News You May Not Have Heard About — 10/17/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. Hard Copy of the Ruling for Rod Class Showing Private Contractor Takeover of US Government

  2. Romney campaign files federal suit to ensure all military ballots count in Wisconsin

  3. Threats of Election Violence Ignored by Government, Mainstream Media

  4. Daily Kos/SEIU Poll: Romney Beats Obama 50-46

  5. Wisconsin Senate Candidate’s Son Says We “Have The Opportunity” To Send Obama Back To Kenya

  6. 14 United States Governors : Prepare State Militia Defenses, To Be Ready Against Obama’s Rogue Federal Forces!

  7. Obama or Romney: War and Economic Collapse Regardless Who Wins the Election

  8. AFLC Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Review Appellate Court Decision Upholding Taxpayer Funding of Sharia

  9. America’s Schools: Breeding Grounds for Compliant Citizens

  10. Obama’s War: US Soldiers Told They Are Fighting For The Afghan People, Not For The US

  11. Obama Lies About Ending the War in Afghanistan

  12. Obama’s War Record

  13. Obama Orders Drones, Special Ops on Standby to Kill Benghazi Attack Suspects

  14. Oversight Committee should call Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin to testify over Benghazi-gate

  15. Obama’s Grandma: ‘disobedient wives should be beaten’

  16. Rumsfeld: Blame for Benghazi ‘Does Stop’ With Obama

  17. The Impact of Political Correctness on War

  18. Immigration Reform News and Impact on US Homeland Security October 15, 2012

  19. Intensified Warrantless Spying in America

  20. The End of Privacy Rights

  21. FBI: Android phone virus warning, mentions surveillance software sold to gov’ts

  22. Shift Happening in the Matrix

  23. We Are Just Dumb

  24. Investigating the Assassination of Ambassador Stevens

  25. Army judge: Al Qaeda operatives don’t have to attend proceedings

  26. Freedom Coalition asks DC Transit to support victims of jihad in wake of deceptive Hamas-linked CAIR ad campaign

  27. The Single Headed Beast of America’s Politics

  28. Strange Domes to Line the Texas Coast in Preparation for Something to Come

  29. Conservative Radio Host: TSA Groped My Vagina

  30. Don’t Let Your Vote Be Canceled by Fraud

  31. Voter Fraud Is the Way to America’s Destruction

  32. Supreme Court allows early voting in Ohio

  33. Freedom of speech enters dark age: Gilad Atzmon on Press TV

  34. AFL-CIO Union Encourages Members To Break The Law: Our Mantra Is “Vote Early, Vote Often”…


  36. Obama Administration Sets Aside Public Land Bigger Than Rocky Mountain National Park for Solar Development

  37. Probe Finds Police Fusion Centers Smother Freedom, Waste Millions

  38. New Documents Reveal Cold War Chemical Testing Conducted on U.S. Neighborhoods

  39. Way Too Many Nukes

  40. Eric Holder’s Radical Past Uncovered

  41. Analysts Worry About New Mideast War

  42. Judge permits doctors to operate on woman who denies she has cancer

  43. 11 military explosions prompt La. evacuations, injures man in Al.

