News You May Not Have Heard About — 04/06/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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USA News Banner

  1. Apple’s FBI fight hits Senate campaign trail

  2. Q&A: Lawmaker says Benghazi report could come in a ‘couple of months’


  4. US Government Guilty of Treason in Oregon; New Bill to Remove BLM’S Power (Video)

  5. Carson: Republican leaders want Clinton over Trump









  14. ‘Days Of Rage’ Coming – Elite Declare War On We The People – Plan Revealed To Fight Back And ‘Stop The Steal’


  16. It’s Back: Federal Asset Forfeiture Program Helps Local Police Take Property without Criminal Charge or Conviction (Thank you Nickie.)



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  1. Uncertainty as Turkey prepares for controversial migrant returnsDozens dead in Nagorny Karabakh clashes as Putin urges ceasefire

  2. Migrants wait in limbo on edge of Europe ahead of Turkey returns

  3. Civilian exodus begins as Iraqi forces close in on Mosul

  4. Mass grave found in Syria’s Palmyra after city recaptured from Islamic State

  5. Why Libya now has its last ever chance of peace

  6. Jacob Zuma faces impeachment as court rules he failed to uphold South Africa’s constitution

  7. U.S. airstrike targets al Shabab leader in Somalia

  8. Why Is Pope Francis Sounding Like a Conspiracy Theorist?

  9. North Korea: We Are Ready for ‘Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike’ on U.S.

  10. Ready for war? Fearless Kim Jong-un defies world leaders and launches ANOTHER missile

  11. The Rise Of Rape And Islam (Thank you Nickie.)

  12. Islamic scholar ‘says Allah allows Muslim men to RAPE non-Muslim women to humiliate them’ (Thank you Nickie.)




  16. Syrian Army seizes high ground, prepares to retake Christian minority town from ISIS

  17. UN Names Democratic Israel as Top Violator of Human Rights for Women

  18. Israel’s Edge: The Story of the IDF’s Most Elite Unit – Talpiot (Thank you Lo.)


Petition News Banner

‘The Real O’Neals’ Continues to Ridicule Christian Values

“The Real O’Neals” mocks Christianity and insults Catholicism. 1MM recognizes this show ridicules people of faith, and Christians across America are offended by it.

The UN is Trying to Sexualize Children

Please sign the letter calling upon the United Nations to immediately stop promoting and funding harmful comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

Standing for Faith, Family and Freedom

Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina is under a lot of pressure from activists on the left — all because he signed a bill into law that protects women and children from being forced to share bathrooms with men. The widely supported N.C. law stops men from going into women’s restrooms, showers, and locker rooms, and it stopped a dangerous bathroom ordinance in Charlotte, similar to the law Houston voters resoundingly defeated at the polls last year, from going into effect. I encourage you to click on the link above and show your support to Governor Pat McCrory for standing up for what is right.


Religion News Banner

  1. Interview With God (Video:3:36 minutes long. You have got to watch this. Beautiful!)Baffling Conversion Of The Kuwaiti Prince

  2. April 19: Temple Of Baal In New York Is Going Up On Significant Day

  3. Evangelicals ‘Mostly Sure’ Trump Not the Antichrist, Poll Finds

  4. CERN Alert! The Connections to Baal, Black Goo and the Beast 666 System

  5. The ‘Holiness Code’ and Homosexuality

  6. Six Reasons North Carolina Got It Right

  7. Protecting Freedom of Conscience

  8. Losing America, One Cowardly Governor at a Time

  9. NEW AGE gODS – AWAKENING — Shattering Documentaries that Reveal the Real Truth Behind the Spirit of Religious Unification! (Thank you Nickie.)

