News You May Not Have Heard About — 04/10/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. Bernie Sanders Falesly Accuses Israel of Killing 10,000 Palestinian Civilians

  2. Liberal arts professor says schools should stop teaching algebra because America’s children are too stupid to handle it (but will still be allowed to vote one day!)

  3. Report: Trump Supporters in Wisconsin See Votes Switched to Cruz

  4. The Infowars Nightly News. Ted Cruz’s Dirty Laundry Finally Being Aired Out For America (FULLSHOW) [Video: 1:00:03 minutes long.)

  5. Exclusive – D.C. Madam Attorney Response To Supreme Court Denial Of Application To Release Escort Service Records Relevant To Presidential Election

  6. Congress Investigating Obama Administration for ‘Intentional Deception’ on Iran

  7. If you buy Apple products, you may want to see this undercover video exposing inhumane slave labor in China: $1.85 per hour with 72-hour work weeks

  8. Panama Papers hack was a U.S. operation: Notice how no U.S. names appear in the list?

  9. The President’s Party Endorses Stabbings – Where’s The Outrage?





  14. State seizes videos behind Planned Parenthood sting

  15. U.S. vows to block Russian arms sale to Iran

  16. Virginia governor vetoes bill to label books ‘sexually explicit’ in schools

  17. PayPal pulls North Carolina plan after transgender bathroom law

  18. Divided U.S. Supreme Court cautious about taking new cases

  19. Gmail will now warn you if you’re being targeted by the government

  20. US government, Soros funded Panama Papers to attack Putin – WikiLeaks

  21. Number 1 Panama Papers Secret (Trump)

  22. Nearly 14% of veterans engage in suicidal thinking – study

  23. The Video that Walmart Doesn’t Want You To See! Future RFID Chipping and Concentration Camps?


  25. Obama Holding Hollywood Fundraisers to Take Back Congress

  26. Worst Anti-Gun Bill Pulled, Will Be Heard Again

  27. Sandy Hook PHONY Dives Behind Car, Runs Away! Newtown HOAX Busted on LIVE TV!

  28. Soros Behind Violence at Rallies

  29. Hillary’s Libyan Lies

  30. Why Clinton Cannot be Allowed in the White House


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  1. The UN Is An Enemy In Sheep’s Clothing

  2. Egypt Up in Arms After Star of David Engraving Discovered in Ancient Temple

  3. Blow to Libya unity govt as Tripoli rival refuses to cede power

  4. Vietnam elects prime minister amid big challenges

  5. China pushes Marxism for party members to root out wrongdoing

  6. US strike in Syria kills several Al-Qaeda militants: Pentagon

  7. Egypt threatens to shut down center documenting torture

  8. Cease-fire largely holding around Nagorno-Karabakh

  9. Nagorno-Karabakh truce holds, but residents fear renewed violence

  10. Abbas to meet Hollande to discuss French peace plan

  11. Obama commits US support in call with new Myanmar president

  12. Turkey’s Gaziantep is main ISIS trade hub of antiques hauled in Syria & Iraq – Russian UN envoy

  13. China Prepares For War With US After Meeting With Obama

  14. Report: NKorea Has Nukes Capable of Hitting US Military Bases

  15. Israel’s hard choice between Turkey and Kurds

  16. Russia posts nuclear-capable Iskanders in Syria

  17. Sisi asks US to intervene in Egypt’s war on ISIS

  18. Russian air strikes give Assad Palmyra

  19. E. African states in pact with Israel to fight ISIS

  20. Jordan sends a memorandum of protest to Israel over incursions at Temple Mount

  21. Abbas reiterates: All of Israel is ‘occupation’

  22. Top Iranian general: Iran preparing for all-out war with the US


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‘The Real O’Neals’ Continues to Ridicule Christian Values

“The Real O’Neals” mocks Christianity and insults Catholicism. 1MM recognizes this show ridicules people of faith, and Christians across America are offended by it.

Update as of Friday, April 8, 2016:

Victory! is pulling their sponsorship of “The Real O’Neals” immediately!