  44. NYC Stop-And-Frisk Controversy Gains Political Spotlight As Number Of Stops Rise Over A Decade

  45. China’s coming dominance will transform the West

  46. Judge Bans the T-Word in 9/11 Hearing

  47. Upcoming Dog-Sniffing Cases Raise Serious Civil Forfeiture Concerns

  48. Halliburton Under Pressure for Toxic Waste Dumping and Prostitution Arrests

  49. Farrakhan: “Every plague that is written in the Qur’an is going to come to pass in America”

  50. Utah Spy Center uses terror tactics to keep the public away

  51. The Great Loss of What It Means to Be an American

  52. Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech

  53. Email Inbox Not Private, Says South Carolina Court

  54. Smartphone Apps Now Use Microphone to Record Your Conversations

  55. NYPD Officer Brutally Assaults Man in Synagogue

  56. The Radicalization of Teacher Education

  1. Why ‘illiterate’ Afghans kicking U.S. Army butt

  2. Global cyber war: New Flame-linked malware detected

  3. Ground under Fukushima Unit 4 sinking, structure on verge of complete collapse

  4. Moshe Dayan’s gravesite vandalized

  5. President Peres not expected to pardon Katsav

  6. Tehran: EU sanctions won’t push us away from nuclear program

  7. Netanyahu: Those who belittle Iran threat are unfit to lead

  8. Knesset dissolves after endorsing election date

  9. All of Iran’s advanced enrichment centrifuges now removed to Fordo

  10. Iranian military official claims ‘dozens’ of Iran’s drones have reached Israel since 2006

  11. Iran: New Long-Range Drone Can Carry a Bomb

  12. New ‘miniFlame’ Virus Hits Iran Computers

  13. UK blocks McKinnon extradition

  14. ‘Hezbollah is part of Assad’s killing machine,’ say US officials

  15. The corruptible “Papenheimers” in the EU

  16. Sweden desire to supply Iran with telecom

  17. Sharpe rise in US exports to Iran

  18. Relax: Iran cracking down on genocidal Jew-hatred “underground” churches

  19. OIC top dog says they won’t try again at UN for ban on criticism of Islam

  20. Sharia in action in Mali: Teenage girl gets 60 lashes for speaking to men

  21. Shocker! Libyan officials release Benghazi suspects, to annoyance of State Department officials

  22. US Shifts Aid to Create Libyan Commando Force

  23. “You have to use violence to defend Islamic values?” “Yes, of course.”

  24. Pakistan: Muslim cleric who framed Christian girl for blasphemy released

  25. Taliban: Attack on Pakistani Schoolgirl Justified

  26. Most of the arms shipped to Syria are going to Islamic jihadists

  27. Syrian Regime Attacks on Rebel Areas Leave 90 Dead

  28. Israel might intervene to prevent Syria’s chemical weapons falling into wrong hands, PM says

  29. Hamas top dog Meshaal in “moderate” Turkey: Erdoğan is a leader of Muslim world, our objective is to reclaim Jerusalem

  30. Egypt: Islamic supremacist member of Constituent Assembly objects to constitutional clause prohibiting sex trafficking, violence against women

  31. NATO Airstrike Kills Three Afghan Children

  32. Castro Recruited Nazi SS Officers to Train Cuban Soldiers

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Critical Threshold Of A Catastrophe

  3. Katla eruption levees in South Iceland checked

  4. Drought! Famine! Global…Cooling?

  5. Moderate earthquake strikes Maine, felt in Boston

  6. More than 100 small earthquakes shake Spanish Springs, Nevada

  7. Paul Becomes Major Hurricane in Pacific A hurricane warning has been issued for portions of Baja California’s west coast