  10. Part 17 – Celestial Stargates – The Pillar of London with links to NYC (Thank you Nickie.)


Jihad News Banner

  1. Isil plotting to use drones for nuclear attack on WestThe Boko Haram suicide bomber who survived her deadly mission

  2. Minneapolis: Pro-jihad imam removed from defense team of accused ISIS supporter

  3. Scotland: Muslims threaten to kill Muslim who opposes jihad terror

  4. Feds’ counterterror program failing: Hamas-linked CAIR opposes it

  5. UK: Muslims plotted Islamic State jihad mass murder at beach resort

  6. Pakistan: Public schools teach hatred of Jews and Christians, “passion for Jihad”

  7. Jihad terrorist refused to blow himself up during Paris jihad massacre

  8. The Islamic State planted thousands of mines in Palmyra

  9. Spanish government introduces anti-jihadism lessons for Muslims in high school, using Qur’an to prevent radicalism

  10. Integration is Not the Answer to Muslim Terrorism


  12. NUCLEAR WARNING: Islamic State ‘planning to use drones to drop DIRTY BOMB on Britain’




  16. Commander Reveals Iranian Navy’s Plan to Deploy Warships in Latin America

  17. FRANCE: Jihad in the Ranks of the Gendarmerie and the Army


Prophecy News Banner

  1. Third Temple Closer Than Ever as Search Begins for Eligible Jewish PriestsResearcher links mass extinctions to ‘Planet X’

  2. Nibiru Planet X – CIA Agent and NASA Employee Exposes the Truth

  3. Americans Are About To Suffer On A Level Never Before Witnessed: CIA Agent Issues Stark Warning

  4. The Number One Reason Americans Will Be Sent to FEMA Camps

  5. The Number One Reason Americans Will Be Sent to FEMA Camps In a Hillary Clinton Presidency

  6. America in 2017! The Truth Is Being Hidden! Shocking Jason A Report…

  7. Putin: Illuminati Plans To Use Islam To Spark World War 3

  8. Steve Quayle – Amerigeddon – A Dire Warning of a Wake Up Call

  9. ‘Prepare For The Empty Shelves And Coming Mayhem’ – Warnings Of Approaching ‘Financial Armageddon’ As Nearly 1 Out Of Every 3 Americans Are Unable To Cover Basic Necessities

  10. ‘The Greatest Threat Our Civilization Faces’ Could ‘Eliminate The United States As An Actor On The World Stage’ And Obama May Have Just ‘Purged’ Another US Military Commander Who Warned About The Possible Consequences!

  11. People Are Waking Up to the Great Deception (Featured Stories) (Thank you Nickie.)

  12. The religion of the end time in Bible prophecy


World Financial News Banner

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street dragged into Malaysia corruption scandalMoneycorp gets a banking licence

  2. Market rollercoaster is a boon for CMC as smaller brokers scrap for business

  3. UK steel crisis: David Cameron cuts short family holiday amid threat of 40,000 job losses

  4. Xavier Rolet: tie-up between LSE and Deutsche Boerse is best deal on the table

  5. Markets slump as gloomy outlook in Japan overshadows Chinese data

  6. Fed loosens key post-financial crisis banking rule

  7. Warren demands SEC probes of companies opposing labor rule

  8. Obama Abruptly Waives 1980 Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act [12/2015] (Thank you Nickie.)

  9. Crash of Biblical Proportions Coming in 2016 -Bo Polny & Greg Hunter Video

  10. Peter Schiff: Society Will Fall as Civil Unrest and Chaos Rise Due to Poverty and Unemployment! (Videos)

  11. 17 Things To Do Before the Economy Collapses



  14. Simple Math Shows America Is Headed for an Economic Disaster


  16. Fed Credibility Dwindles, Pension Funding Crisis Looms

  17. Market Rigging Is Getting Out of Hand, but Gold and Silver May Be Unstoppable Now

  18. Alan Greenspan: Money Printing Will Be Response to Debt & Entitlement Crisis (Thank you Bill.)

  19. Central Bankers Hit Panic Button, Rates Going Further Negative

  20. Michael Pento Exclusive: A Depression Is Coming, Whether It Be Hyperinflationary or Deflationary…


Technology News Banner

  1. Lisa Nip: How humans could evolve to survive in spaceExcitement grows as Large Hadron Collider hints at new particle

  2. How Close Are We to Star Trek’s Warp Drive?

  3. Assistant (Siri Alternative)

  4. Want Siri on Your Android Phone? Try These Apps

  5. ‘Siri App for Android’: Top 8+ ‘Best Siri Alternative’ Android Assistant Apps [2015]

  6. Use Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  7. Siri for iPhones

  8. Using Siri on an iPhone For Dummies

  9. Amazon Echo Dot

  10. How the government plans to protect your privacy from ISPs (FAQ)

  11. For kids with autism, this tech matters

  12.  Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 stands poised to shake up the industry