Statement from TaxSlayer:

TaxSlayer appreciates your feedback. We are mindful to consumers’ various points of view. Our advertising spot is not scheduled to air during The Real O’Neals in the future.

Thank you for taking action on this very important issue. We have thanked TaxSlayer on your behalf and no further action is needed. To God be the Glory!

You are making a HUGE difference!


Monica Cole, Director

From, I want to thank all of you who signed this petition to make your voice heard in this God hating, Messiah rejecting, sin cursed world we are living in. Praise be to Almighty Yahweh our beloved Heavenly Father.


The UN is Trying to Sexualize Children

Please sign the letter calling upon the United Nations to immediately stop promoting and funding harmful comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

Standing for Faith, Family and Freedom

Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina is under a lot of pressure from activists on the left — all because he signed a bill into law that protects women and children from being forced to share bathrooms with men. The widely supported N.C. law stops men from going into women’s restrooms, showers, and locker rooms, and it stopped a dangerous bathroom ordinance in Charlotte, similar to the law Houston voters resoundingly defeated at the polls last year, from going into effect. I encourage you to click on the link above and show your support to Governor Pat McCrory for standing up for what is right.

Is President Obama plotting to betray Israel? There are reports that the Administration will use the U.N. Security Council against Israel. It’s a renewed attempt to force Israel into a dangerous position – giving up key concessions before negotiations even begin and mandating that Israel accept indefensible borders. Palestinian terrorists have launched over 300 attacks on Israeli citizens, literally stabbing women and children in the back, murdering 30 Israeli civilians and at least one American. We must not force Israel into talks with terrorists. We’re mobilizing our office in Jerusalem. We’re preparing critical legal letters, documents, and filings at the U.N., in Congress, and with the Obama Administration. Add your name today.


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  1. The Renewed Sanhedrin

  2. Are there still Jews in Christ? Yes and No

  3. The Zadok Priesthood’s “Checksum” Authenticity Test For The Ancient Biblical Calendar

  4. Why Your Kids May Become Atheists No Matter What You Do

  5. Sexy as hell! PVC-clad models clutch demonic dolls and sprout devil’s horns in bizarre Chinese catwalk show that is the stuff of nightmares

  6. When God’s Hand of Restraint is Lifted


  8. The occult world of abortion

  9. California officials seize computers, footage from anti-abortion activist

  10. It’s Getting Ugly: Anti-Israel Hate At The United Church of Christ

  11. The Number One Sign Your Kids Are Just Borrowing Your Faith

  12. Hebrew: A Revived Language For A Restored People

  13. As Passover Approaches “Blood-Red Nile” Image May Have Divine Implications

  14. Mississippi enacts law that allows denying services to gays

  15. Calls to veto Tennessee bill making the Bible ‘official state book’

  16. The 1000 UN Baal Temples Are Connected to Child Sacrifice, Altar of Satan, Islam, Radical Environmentalism

  17. Rival Christian Groups Come Together in Jerusalem to Save Jesus’ Tomb

  18. World Ignores Slaughter of Christians


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  1. After Brussels attacks, leaders tackle threat of nuclear terrorism

  2. ISIS in Europe: How Deep is the “Gray Zone”?

  3. Nuclear terrorist threat bigger than you think

  4. E.U. admits: Terrorists arriving as migrants untracked

  5. U.S.-Russia joining forces to liberate ISIS capital?

  6. Islamic radicals fight for right to kill wives

  7. Islamic State attacks Syrian forces near Damascus

  8. ISIS on Jordan’s border. Amman hits back

  9. ISIS descends on Jordan’s border, activates suicides. Jordanian command post in Daraa


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  1. What is the next major event on God’s time table?