  8. 4.0-M earthquake centered in ME shakes New England

  1. The IMF and World Bank Use Arab Uprisings to Expand Control Over Nations

  2. Latest Jobs Report Hides Real Labor Crisis

  3. Ron Paul: The real story on last week’s controversial jobs report

  4. Global Food Reserves Have Reached Their Lowest Level In Almost 40 Years

  5. The Last Days Of America? We Are On The Verge Of Societal Collapse! 25 Signs Of Extreme Social Decay

  6. Another reliable indicator says we’re dangerously close to recession

  7. Ten income stocks with a strong mix of current yield and dividend growth

  8. Hedge Fund Consultant Belkin: Recession, 30% Stock Drop Coming

  9. Vikram Pandit Bottom Line: Over $260 Million For A 90% Stock Drop

  10. Five things you must consider before filing for Social Security

  11. IBM revenue hurt by strong dollar, tight IT budgets

  12. Intel’s outlook fails to inspire hopes for PC recovery

  13. Not just grains: Another super-popular food is set to soar next year

  14. The 100 items that disappear first in a disaster

  15. Controversial post: “Why the stock market must rise”

  16. Banks Sued by U.S. Homeowners Over Rigging of Libor Benchmark

  17. Why the Auto Bailout Was No Success

  18. Citigroup CEO Pandit Unexpectedly Resigns After Reported Clash With Board

  19. Our Awful Economy, In One Chart

  20. Jim Rogers: I’d Rather Invest in Russia than the US

  21. Obama: ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout; CBO: Bailout Will Lose $24 Billion

  22. An “inescapable” fact about President Obama and the U.S. economy

  23. Governments tackle food price swings, disagree on stocks

  24. Kansas feedlot closure due to “economics of the industry”

  25. Romney pounces as stimulus-backed auto battery-maker goes bankrupt

  26. Swiss Study Shows 147 Technocratic “Super Entities” Rule the World

  27. Pimco Sees Positive Signs for Spain

  28. Greece Is Not Poor – It Actually Has Massive Uptapped Reserves Of Gold, Oil And Natural Gas


  30. Currency Manager: Market Lacks Hedge for Euro Breakup

  31. Euroland’s debt strategy is an economic and moral disgrace The International Monetary Fund has demolished the intellectual foundations of Europe’s debt crisis strategy.

  1. Over-Hyped, Under-Proven… and Can Cause Cancer, Paralysis, Seizures, and Death

  2. Meningitis Outbreak ‘Nowhere Near End’

  3. Feds raid meningitis source lab

  4. Steroid injections cause deadly outbreak of rare fungal meningitis

  5. BPA Damages Chromosomes, Disrupts Egg Development

  6. Approved Seafood Imported To Canada and U.S Raised on Pig Feces

  7. The Video Monsanto Does Not Want You To See

  8. American Extermination: Death for Sale in Every Aisle

  9. Avoid GMOs in gluten-free baked goods this holiday season with these tips

  10. Don’t celebrate yet, but a grassroots victory against GMO deception is now inevitable

  11. FDA: Injectible drugs from Mass. facility suspect

  12. Celebrities speak out on GMO labeling: ‘You can’t handle the truth about your food’

  13. U.S. Supreme Court to hear case challenging legitimacy of GM seed-saving prohibitions

  14. One in 10 teenagers now suffers from liver disease due to toxic food supply

  15. When you peel an orange, don’t throw away the white part under the skin: Bioflavonoids help fight cancer and obesity

  16. Ancient agricultural traditions like seed saving could replace disastrous GMO practices

  17. Watermelon plays a significant role in lowering heart disease risk and aiding weight management

  18. Generic Accutane poses serious health risks – here’s a better solution for acne

  19. Bio-Cellular Analysis – How This Test Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

  20. Vitamin Variants Could Combat Cancer as Scientists Unravel B12 Secrets

  21. ADHD, Learning Difficulties and the Benefits of DHA

  22. Top 10 Brain Food That Will Boost Your Intelligence

  23. Health Reform is a Matter of Life and Death

  24. Electronic Cigarettes – No Risk To Public Health Researchers Say!

  25. Research: Roundup Herbicide Toxicity Vastly Underestimated

  26. New Study shows Iraq War is Responsible for Widespread Birth Defects

  27. EPA Spends $1.2 Million to Provide ‘Asthma-Friendly Homes’ Training

  28. Study: Credit Cards as Germy as Toilets

  29. Alcoholism Shortens Life More Than Smoking

  30. Easy Ways to Stop Your Deadly Soda Addiction

Karaite Korner Newsletter #571

New Moon Report
October 2012
Eighth Biblical Month
Part 1

The observers from Israel have reported that they were unable to sight the moon on October 16, 2012. This was one of those extreme borderline sightings, which might not have visible under perfect weather conditions. There was 1.89% illumination but only 36 minutes lagtime. If the moon had been visible it would have set a record from Israel. Pending further reports, new moon will be tomorrow night (October 17) by default (a lunar month can only be 29 or 30 days).

Nehemia Gordon
The Wandering Jew in Sassmansville, PA

Kimberly Rogers and Laura Densmore team up as two “watchers on the wall” to report on the headline news this week as it relates to end of days bible prophesies.

Join us on the wall as we count down to the final 1260 days prior to the return of Messiah Yeshua!