  13.  ‘Bionic fingertip’ offers feeling

  14. Snapchat seamlessly combines video, audio, GIFs, stickers in “Chat 2.0”

  15. Snapchat for Android

  16. Snapchat for iPhone

  17. Nike Unveils ‘Back to the Future’-Style Self-Lacing Sneakers

  18. Microsoft’s ‘holoportation’ tech could be key to supplanting phones

  19. Now You Can Check in For Your Flight Using Messenger

  20. How to Remotely Wipe Your iPhone, iPad

  21. Facebook’s Oculus Starts Shipping Rift VR Headset


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Luxury complex threatens ancient site on Jerusalem’s Hill of Evil CounselGiant Pyramids in China – Why are China trying to hide them?

  2. The Alternative Lifestyle and Loves of Pinudjem II

  3. The Buache Map: A Controversial Map That Shows Antarctica Without Ice

  4. Genes of 92 prehistoric Native Americans give further evidence of a terrible holocaust

  5. Researchers Find Siberian ‘Unicorn’ Fossil Fragments in Kazakhstan, Say Creature Lived Much Longer Than Thought

  6. The Shroud of Oviedo: A Legendary Cloth Connected to the Death of Jesus

  7. Radzyn Chelminski: The Captivating History of a Castle of the Teutonic Order

  8. Evidence for Vikings in Canada Grows with Surprising Find of Ironworking Site in Newfoundland

  9. Giant Face-like Rock Formations and a Rock Shrine Found in Bulgaria

  10. Spanish Archaeologists Try to Reconstruct Fragments of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

  11. New Research Asserts that the Hobbits of Indonesia Vanished Earlier than Previously Believed

  12. Ancient Quarry Proves Human Impact on Landscape

  13. The Ancient City of Palmyra: The Pearl of the Desert

  14. A world map of Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry in modern humans

  15. Previously Unreported New Kingdom Necropolis Revealed in Egypt

  16. Girl Mummy Sheds Light On Early American Fate

  17. Ivory Pomegranate Revisited: A Relic from Solomon’s Temple?

  18. Has Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb Been Located?

  19. Rare Roman Gold Coin Minted by Trajan Found

  20. Givati Parking Lot Dig Unearths Rare Seal of Woman

  21. Photos: More than 40 Tombs Discovered in Upper Egypt


Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake MapJupiter Suffers ‘Planetary Extinction’ Strike. Is Earth Next?

  2. Unrivaled Nibiru Video Footage Cannot Be Challenged — It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

  3. Powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake strikes near Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean… but no immediate reports of damage as officials says tsunami threat has eased

  4. ‘It was a clash of titans:’ Orcas attack gray whales in Puget Sound

  5. Our Hot Radioactive World is Getting Hotter


Health News Banner

  1. Misguided Cancer Tip Makes Your Heart Attack Risk SoarSorting Out Yeast: Nutritional and Brewer’s

  2. Vitamin C Helps Protect Your Vision From the Leading Cause of Blindness

  3. Feeling Sluggish? You May Be Missing This Important Nutrient…

  4. Greens Blend Features Superfoods Chlorella and Spirulina

  5. Catnip Oil Benefits and Uses

  6. White House: Congress putting Americans in harm’s way on Zika

  7. What you are not being told about the Zika virus

  8. Is the dreaded Zika virus another giant scam?

  9. Fight Inflammation with This Turmeric and Lemon Morning Elixir

  10. 69 Food Companies Owned By Monsanto

  11. The Plant That Destroys 98% of the Cancer Cell in 16 Hours…

  12. 23 Benefits of Coconut Oil And Why It’s So Darn Good for You

  13. Barcodes on Fruits and Vegetables at the Grocery Stores… What They Mean

  14. How To Completely Rid Your Body Of Fluoride From All Sources – YouTube

  15. The Salad Dressing to NEVER Eat

  16. These CEREALS destroy your hormones, ZAP your energy, and CAUSE weight gain (they’re not so “healthy and wholesome” after all!)