  2. NASA DISCLOSURES-Removing the Veil and Identifying the Strategic and Occultic Nature of NASA’s Past, Present and Future

  3. Establishment of the Club of Rome


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  1. 19 Facts That Prove Things In America Are Worse Than They Were Six Months Ago

  2. Why the failed pharma-based healthcare system is bankrupting America

  3. The Real Purpose Of A Cashless Society

  4. One-Third Of All Americans Dont Make Enough Money To Cover Basic Necessities

  5. Fiat Chrysler cuts 1,300 workers in Michigan, scraps shift

  6. U.S. approves possible $386 million sale of bombs to Australia

  7. Exxon Mobil reaches agreement to restart crippled Torrance FCC

  8. Boeing awarded $275 million contract for ground-based space work

  9. Boeing wins contract for 11 P-8A aircraft

  10. United Airlines, machinists union reach deal on new contracts

  11. Islamic State nets millions from antiquities: Russia

  12. Asian stocks mixed after Wall Street, oil gains

  13. Samsung’s 1Q profit beats estimates on Galaxy sales boost

  14. White House: $589M from Ebola to go to fight Zika virus

  15. Politicians, celebs in spotlight over offshore accounts

  16. ‘Harry Potter’ author’s chair sells for $394,000 in NY

  17. Apple Just Struck a Huge Deal with Major League Baseball

  18. Mega deals morph into mega problems for Wall Street

  19. Peter Schiff Urgent Warning: We’re In The ‘Eye Of The Financial Hurricane!!’ Global Super Storm IS Coming!

  20. Peter Schiff: “Trump’s Very Massive Recession May Have Already Begun”

  21. Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan Speaks Out

  22. US Treasury Recognizes Annuities Important Role

  23. White Working Class Genocide

  24. Vast Majority of Conservative Voters Now Reject U.S. Free Trade Policies

  25. Cashless World to the Benefit of World’s Central Banksters

  26. IRS Protecting ADL


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  1. Metal Foam Obliterates Bullets—and That’s Just the Beginning (Thank you Bill.)

  2. Welcome To Smart Neighborhood Watch 2025

  3. [BRAINS!] Are Humans Ready For Virtual Reality?

  4. Laser cloaking device could help us hide from aliens

  5. Survey says biometrics in banking on verge of become mainstream

  6. Microsoft’s Surface Phones could be delayed until 2017

  7. Facebook programs computers to describe photos for the blind

  8. Roku Streaming Stick: Now faster and slimmer, but still a bargain

  9. FBI Won’t Be Able To Hack Into iPhones For Much Longer, Say Apple Engineers

  10. iPad Pro 9.7-inch review: A dazzling tablet, but still no PC

  11. Cold feet? These Smart Boots Will Warm You Up Using a Mobile App

  12. Tesla unveils the Model 3, and the world will never be the same

  13. Samsung+ app brings tech support to your phone

  14. How to trick your iPhone into freeing up storage space

  15. Review: Samsung’s TabPro S is the Windows 10 slate you didn’t know you wanted

  16. Here is the inevitable flying selfie stick

  17. Skype now has the smarts to book your trip, order pizza, and more with Cortana

  18. Microsoft flaunts new Xbox tricks, including tighter integration with Windows 10

  19. Snapchat adds a boatload of voice and video calling features

  20. Apple is working on a fix for iOS 9.3 link crashing bug

  21. How to use Apple’s iOS Night Shift mode

  22. What’s the best free scanner app for your smartphone?

  23. Don’t take my money: Why mobile payments haven’t taken off — yet

  24. PlayStation raises possibility of VR compatibility with PC, challenging Oculus Rift

  25. Hulu (finally) launches virtual-reality app

  26. Why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

  27. Facebook has a new tool for detecting if anyone is trying to impersonate you

  28. Google is reportedly building a livestreaming app like Periscope

  29. iOS 9′s hidden Siri gem: ‘Remind me about this’

  30. Amazon files patent for paying by selfie

Archaeology News Banner

  1. Holy Temple Tools Discovered in the Galilee

  2. Remains of 1,500-year-old church uncovered in Gaza

  3. Scientists to attempt clone of Ice Age lions, ‘Jurassic Park’ advises otherwise

  4. Charlemagne: One of the Most Important Figures of Early Medieval Europe

  5. Evidence for Vikings in Canada Grows with Surprising Find of Ironworking Site in Newfoundland

  6. Making a Magical Substance for Health and Wealth – Discovery of Alchemy Transcripts by Newton

  7. The Influential Women that Surrounded and Aided Alexander the Great

  8. Solar Eclipse of 2016: Rare Celestial Phenomenon Birthed Ancient Myths and Legends

  9. A Brothers Grimm Story Proven Right: Many Fairy Tales Stem from Ancient Oral Traditions

  10. South America’s prehistoric people spread like ‘invasive species’


Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Earthquake of 7 magnitude strikes northwest of Vanuatu: USGS