Stories covered in this show:

  • Armada of Intnl Naval Power Massing in the Gulf As Israel & Iran on Brink of War

  • IDF Soldiers Airlifted from Central Israel to Golan in Snap Drill

  • Flashpoint between China & Japan: Chinese Protesters Storm Japanese Embassy in Beijing

  • Egypt to try 7 Copts and US Pastor over the Muslim video

  • Obama is Wrong: Mideast Protests were Planned BEFORE video ever came out

  • Libyan Official Says Protests were Planned and Had Nothing to do with the Movie

  • Mideast Protests Are Direct Attack on Free Speech

  • Arab League, OIC, EU, African Union Formulating Intnl Law Criminalizing Criticism of Islam

  • Ten Days of Awe; Ten Days of Prayer from Messianic Israel Alliance

  • As the EU/US economy falls,  Shariah banking on the rise

  • Leap 20/20 report:Global Economy will be Sucked into Black Hole in October

  • Big Sis: Obama Ready to Sign Surveillance Grid Exec Order

  • Close in prayer: Psalm 112

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Revelation 6:9And when He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the beings of those having been slain for the Word of Elohim (Mighty One/God) and for the witness which they held,”

The apostle John tells why these saints suffered martyrdom: “for the word of God and for the testimony which they held.” For John, these two are important elements, and they occur several times in Revelation. In opening the book, the apostle contends that he himself “bore witness to the word of God, and to the testimony of Jesus Christ” in Revelation 1:2, and in verse 9 he says he “was on the island that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Later, when observing a vision of God’s people contending with Satan, he writes, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death” (Revelation 12:11). A statement similar to Revelation 6:9 appears in Revelation 20:4: “And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God.”

The first element, the word of God, is straightforward: It is the truth, the inspired revelation of God, that we find today in the Bible. For John and many in the first century, it was the Old Testament combined with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Only later was this supplemented by the epistles of the apostles, Acts, and Revelation. (No one can be certain when the authoritative canon was compiled, but all the components were likely in place by the time John died. Using Isaiah 8:16, some believe that he authorized the present canon before his death, c. AD 100.) Unlike many today, these martyrs of the fifth seal do not take God’s Word for granted, believing that its message is personally vital, current, and authoritative, and they are willing to die rather than compromise with its instruction.

The second element, the testimony which they held, can seem to some to be more complex. The key word, testimony, is the Greek word marturían, which means either “the act or office of testifying” or “what one testifies.” In modern terms, it is either the giving of evidence, as before a judge in a courtroom, or the evidence itself. The word witness is similarly used, as, for instance, the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 are called mártusín (“witnesses” or “martyrs”), a related word. Their “testimony,” then, is evidence they give or a witness they provide.

We should not forget the final phrase, “which they held,” as it adds definition and emphasis to their testimony. The evidence they give means something special to them! It is not as if they witnessed an auto accident and, as unbiased bystanders, simply testified about how it happened. Their testimony is something so precious that they hold it fast, bear it, maintain it, keep it in trust, possess it, consider it, believe it, and adhere to it.

How do they give their testimony? It could be different for each one, but notice Jesus’ interpretation of this seal in Luke 21:12-19:

But before all these things [the heavenly signs of the sixth seal], they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and rulers for My name’s sake. But it will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony. Therefore settle it in your hearts not to meditate beforehand on what you will answer; for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist. You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, relatives and friends; and they will send some of you to your death. And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But not a hair of your head shall be lost. In your patience possess your souls.

He specifically mentions testifying before religious authorities, in prisons, and before secular leaders. These are the “classic” occasions for witnessing of the truth, all of which are reported as happening to the apostles in the book of Acts. He also hints at other ways of testifying, more personal ones that involve relatives and “friends” seeing a Christian practicing his beliefs or hearing him propounding the truth, and betraying him to the authorities.

Hebrews 11 gives multiple examples of the heroes of faith making a witness of the true God and His way. Abel, for example, bore witness by making an acceptable sacrifice (verse 4). Enoch’s translation was witness that He pleased God (verse 5). Noah’s obedience in constructing the ark bore witness of his faith (verse 7). Abraham testified of his allegiance in many ways: leaving Ur (verse 8), dwelling in tents in Canaan (verse 9), and sacrificing Isaac (verse 17). Sarah, too, testified by conceiving and bearing the promised son, Isaac (verse 11). Later, Moses showed his faith by refusing royal rank (verse 24), forsaking Egypt (verse 27), and keeping the Passover (verse 28).