  17. These 4 foods accelerate AGING in your body (avoid these common foods if you want to look younger!)

  18. The top 20 food RULES to get lean and healthy for life

  19. The Top 10 Super-Spices that BOOST Your Metabolism

  20. Coffee: 3 Tricks to Make it Super Healthy

  21. My Top 55 Flat-Belly Foods

  22. Drink this 2 hours before bed to sleep better

  23. The DIRTY Truth About Canola Oil

  24. Warning: do NOT use these cooking oils!

  25. Stomach Ulcer Symptoms You Can’t Ignore & How to Naturally Treat Them

  26. Sorrel: Leafy Greens that Fight Everything from Canker Sores to Cancer

  27. General Mills Latest Company to Promise GMO Labeling

  28. Baked Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe

  29. Chili Cheese Dip Recipe

  30. Natural Eczema Remedies and Treatment

  31. Homemade Pomegranate Lip Balm

  32. Omega 3 Benefits Plus Top 10 Omega 3 Foods List

  33. 8 Surprising Dill Weed Benefits (#6 Is Energizing)

  34. Improve Your Waistline & Heart Health with Rye Flour

  35. How to Get Rid of Razor Burn

  36. Glucosamine Heals the Body in 4 Major Ways — Do You Have Enough?

  37. The Life-Extending, Brain-Boosting Benefits of Grapes Nutrition

  38. Causes of a Stiff Neck & How to Naturally Treat It

  39. US Tests Israeli Cure for Saving Thousands of Victims of Nuclear Terror

  40. Approved seafood imported into the U.S. is often raised on a diet of pig feces

  41. Health services CEO ruthlessly took advantage of the terminally ill and elderly, killing patients for profit

  42. America’s fascist medical Gestapo: NY Times, Washington Post peddle propaganda at the expense of children

  43. Why are homeopathic, natural healers treated with such disdain when their evidence proves correct?

  44. 10 Tips on How to Protect Children From Lead Poisoning

  45. 7 Foods That Heal Pancreas & Stimulate Digestive Enzymes

  46. Using Essential Oils to Repel Flies, Mice, Cockroaches, Ants, and More

  47. Love avocado? Don’t miss out on the natural antioxidants and fiber hidden in the seed

  48. How to Eat an Avocado Seed (In the short one minutes video demonstrating how to prepare the avocado seed to be eaten, they instruct you to cook it in the over at 120 degrees Celsius. This is 248 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need a converter, click HERE.)

  49. Coca-Cola’s quack science on parade: Diet Coke is healthier than water, Coke-funded scientists now claim

  50. The truth is out: Fewer than 3 percent of Americans have the four lifestyle characteristics of healthy living

  51. It’s a Stealth Cause of Neurological Diseases, yet Doctors Insist on Using It

  52. Supercharged Mineral Chicken Broth Recipe

  53. Natural Cures from the Kitchen

  54. Perfect Nutrition – Perfect Medicine – Liquefied Seeds

  55. Vaccine Maker Admits On FDA Website That DTaP Vaccine Causes Autism

  56. The NIH Declares Borax a Dangerous Poison and then adds it to 4 Children Vaccines! (Audio)

  57. Healing the Kidneys with Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

  58. Magnesium Bicarbonate Alkaline Water

  59. Cannabis Cures Cancer

  60. Prevention & Treatment of Vaccine Damages

  61. Calcification and Its Treatment with Magnesium and Sodium Thiosulfate

  62. Israeli Ice Device Destroys Breast Tumors


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Join us this week with Laura Densmore and Kimberly Rogers:

*Brussels terror attack on Metro station and airport: 34 killed, hundreds injured
*Belgium failed to act on intel indicating an imminent attack
*As world burns, Obama visits Cuba
*Super soft on terrorism, Obama says ISIS not existential threat to US
*90 potential suicide bombers roaming in Europe
*Echoing biblical Esther, Jews call three day fast for Israel’s redemption
*Convergence and alignment: two sticks draw near to one another as both Joseph and Judah call for fast
*AIPAC messages from Donald Trump, Ted Cruz
*Close in prayer/scripture: Esther 4: 13-17

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Amos 8:11-12 “11 Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord GOD, That I will send a famine on the land,
Not a famine of bread, Nor a thirst for water, But of hearing the words of the LORD. 12 They shall wander from sea to sea, And from north to east; They shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the LORD, But shall not find
it.” (New King James Version)

Verse 12 describes people wandering about in a vain attempt to regain the word of the Lord. Some of the people seem to realize that something is missing. They wander and even run “to and fro,” but they do not find it. Part of the reason is that they are unwilling to look in the right place. Notice where they are willing and not willing to wander: They go “from sea to sea”—probably meaning from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea—so they will go from east to west. They will also go “from north to east.” The only direction they will not go is toward the south. Why?