  3. Alaska volcano goes quiet but remains ‘restless,’ scientists say

  4. Fiji under curfew, assessing damage from second cyclone in weeks

  5. Yellowstone Public Seismographs Taken Offline – Wait ’til You See Why!

  6. Planet X Massive Rogue Entity Appears Behind Sun

  7. “Biggest Cover-Up” Worldwide – “They Know” Of Inbound Planet And Hiding It

  8. A Deadly Event Is Occurring Simultaneously Worldwide—Many Lives At Stake…

  9. NASA Cuts Live Video Transmission as Unknown Objects Appear


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  1. Israeli Innovation: A Single Blood Test Could Detect Multiple Diseases

  2. Chemical added to hot dogs, sausage and bacon now being developed by USDA as deadly bait that poisons wild hogs to death… and you’re EATING it for breakfast!

  3. Why Common Core is bad for children’s health: unnecessary stress, unhealthy eating habits and more

  4. American food giant Del Monte now committed to BPA-free, GMO-free products

  5. Exposure to even low levels of herbicides hinders bees’ ability to forage from common wild flowers

  6. France is moving towards a full ban on herbicides that are harming bees

  7. Attorney General Loretta Lynch wages total assault against nutritional supplements to protect pharma monopolies

  8. The FDA is a criminal cartel: protecting the drug industry’s monopoly while denying Americans the human right access to natural medicines

  9. How This Simple Juice Recipe Removes Uric Acid Crystallization In Joints?

  10. Atlantic Salmon Genetic Modification Approved, FDA Faces Lawsuit

  11. Raw Potato Juice That Can Treat Diabetes, Anemia & More; How To Prepare This?

  12. Tidal wave of food manufacturers switching to sunflower oil to avoid toxic GMO corn, soy and canola oils

  13. Fixing the numbers: How cancer doctors trick patients into undergoing chemotherapy using fudged stats and unsubstantiated prognoses

  14. Who’s funding Jon Entine and the Genetic Literacy Project’s pro-GMO propaganda and character assassination smear jobs?

  15. Acupressure vs. high blood pressure: This holistic route is 100 percent drug-free

  16. More than HALF of the calories consumed by the American population comes from extremely processed food

  17. Here’s how to evaluate heating and cooling properties of food using traditional Chinese medicine

  18. Finally some good news: More doctors are moving away from prescriptions

  19. How the War on Drugs Has Caused More Harm Than Good

  20. Use Three Little Words to Reduce Your Anxiety

  21. The ‘New’ Plant Proteins: Has Their Time Arrived?

  22. “Eating This is One of the Worst Things You Can Do For Your Skin”

  23. Many Symptoms Suggest Sluggish Thyroid — Do You Have Any of These?

  24. Diabetes cases have quadrupled since 1980: WHO

  25. Chinese parents outraged as vaccines kill defenseless children… it’s happening everywhere around the world

  26. The city of Portland is taking Monsanto to court over water pollution concerns

  27. Study shows terminally-ill cancer patients die faster in hospitals than at home

  28. No drugs should EVER be mandatory: New Mexico rejects legislation that would force children to ingest psychiatric medication