Likewise, we give testimony of our devotion to God and our beliefs in simple, everyday acts, many of which we probably never consider to be witnessing. We make a witness to other members of our families with our every word, act, and decision. We witness of our adherence to law in our public activities, from driving our cars to paying our taxes. Our diligence and thoroughness on the job testify of our godly character or lack thereof. One could go so far as to say that everything we say and do that is witnessed by others shouts out the testimony that we hold.

Are we, like these martyred saints, willing to lay down our lives for God’s Word and our beliefs? It may never come to that for any of us personally, but do we have the sacrificial attitude applauded by Revelation 6:11 and many other New Testament verses? Do we value God’s revelation of His way of life highly enough to defend it despite the cost? Do we, as Jesus warns in Luke 14:26, “hate” our lives enough to be His disciples?

Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Excerpted from: The Fifth Seal (Part One)

  1. Annual Torah Cycle for 2012-2013

  2. 2016: Obama’s America

  3. Dragon Flood – Part Three – A History of Deception

  4. James Knox – The god of Freemasonry (2 of 6)
    (NOTE: This video is 10:00 long.)

  5. Hitler Tested Nuclear Bombs





  10. Does the Pope Claim to be God? Mysterious Quote Regarding Pope Found!

  11. The Queer Connection: Freemasonry & “Gay Rights”

  12. St. Cecilia had an angel of Lucifer as her lover

  13. Thoughts At Perhaps The Most Perilous Time In World History

  14. When will you know it is time to head to shelter?

  15. A-truly-mind-bending-novel-about-the-future-of-genetically+modified-humans-INTRUSION-


Baruch Hashem Adonai – Messianic praise (with lyrics)

The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number Six Hundred Sixty-Six

We, after all this time, have now arrived at the number that is second to none in popularity. The number six hundred sixty-six is well known in our culture, regardless of whether one holds deep religious views or not. We might begin with a comment that perhaps is obvious to some and not so obvious to others. This number is not ‘666’ but rather six hundred and sixty-six. In the Greek text of Hitgalut (Revelation) 13:18, the number 666 is represented with a value based upon gematria. It is simply written with three Greek letters, the Chi = 600, the XI = 60, and the no longer used Stigma = 6. This is important because there has been much clamour over possible antichrist candidates based upon something or someone containing three ‘sixes’ rather than the number 666. I remember hearing about the three ‘w’s of the world wide web as pointing to the true beast of Hitgalut 13. This is based upon the 6th Hebrew letter of vav being articulated as a ‘w’ by many. Or Ronald Wilson Reagan’s name containing three sixes. But we must keep in mind that this is not what the scriptures are saying.

Higalut (Revelation) 13:17-18
“And that no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is SIX HUNDRED THREESCORE AND SIX.”

We are told in verse 18 that “him who hath understanding, let him ‘count’ the number of the beast”. The Greek word used here implies more than simply counting up numerical values. The word psephizo means to ‘calculate’ or to ‘formulate’. It is used in Luke 14:28 to speak of ‘counting’ the cost of building a tower. The word means very much the same in Hebrew. The word is tzor, and means to ‘compress from all directions’, to ‘form’, or to ‘shape’.

Obviously, this number is made up of a lot of sixes. We have already seen that the number six is the number of man, and so it is no coincidence that this number is also called the ‘number of a man’. This is a very important insight, for it is my opinion that the very nature of the ‘antichrist’ is that he has successfully convinced religious men to substitute the ways of God with the ways of man. Combine this with the revelation that this number is also the ‘name’ of the beast and you have some important information about him. In the Hebrew, the word ‘name’ or shem, speaks of authority, which also brings us to the same conclusion about the nature of the mashiach tachat, or the ‘instead of’ christ. What will happen someday soon is the physical manifestation of an antichrist spirit that has been with mankind from the beginning. Yochanan mentions this spirit in his 1st epistle.