Amos prophesied to the northern tribes of Israel. Shortly after Israel broke from Judah, King Jeroboam of Israel feared that Israel would reunite with Judah, because Judah was where Jerusalem and the Temple were. He therefore devised his own religious system, leading the northern ten tribes into gross idolatry. He appointed his own priesthood, established his own feast days, and created his own centers of worship, removing the need for the northern Israelites to travel south to Judah.

The Israelites were willing to expend some effort in seeking the words of God, but they were unwilling to go where they actually needed to—where the Temple was. To a degree, they wanted the truth, but on their own terms. They were not so hungry for it that they would sacrifice for it. They wanted it, but not if they had to humble themselves and go to the Temple, where God was. As a result, they could not find the words of the Lord again.

This same process happened in the modern nations of Israel, particularly in America. Though America has never been a true Christian nation, at its founding God’s Word was held in high regard, and biblical principles were considered to be essential to the success of the Republic. However, during the mid- to late-1800s, bits of secular humanism began creeping into the larger culture. As the nation prospered because of God’s promises to Abraham, it acted out exactly what God predicted in Deuteronomy 32:15: It grew fat and kicked, and forsook Him.

Gradually, the words of the Lord were edged out of the picture, and each succeeding generation arose with a diminished regard for the Bible. This nation began with a President, George Washington, who wholeheartedly believed, and was willing to proclaim, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” Now, however, it is illegal to pray in schools, to speak warmly about Christianity or the Bible in a school or government office, and to post the Ten Commandments in a courthouse.

As the Word of God was neglected and rejected, it began to be replaced. What bits of truth this nation had are quickly falling out of favor. Even the worldly, syncretistic Christianity—with its Sunday-worship, Christmas, Easter, and pagan trinity-god—is being rejected. It is being rejected, not because of its falsehoods, but because of the bits of truth within it that still call people into account, directly or indirectly.

Journalist and novelist G.K. Chesterton observed, “When people stop believing in God, they do not believe in nothing. They believe in anything.” Something will fill the belief void. Even atheism is a belief system. To put it another way, a starving man will eat whatever is at hand—even if it is slow poison. Thus, we have seen rapid growth in secular humanism, Eastern religions, Islam, and Wicca and New Age religions. Apparently, an increasing number of people are even claiming “Jedi” as their belief system!

Nominal Christianity has become so weak that in Britain, more people attend each week in a mosque than in a church. God’s words, even in a watered-down form, are not being heard, and while some may still be searching for truth, they are not willing to seek out the true spiritual Temple that can actually provide nourishment.

David C. Grabbe

To learn more, see: A Subtle Yet Devastating Curse


Torah Portion Banner

  1. Annual Torah Cycle for 2015-2016 (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  2. Torah Portion Tazria (She Conceives) for adults for April 9, 2016. This is a downloadable PDF file.

  3. Torah Explorers Tazria for children for April 9, 2016. This is a downloadable PDF file.


Teachings -- Test All Things Banner

  1. The Invading Luciferian Docterine Timothy Alberino (Video: 2:43:15 minutes long. Thank you Nickie.)Miriam — Her Story

  2. Decoding Ezekiel Series part 1: “Zionism, Israel & the Final World War” (Video: 1:17:42 minutes long.)

  3. Decoding Ezekiel part 2: Ezekiel Scroll # 1a: The Glory Departs & the Harlot Bride (Video: 1:37:00 minutes long.)

  4. Decoding Ezekiel 3: Ezekiel Series 3: Descent into Babylon, Scattered to the Wind (Video: 1:21:40 minutes long.)

  5. Decoding Ezekiel Series 4: Warnings, Witchcraft & Hunting Isreal (Video: 1:46:01 minutes long. Thank you Nickie.)

  6. Biblical Definitions: “Truth” (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  7. Hebrew Words Defined: What is Truth? bu Brad Scott

  8. May Day: An ancient celebration with pagan roots

  9. Beltane History – Celebrating May Day

SHEMA YISRAEL by Micha’el Ben David


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The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number One – Unity

The numbers we will be covering at length will be cardinal numbers rather than ordinal numbers. Cardinal numbers are one, two, three, four, etc. Ordinal numbers are first, second, third, fourth, etc. In almost all languages, the cardinal number one represents unity and ‘how many’, and the ordinal numbers represent primacy, order, or pre-eminance. This is particularly important in understanding that YHVH is one, or that ’Elohiym (God) is one. This will become clearer as we define the word ‘one’ and research it’s use in scripture.