  29. Health Benefits of Barley

  30. Foods That Help In Lowering Your Blood Sugar Level

  31. Studies Show Being on the Water Reduces Anxiety

  32. Electroacupuncture blocks release of stress hormones in the body, study finds

  33. Antibiotics given to children causes them to become OBESE later in life, research shows

  34. Ginger every day? There’s a reason why this spectacular root is so popular

  35. Breakthrough ethylene absorbing sheets could double shelf life of fresh fruit at the store or in your refrigerator

  36. Organic Container Gardening (Video: 3:08 minutes long.)

  37. These Floors Are a Cancer Trap That Eats Away at Your IQ

  38. No More Powder With Your Latex Gloves

  39. 60,000 Children Are Poisoned Each Year From This

  40. The Holy Grail of Super-Antioxidants

  41. Try This for Advanced Immune Support

  42. Quinoa Salad With Mixed Veggies Recipe

  43. Drink this 2 hours before bed to sleep better(plus 5 tips for insomnia)

  44. The “Hidden Survival Muscle”
    In Your Body
    that is the Key to Eliminating Joint & Back Pain, Anxiety and Looking Fat


  46. Narcotic fentanyl linked to at least 10 California overdose deaths

  47. WHO: Diabetes rises fourfold over last quarter-century

  48. The Alkaline Diet

  49. This Homemade Toothpaste Reverses Gum Disease and Whitens Teeth!

  50. Baking Soda And Castor Oil Wipes For More Than 25 Diseases – How To Make And Use Them ?

  51. Salt, Pepper and Lemon Can Solve These 9 Problems Better Than Any Medicine

  52. Sugary Drinks, Carbs Tied to Breast, Prostate Cancers

  53. DARK Act Defeated by Public Pressure


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Broadcast on Hebrew Nation Online airs LIVE at 9 am and 5 pm Pacific on Fridays or listen to the podcast later.

Join us this week with Laura Densmore and Kimberly Rogers:

*Abbas: We are prepared to discuss ending incitement
*Netanyahu: “I am ready to meet with you any day”
*Abbas to meet the Hollande for powwow on peace plan
*Hamas taps 1,000 terror operatives to dig Gaza tunnels
*The Panama papers
*Third temple closer than ever as search begins for eligible Jewish priests
*Passover in the news: Blood red Nile image may have divine implications
*Donald Trump is starting to sound like The Economic Collapse blog
*Ted Cruz and the Wall Street connection
*Ben Carson rips the RNC: “They pick and choose who the candidate should be
*Close in scripture/prayer: Ezekiel 36:17-26

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Let The Scriptures Speak Banner1 Corinthians 13:5 “does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;” (New King James Version)

It is interesting to note that the Revised Standard Version translates this verse as, “It is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful.”

The Revised English Bible translates it: “Never rude; love is never selfish, never quick to take offense. Love keeps no score of wrongs.”

The Amplified Bible renders it: “It is not conceited (arrogant and inflated with pride); it is not rude (unmannerly) and does not act unbecomingly. Love (God’s love in us) does not insist on its own rights or its own way, for it is not self-seeking; it is not touchy or fretful or resentful; it takes no account of the evil done to it [it pays no attention to a suffered wrong].”

Each of these translations clearly catches the essence of why so many are so easily moved from mere irritation to resentment and bitter anger, which in turn lead to retaliation. This progression can divide blood brothers (Proverbs 18:19).

This verse does not deny the fact that offenses will come, just as Jesus said. They will range from hurt feelings, giving rise to a mild animosity, to direct powerful temptations to sin through a flaming temper bent on getting even. Yet we can overcome all of them because love “is not provoked” or exasperated.

There will be temptations to sin, and all of us will offend others from time to time, even unintentionally. But God expects His children to have the love to override the offenses when they come.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: The Defense Against Offense


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  1. Annual Torah Cycle for 2015-2016 (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  2. Torah Portion Metzora (Leper – Person Afflicted With Skin Diseases) for adults for April 16, 2016. This is a downloadable PDF file.

  3. Torah Explorers Metzora for children for April 16, 2016. This is a downloadable PDF file.


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  1. When Preaching the Word…Isn’t (Thank you Bill.)

  2. Making sense of the Book of Genesis with Dr. Michael Heiser (FULL) – Creative Commons 3.0 Licensed (Video: 3:43:26 minutes long.)