Yochanan (John) 4:3-4
“And every spirit that confesses not that Yeshua‘ the Messiah is come in the flesh is not of ’Elohiym (Mighty One/God); and this is that [spirit] of antichrist, of which ye have heard that it should come, and even now already is IN THE WORLD. Ye are of ’Elohiym, little children, and have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

When Yochanan wrote his epistle, the ‘spirit’ of this beast was already in the world. What he has been doing up to now ‘in the spirit’, will soon manifest itself as a person. Those who will follow this beast in the last of the latter days will be those who have already been ‘conditioned’ spiritually to set aside the commandments of the God of Israel and replace them with man’s. This is due to further insight given to us in other places in scripture where we are told that this same anti-messiah will be the ‘wicked one’ who is the ‘mystery of iniquity’ or the ‘lawless one’ (read this ‘toraless one’ ) (2 Thessalonians 2:7-8).

The number ‘six’ is stamped all over this wicked one. The number ‘six’ is prolific in the Chaldean and Egyptian mysteries. This number used to be the 6th letter of the Greek alphabet. It was called the stigma and was represented by, for all intents and purposes, a small ‘s’. This letter represented the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis was one of the three names of the Egyptian ‘trinity’ that shows up on the communion wafer used in many churches in the last eighteen centuries, i.e. IHS or Isis, Horus and Seb. The idea I discussed earlier concerning this antichrist being the ‘instead of’ Messiah can also be seen in the numerical value of the true Messiah as opposed to the false messiah. The first letter of the three Greek letters used to construct the number of the beast is taken from the first letter of ‘christ’ in Greek. The last letter is taken from the last letter of the word ‘christ’ in Greek as well. The letter that lies on the inside is what makes the difference. Utilizing the exact same gematria is seen in several instances in scripture. The Hebrew gematria for Messiah and serpent is 358. The gematria for ‘the Anointed one’ and ‘satan’ is 364. The gematria for ‘the Son’ and ‘Lucifer’ is 75. The gematria of the ‘head of the corner’ is 666.

This beast is very sly and will present himself as the true Messiah in any way that he can, except one. This wicked one will not follow God and will not obey His commandments. His purpose is to ‘build’ an ‘instead of’ Christ and to create a universally accepted savior. This man will be responsible for replacing the traditions of God with his own traditions. In the Greek, his own ‘traditions’ is paradosis = 666. Many times he will use wealth as the greatest motivator (wealth = euporia = 666). Many believe that this antimessiah will come from the Roman empire. Could it be just a coincidence that the numerical system used by the Romans adds up to 666? D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V=5, and the I=1.

In my humble opinion, the number of this man and beast will be relatively simple to calculate once he is out of obscurity. Remember, he will epitomize and take ‘upon the flesh’ of that spirit of lawless (Torahless) doctrine that pervades religious organizations. He will deceive all those who unknowingly follow him. He will have no regard for the laws and commandments of the God of Israel, but will use His name and claim that Jesus is the Christ.

Mattityahu (Matthew) 24:4-5
“And Yeshua‘ answered and said unto them, Take heed that no MAN deceive you. For many shall come IN MY NAME, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

This verse is commonly taught to be synonymous with other statements relating to false Christs and prophets. But the structure of this verse speaks no such thing. The context is clear. Yeshua‘ is speaking, and states the base nature of these people. They will speak in His ‘authority’ and they will proclaim that Yeshua‘ is the Christ, but they are deceivers. Take heed.

  1. Google Chrome vs Microsoft Internet Explorer

  2. Doomsday Device Will Track Dangerous Apophis Asteroid

  3. Once Lost Potentially Hazardous Asteroid – Rediscovered!

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  5. The Origin Of The Moon’s Surface Water Is Still Unclear

  6. Dark Matter Filament Studied In 3D For The First Time

  7. Citizen Scientists Find Four-Star Planet With Kepler

  8. Apple sets Oct. 23 event, smaller iPad expected

  9. Best SHTF Shotgun?

REMEMBER:It is Better to be Divided by TRUTH than United with ERROR.

It is my hope that all receiving this Headline News Brief will have a refreshing and blessed day and coming weekend.

Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister

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