One or ‘1’, is unique in the sense that it contains none of the other numbers, but it the source of all the other numbers. Removing it from each number would make each number somewhat less than what it was designed to be. This is one reason (pun intended) that God is one. None of His creation is part of Him per se, for He is spirit, but He is the source of all that there is. When you remove Him from any part of His creation, (perhaps because of sin?) then each part is less than it was designed. God is one, this is clear. He does not need us, but we need Him. Earlier, I stated one of the interpretations of “in my flesh I shall see God”. We see in our own bodies the reason why God is one. We have only one head and one mind. We have two arms to do things two ways, we have two legs to walk different ways, we have two eyes to look two ways, two ears to hear different things, but these things work in harmony when they take their instructions from the one head. This is why His people are called the body and He is called the head (Ephesians 1:22-23). In order to fully understand the oneness of God, we must first define ‘one’.

One is the cardinal number in Hebrew and is dominantly represented by the word ‘echad. In the Greek, this word is translated primarily as heis, and its feminine neuter form of mia. Heis and mia are the Greek words, like their Hebrew counterpart, that express the thought of ‘how many’. The Hebrew word rishon and its counterpart, protos, express the thought of primacy, position, or order. Protos is where we get the English word prototype, which means the first or original. It is the word used for order or position. For example, compare the word ‘firstborn’ in Colossians 1:15 with Yochanan [John] 1:1. The word for ‘firstborn’ is prototokos. This word is a word denoting position and pre-eminance and not oneness. This is why we are told that the Word of God (the Messiah) was ‘in the beginning’, denoting His pre-eminance. The word mia, however, is the common everyday term for the idea of ‘how many’. The only violation of this in the Greek text is in the occurrences of the phrase ‘first day of the week’ and in Titus 3:10. First day of the week reads in the Greek as ‘mia ton sabbaton’ or ‘one of the sabbaths’ and not ‘first day of the week’. That, of course, is a subject for another time.

The root meaning of ‘echad, is one, alone, or only. The largest percentage of Hebrew scholars however understand and teach that the word means ‘unity’. This is because of the nature of it’s use in scripture. The Sh’ma states, “Sh’ma Israel, YHVH our ’Elohiym, YHVH is one (‘echad). Based upon the use of the word ‘echad, the Sh’ma is telling us that there is but one God and one YHVH, and not two or three or hundreds of gods. He is ‘echad because there is no other. He alone is God. The verse in B’reshith [Genesis] 1:26 in which we read that man was created in ‘our’ image, does not violate the oneness of God. It only opens the door to various interpretations as to the nature or essence of the one God, i.e., the Christians trinity or the Rabbinical views of the many attributes of God, or even that He is counting the angels that were with Him. This is why B’reshith [Genesis] 1:26 does not contradict Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 44:24: … ‘oseh kol oteh shamayim levadiy’, ‘who makes all things stretching the heavens alone.’ This simply teaches that there is no other God who created all things, i.e., the number of Gods. It does not teach the nature or essence of the one true God.

The idea of unity within the one God can be seen in other uses of the word ‘one’.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 12:49
“ONE Torah shall be to him that is home-born and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.”

The multifaceted Torah is seen as one. Also in B’reshith [Genesis] 1:9:

“And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto ONE place …”

Here again we see the concept of unity. There are a handful of occassions when ‘echad is translated as first.

B’reshith [Genesis] 1:5
“… And the evening and the morning were the FIRST day.”

B’reshith [Genesis] 2:11
“The name of the FIRST is Pishon …”

B’reshith [Genesis] 8:5
“… on the FIRST day of the month, were the tops of the mountains seen.”