  3. KING JAMES ONLY? Thoughts from Biblical Linguistic Scholar Dr. Michael Heiser (Video: 14:56 minutes long.)

  4. Jephthah’s Daughter — Her Story

SHEMA YISRAEL by Micha’el Ben David

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The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number Two – Division

I hope that I have established the background and use of the number one and it’s meaning of unity. While ‘one’ denotes ‘how many’ and defines the base nature of ’Elohiym, the number two takes on a significant difference. Two implies that there is ‘another’. Sometimes this is good, but most of the time it is evil and divisive. The number two is the first number by which division begins to take place, and is the first whole number that can be divided. (We are not going to work with fractions here.) Thus, the idea of division will generally be attached to this number.

Division is the result of sin, disobedience, and rebellion. In the beginning YHVH created two things, the heaven and the earth. Rabbinic literature and the Hebrew thinking process have generally agreed that YHVH has planned from the beginning to make heaven and earth one, and in agreement. This truth becomes evident in many places, not the least of which is in Mattityahu [Matthew] 6:10:

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

The fall of hasatan, described through the person of the king of Babylon in Yesha’yahu 14, caused a separation by bringing ‘another’ will into the universe. The result of sin is always chaos and confusion, and such was the condition of the earth in B’reshith [Genesis] 1:2. Yes, I believe and teach that there was a gap between the first and second verses of chapter one. I only see the fall of hasatan here and not pre-adamic races, dinosaurs, or death. I go into great detail on this subject in my B’reshith [Genesis] study available in the market place. (How was that for shameful promotion?) Anyway, YHVH restores His once perfect creation. This is why you see no creating going on again until the nephesh of the beasts of the field and the sea monsters in verse 21. As a result of hasatan’s disobedience that introduced the source of sin and rebellion, God must divide the light from the darkness, evening from morning, land from seas, etc. The number two enters the stage. Later we will see the same serpent cause the separation of man from God. But God has a plan. God’s desire from the beginning is unity and oneness, with His creation and with His people (Yochanan [John] 17). This is why, in eternity, once again God will be ‘all in all’. Do not ask me what that means.

I do not think I can over emphasize the importance of two becoming one. The bottom line is that ‘life’ cannot happen unless two things become one. The seed of the man has only 23 chromosomes. The egg of the woman has only 23 chromosomes. It takes 46 chromosomes for life. Two must become one, even in a petrie dish. The Word of God must become one with our faith in order for spiritual life to begin. If the Word of God is separate from God, then there there is no echad and life cannot spring into existence. But Yochanan tells us that the Word of God IS God, and this is the source of all that is.

Those who study numbers, myself being one, generally agree that the number two speaks of division and separation. However, it can also be shown that this number is the number of witness or testimony, as well. But this relationship only proves our base meaning of division. The scriptures teach that a person is convicted of a crime on the basis of the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses. When Messiah sent out his disciples, he sent them out two by two. But you see, this use really speaks of one and not two. If I have two witnesses that do not agree, then there is division and no conviction or confirmation can take place. However, if the two witnesses agree, then there is unity and oneness and not division and duplicity. This is important to grasp, for if God and Yahshua are not one in agreement in what they teach and proclaim, then their testimony cannot be true. In other words, if YHVH teaches us one thing and Messiah another, then there is no witness and truth cannot be established. You will see this pattern all throughout scripture, for our Creator knows that only when there is echad can truth prevail. If YHVH speaks His truth to us, but we do not agree with it, then truth cannot prevail in our lives. It is only when two agree that God’s word can do what it was sent to do (‘Amos 3:3). This is also why it is so important that two people who plan to marry are in agreement on the important issue of their faith. For only then can they truly become one, and only then has God put the relationship together. The very first thing God did when separating man from woman, physically, was to make them one again (B’reshith [Genesis] 2:24). Are two heads better than one? Only if they agree.

