the Creator who accomplished this by His Word. All that was needed to restore the creation in the next 20 verses was created in the first verse. This is why there is no mention of creating from verse one through verse twenty-one.

On the first day we see YHVH restoring by four means: He said, He saw, He divided and He called. On the second day we see YHVH restoring His creation by four means: He said, He made, He divided, He called. On the fourth day we see YHVH restoring the earth by four means: He said, He made, He set, and He saw. On the seventh day we see our Creator giving His creation the pattern for Shabbat by ending, resting, blessing, and sanctifying. He does these four things on four of the seven days. On the fourth day the material creation is complete or tov. Our Creator shows us His creation through the number four from the very beginning. Man can now look out his window from the four walls of his house and see the divine stamp of four in most of what he sees. He sees his day divided into morning, afternoon, evening and night. He sees four directions on his compass, four elements in his world: earth, air, fire, and water. He experiences four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter, unless he lives in Miami or Phoenix. At night, he sees four phases of the moon. He reads all manner of literature testifying of the four winds and the four corners of the earth, and from the garden of Eden he sees four rivers encompassing the earth. We read in the beginning that there are lights in the firmament to be for signs, seasons, days, and years for the earth. This is to be God’s calendar that man cannot manipulate or conveniently place into dispensations. After the flood, we learn that the population of the world will be accomplished by four men: Noach, Shem, Ham and Yapheth, with a little help from four wives. As we count the years we see that the Word of God made flesh was to come in the 4th millenium.

The first command to the creation was to multiply or increase. Here we begin to see the root meaning of the Hebrew word for four, ‘areva’ah. It’s verbal root is rava’, which means to breed or increase. Coincidence? One of it’s major cognates is ravah, which means ‘much’ or to multiply. Can you see YHVH’s handiwork in all this? Ravah is where we get the word ‘Rabbi’. A rabbi is one who is a teacher of ‘much’ skill and ‘increased’ learning. So, from the beginning we see the stamp of four (‘areva’ah) in the first commands to His creation.

The Hebrew letter that is represented by the number four is dalet, with it’s root being dalah. Dalet means a door, or the way to enter. We are told by Messiah, in context with the ‘new birth’ or the ‘new creature’, that heavenly things are comprehended by trusting in the earthly things. Through the creation and God’s commands to His creation we are given pictures of heavenly, eternal realities. Mankind from the beginning could not be redeemed outside of the Messiah, for He is the only way, the only door (dalet). This is pictured in the kinsman-redeemer. The deliverer had to come into the world and take upon flesh. The holy ones of the Tenakh [Old Testament] had been waiting in sheol until the death of the testator, in order to receive their inheritance. Believers today share that same inheritance.

Ivrim [Hebrews] 9:15
“And for this cause He is the mediator of the new covenant, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament, they who are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance.”

Our inheritance with the saints could only be accomplished when that which was heavenly took upon flesh (became part of the creation) to redeem His creation. The number four or dalet, the door, is seen in the Messiah, who came into the WORLD as part of the CREATION, in order to redeem His creation.

Below is a small sample of the use of the number four in scripture.

  • 4 gospels record the events of the Messiah on the earth.
  • Each gospel pictures the Messiah from Yechezk’el’s [Ezekiel’s] 4 living creatures with 4 faces and 4 wings
  • The children of Israel were camped around the Tabernacle in 4 camps
  • The book of Dani’el records 4 kingdoms to rule the world: Babylon, Persian, Greece and Rome, represented by 4 beasts
  • The human creation is called kindreds, tongues, peoples, and nations: Hitgalut [Revelation] 5:9, 7:9, 10:11, 17:15; B’reshith [Genesis] 10:5,20,31.
  • 4 judgments on the world: war, famine, pestilence, and earthquakes: Mattityahu [Matthew] 24:6-7
  • Nebuchadnezzars image of gold, silver, bronze, iron – iron/clay
  • 4 horsemen bring terror and death to the world: Hitgalut [Revelation] 6:1-8
  • 4 soils of the world: Mattityahu [Matthew] 13:3-8
  • Elect to be gathered from the 4 winds: Mattityahu [Matthew] 24:31
  • 4 sides of the brazen altar with 4 horns: Sh’mot [Exodus] 27:1-2
  • 4 outer coverings of the Tabernacle: fine linen, goat’s hair, ram’s skin, and badger skins: Sh’mot [Exodus] 26:1-6
  • 4 rows of stones in the breastplate of the high priest: Sh’mot [Exodus] 28:17-21
  • 4 pillars with 4 sockets in the entrance to the Tabernacle gate: Sh’mot [Exodus] 27:16
  • 3 metals plus wood in the making of the Tabernacle: Sh’mot [Exodus] 25:3
  • 4 sore judgments of Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 14:21
  • 4 kinds of flesh: 1 Corinthians 15:39
  • 4 kinds of glories: 1 Corinthians 15:40-41
  • Iyov’s [Job’s] 4 comforters
  • There were actually 4 in the fiery furnace in Dani’el
  • The gematria of the world’s oldest city Damascus is 444
  • 4 animals for sacrifice: bullock, goat, lamb, and turtledoves
  • New Jerusalem is to be 4 square: Hitgalut [Revelation] 21:6
  • 4 principle names of Lucifer cast down to earth: Dragon, the old serpent, devil, and satan
  • 4 women of Yahshua’s [Jesus’s] genealogy: Tamar, Rahav [Rehab], Ruth and the wife of Uriah (Bathsheba)

And of course we must mention that the most revealing use of the number four is in the moronic, WORLDLY game of golf, in which too many of God’s CREATURES, just before popping the golfer ahead of them in the head, yell ‘FORE!’

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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  1. Annual Torah Cycle for 2015-2016 (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  2. Torah reading for Passover: Exodus 12:21-51; Numbers 28:16-25.

  3. Haftarah reading for Passover: Joshua 3:5-7; Joshua 5:2—6:1, 27.

  4. Brit Chadashah [New Testament] reading for Passover: Matthew 16:13-28; Mark 8:27-38, 9:9-13; Luke 9:18-27; John 3:1-21; 1 Corinthians 5:1-8.


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  5. Women in the Bible: Dorcas, Christian woman

  6. Corporate Logos are Ancient Pagan Symbols – Do You Really Understand Who Controls The World? (Video: 1:42:16 minutes long.)



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