But by far the dominant meaning of ‘echad is ‘how many’. Perhaps the most divisive concept of unity is in the manifestation of God, or the Messiah. This, of course, no more violates the oneness of God, than many Rabbinical ideas about the nature of God. The association of the number one with God simply takes a unique position relative to the existence of everything else. According to the laws of logic, there can be only ‘one’ beginning. This testifies to the laws of Sir Isaac Newton. Modern science, using the unbending law of cause and effect, have concluded that all the effects that we see have ONE cause or ONE beginning. Ultimately, every seen and unseen thing came from ONE source and not ‘no source’.

In Hebrew there is a number system applied to each of the Hebrew letters. This will be posted at the end of this teaching for future reference. As you would imagine, the first letter of the Aleph-bet, or the Aleph, is represented by the number one. The Aleph is called the ‘head’ of the letters. There are many Hebrew words that have the idea of oneness attached to their meaning, that begin with the Aleph. This is one of the first things you look for in studying the ‘sod’ or deeper meaning of a text. The beginning letter, it’s meaning and gematria, starts the process for discerning why YHVH chose that particular word and not another. Several of these words are: God, one, truth, faith, father, mother, Aviv (first month of the year), Adonay, Adam, earth, tabernacle, word, light, sign and ark. Scripturally, those things that are revealed as ‘one’ are unique and should be studied. Here is a fairly comprehensive lists of those things that are uniquely ‘echad.

  • One YHVH, One God: D’varim [Deuteronomy] 6:4
  • Man and Wife: B’reshith [Genesis] 2:24
  • His Name is one: Z’kharyah 14:9
  • One Body: Ephesians 4:4
  • One Spirit: Ephesians 4:4
  • One Hope: Ephesians 4:4
  • One Faith: Ephesians 4:5
  • One Baptism: Ephesians 4:5
  • One Father: Ephesians 4:6
  • One Seed: Galatians 3:16
  • One Son: Yochanan [John] 3:16
  • One Law: Sh’mot [Exodus] 12:49
  • One Way: Yochanan [John] 14:6, Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 32:39
  • One Truth: Yochanan [John] 14:6
  • One Master: Mattityahu [Matthew] 23:8
  • One That is Good: Luke 18:19
  • One Mediator: 1 Timothy 2:5
  • One Man of disobedience: Romans 5:19
  • One Man of Obedience: Romans 5:19
  • One True Husband: 2 Corinthians 11:2
  • One New Man: Ephesians 2:15
  • One Lawgiver: Ya‘aqov [James] 4:12
  • One Tabernacle: Sh’mot [Exodus] 26:6
  • One Heart: Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 32:39
  • One Stick: Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 37:17
  • One Shepherd: Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 37:24
  • One Nation: Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 37:22
  • One King: Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 37:22
  • One Head: Hoshea 1:11
  • One Consent: Tz’fanyah [Zephaniah] 3:9
  • One People of God: Yochanan [John] 17:21-22

The scriptures cast away all those doctrines and religious concepts that would teach that there is one law for Israel and one law for the church. It destroys the notion that there is one destiny for Israel and another one for the church, or that there is more than one seed, one faith, one way, or one truth. Since the Greek word for church is used extensively from B’reshith [Genesis] to Hitgalut [Revelation], it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out how many churches God has, or how many Israel’s there are. The concept of ‘echad is unique and truly one. This is by no means a fully comprehensive study of the number one, but I hope it is a good start.

Yochanan [John] 17:21-22
That they all may be one, as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou has sent me. And the glory which thou gaves me I have given the, that they may be one, even as we are one.”

GEMATRIA VALUE FOR EACH LETTER Aleph = 1 Bet = 2 Gimel = 3 Dalet = 4 He = 5 Vav = 6 Zayin = 7 Chet = 8 Tet = 9 Yod = 10 Kaph = 20 Lamed = 30 Mem = 40 Nun = 50 Samech = 60     Ayin = 70 Peh = 80 Tzaddi = 90 Qoph = 100     Resh = 200 Shin = 300     Tav = 400 Kaph = 500
Final Form Mem = 600
Final Form Nun = 700
Final Form Peh = 800
Final Form Tzaddi = 900
Final Form

Note: the final form means that the letter takes on a different form when it is the last letter of the word, vs. not the last letter of the word!

Shalom Alecheim!


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