Before we plunge too deep into this subject, let’s stop and talk about the meaning of the word for the cardinal number two. In the Hebrew, this word is shenayim. This word has very provocative roots that give us the foundation for it’s divisiveness. Shenayimhas what is know as a ‘dual’ ending and not a ‘plural’ ending. The plural in Hebrew for most words is ‘iym’. You see this in the word ’Elohiym for example. But the word for two ends in a ‘yim‘. This indicates a dualness to the word. So, already you can see that the suffix of the word helps to explain the idea of division. The Hebrew dual is used for such words as ears, eyes, hands, wings, etc, things that naturally come in twos. There are a handful of words that have a dual ending that cannot be grammatically explained. They just are. These words are a wonderful study themselves, because theologically they speak volumes. Some of these words are mayim (water), shamayim (heaven), Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), and Mitzerayim (Egypt).

The number ‘shenayim‘ come from the Hebrew root shanah. This word should look familiar, for this word is seen most often in the phrase ‘Rosh HaShanah’ or the head of the year. The word ‘year’ and the number two share the same root and have the same etymological base in their meaning. The word shanah means to ‘repeat’ or ‘another one’. This is in harmony with function of the dual ending. Considering it’s scriptural meaning of division, which I have yet to prove to you, it is no coincidence that another cognate of this word is shana’, which means to weaken. This should be obvious in the word ‘division’. As a matter of fact, one of the most oft quoted attributes of God challenges the whole concept of ‘another’ using the word shana’.

Mal’akhi [Malachi] 3:6
“For I am YHVH, I change (shana’) NOT; therefore ye sons of Ya‘aqov [Jacob] are not consumed.”

There is no ‘other’ in His way of thinking, and after all He sees, from the beginning the end. When one ‘changes’ the truth, this leads to ‘another’ way. Two is simply not God’s way, and not His plan from the beginning. And quite frankly, the idea of God taking upon flesh and teaching man another way is repulsive at best.

Let us look at some evidence of separation and division in the number two. Keep in mind that this is by no means comprehensive, but I hope to establish some distinctive characteristics of this number.

  • 2nd verse of scripture – a 2nd will enters the universe.
  • 2nd command of the 1st day – God divides light from darkness.
  • 2nd day – separation of waters
  • 2 trees in the garden: B’reshith [Genesis] 2:9
  • 2 seeds: B’reshith [Genesis] 3:15
  • 2 foundations: Mattityahu [Matthew] 7:24-27
  • 2 goats of Vayikra [Leviticus] 16
  • 2 birds of Vayikra [Leviticus] 14
  • 2 masters of Mattityahu [Matthew] 6:24
  • 2 men of Luke 18
  • 2 kingdoms – heaven, earth
  • 2 ways of Mattityahu [Matthew] 7:13-15
  • he that hath – he that hath not: 1 Yochanan [John] 5:12
  • heaven – hell: Luke 16
  • believer – perish: Yochanan [John] 3:16
  • faith – works: Ephesians 2:8-9 (Blessing flows only when these two are one)
  • 2 adams: 1 Corinthians 15:46
  • 2 sons: of Galatians 4:22
  • freewoman and bondwoman: of Galatians 4:22
  • natural – spiritual: 1 Corinthians 15:46
  • celestial and terrestrial: 1 Corinthians 15:40
  • flesh – spirit: Yochanan [John] 3:6
  • Avraham [Abraham] and Lot
  • Yitz’chak [Isaac] and Ishmael
  • Ya‘aqov [Jacob] and Esav [Esau]
  • Cain and Abel
  • Saul and David
  • YHVH (Messiah) and hasatan
  • Angels and demons
  • Double-minded man: Ya‘aqov [Jacob/James] 1:8
  • Blessing and curse: D’varim [Deuteronomy] 11:16-18
  • Old man and renewed man and I could go on and on.

For those who have not given much thought to the use of numbers in scripture, this may make you more sensitive when reading the scriptures next time. There are some things in scripture however, that cannot be one and God makes a distinction between them. Never the twain shall meet, so to speak. This is because blessing only flows through echad, and there are some things that will not and cannot be one. The two trees in the garden will never be one as it is with the two seeds. Righteous and unrighteous, holy and unholy, clean and unclean, the truth and a lie will never be one.

The number two is the gematria of the letter ‘bet’, which means house. A house divided cannot stand (Mattityahu [Matthew] 12:25). As long as the house of Israel and the house of Yehudah [Judah] are divided, there will be no blessing and ultimately truth will not prevail and the kingdom will not be established. Before this could happen however, there was this little problem of man and God. As long as man and God are separated, truth and blessing cannot flow. God and man must be one in order for that to happen. Israel and Judah will be reunited through the Messiah having the middle wall of partition removed, SIN. There are many Hebrew words that have their consonantal base as ‘bet’. You can see in these words the idea of division associated with their meaning in scripture. Here are just a few of those words and their meanings.

  • badal – to separate, to divide: B’reshith [Genesis] 1:14
  • bachor – to choose
  • briyt – covenant (as it is with baruch or blessing – this word requires two parties.
  • beyn – betwixt, between: B’reshith [Genesis] 1:4
  • beliyya’al – Belial: wicked, ungodly
  • ben – son: the result of two becoming one
  • bat – daughter: the result of two becoming one
  • baqa’ – to divide: Mizmor [Psalm] 78:13
  • bara’ – create: generally in two’s
  • betulah – damsel, virgin: i.e. to separate
  • baruch – blessing: – it takes two, baby!

Shalom Alecheim!


New Moon News Banner

At sundown Friday April 8, 2016 in Jerusalem the new moon was not sighted due to significant haze over Israel. There are several groups in Israel who go out each month to sight the new moon. No one reported sighting the new moon in Israel. By default, the first Biblical new Hebrew month and start of the Hebrew New Year begins at sundown on Saturday April 9, 2016.

As brother Mike Clayton says “No matter if you will be setting your Festivals by the calendar or the sighting of the moon, lets begin this year with respect for those who may see things a bit different than we do.” We are all in a rehearsal mode. In other words, we are practicing observing the Mo’edim (Appointed Times/Feasts) of Almighty Yahweh until Yeshua returns. When He returns, He will teach us all things.

PASSOVER: With the start of the Biblical Hebrew New Year at sundown on Saturday April 9, 2016, the Passover Seder will begin at sundown on Friday evening April 22, 2016 and Passover will conclude at sundown on Saturday April 23, 2016.

FIRST FRUITS: The observance of First Fruits or in the Hebrew Bikkurim begins at sundown Saturday 23, 2016 and will conclude on Sunday April 24, 2016.

UNLEAVENED BREAD: Observance of Unleavened Bread is for seven days. The first and last days of Unleavened Bread are High Holy Days and no work is to be performed on these two days. The first day of Unleavened Bread will begin at sundown on Saturday April 23, 2016 and conclude at sundown Sunday April 24, 2016. The last day of Unleavened Bread begins at sundown on Friday April 29, 2016  and it will conclude at sundown on Saturday April 30, 2016.

COUNTING OF THE OMER: Beginning on the Feast of First Fruits (Bikkurim), we begin to count 50 days. This is called the Counting of the Omer. On the fiftieth day following the Feast of First Fruits (Bikkurim) is the Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) also known as Feast of Weeks (Leviticus 23:15-21). (Note: Pentecost is a Greek word which literally means “fiftieth”.). Shavuot (Pentecost) will begin at sundown on Saturday June 11, 2016 and it will conclude at sundown on June 12, 2016.

There is a free PDF file of the Passover Haggadah you may download and print out for your use HERE. At this same link, you will also see a button to click on for Passover Recipes. Enjoy!

Let all in the Body of Yeshua give thanks to our Loving Heavenly Father for His Appointed Times that we may observe His Feasts. By doing so, we are showing/demonstrating by our “actions” that we truly love Him the way He has given His children to show Him that they love Him.

May Yahweh bless each and everyone of you who have already observed Passover and those who will be observing Passover.

To our loving Heavenly Father be the Praise, Honor, Glory and Power for ever and ever, Amein!


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  4. [SOLVED] Windows 10 Bugs and Fixes


REMEMBER:It is Better to be Divided by TRUTH than United with ERROR.

It is my hope that all receiving this Headline News Brief will have a refreshing and blessed day and coming weekend.

Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister
One Crying In The Wilderness!

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