News You May Not Have Heard About — 9/11/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  2. US Governments Secret Army: Foreign Troops To Be Deployed After Marital Law Is Declared

  3. America’s Guillotines & FEMA Coffins (Military, Ex CIA Sources)

  4. New rules make it easier for ATF to seize guns without due process

  5. Paper Details Obama Admin’s Alleged Secret Note Sent to Iran: If Israel Attacks, We Won’t Get Involved

  6. Conservative lawmakers to investigate Obama’s abuse of power

  7. Obama’s Forward Equals Two Steps Back

  8. Rush: Economy will COLLAPSE if Obama re-elected

  9. Obama’s ‘FDR’ plan exposed?

  10. Obama Honors Muslim 9/11 Service During Ramadan
    (NOTE: This video is 7:24 long.)

  11. Israeli scientists: Obama’s birth certificate is phony

  12. New York Post ad exposes Obama’s ‘real father’

  13. 9/11 Mastermind Osama bin Laden: America’s Anti-Soviet “Peace Warrior” and CIA “Intelligence Asset”

  14. 9/11 Still Traumatizing the Mass Mind

  15. Big Data is Creating A Digital Nervous System

  16. The Lies that Led to the Iraq War and the Persistent Myth of ‘Intelligence Failure’

  17. NYPD Kill Hostage Who Escaped Armed Standoff — Marks Second Killing Of Hostage by Police In One Week

  18. 2016: The CFR’s Amerika

  19. The immigration factor: if we do nothing-ecological footprint

  20. The Dilemma of the Muslim Friday Prayer in Charlotte: A Show of Domination of National Concern

  21. They Live: The Matrix is Real

  22. Stellar Wind: The Secret NSA Domestic Spying Program; Whistleblower William Blinney Tells All

  23. Biggest threat to free speech and intellectual property that you’ve never heard of

  24. Apple ID hack scandal: New questions about FBI involvement

  25. New drone training facility, ‘only one of its kind in the world’

  26. Church continues support of Bishop convicted of  pedophile cover up

  27. NH Town Seeks People Who Wish to Live Free

  28. Is the Concept of Centralized Control Disproved by Nature?

  29. Corrupt Media Maintains Hemp Fuel Blackout

  30. CBS New York: Huma Abedin following Hillary’s model for marriage reconstruction

  31. Yikes! New Black Panthers at voting booths again?

  32. Video: TSA detains woman over her ‘attitude’

  33. Study: No negative impacts from ‘don’t ask’ repeal

  34. ‘This is the Patriot Act for cyberspace’

  35. Gun sales surge in America

  36. Chicago teachers go on strike

  37. How to save money on homeschooling

  38. Worst Congress ever back to Washington to avoid government shutdown

  39. American Civil Liberties Union defends KKK in court

  40. Millions of GoDaddy sites taken offline by hackers

  41. WWII massacre: Memos show US cover-up of Stalin’s Katyn slaughter

  42. New Warnings For False Flags This Fall!

  43. Rights Group’s Report Reopens CIA Torture Allegations

  44. A Guide to ‘No Comment’ Police Interviews

  45. Oversight Chairman Issa forced to delay ‘Fast and Furious’ hearing

  46. A new iPhone app the White House doesn’t want you to see

  47. Judge Allows Trans-Canada to Take Crawford Land for Keystone Pipeline

  48. Army Wants Tiny Suicidal Drone to Kill From 6 Miles Away

  49. American Nationals Confront Police State with Total Resistance

  50. Springfield Church Shooter’s Insane Islamic Rants and Racism Claims

  51. Mahmoud Quotes Koran, Murders 2 Senior Citizens in Kentucky Church

  52. The Muslim Brotherhood Bomb

  1. NATO secretly authorizes Syrian attack

  2. Syria swarming with foreign Islamic supremacists intent on waging jihad to establish Sharia state

  3. 20 Syrian soldiers executed in Aleppo (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

  4. Russia says Syria’s Assad would leave if voted out

  5. Assad Moves Chemical Agents to Tartus

  6. Ahmadinejad to Address U.N. General Assembly on Yom Kippur

  7. Dont attack Iran, Russia starkly warns Israel and U.S.

  8. Iran to unveil 2,000 km-range cruise missile

  9. Iran: Missiles can reach U.S. assets, Israel

  10. Despite Israeli pressure, U.S. not setting deadlines for Iran

  11. PM: Red line on Iran may mean no need for other types of action

  12. ‘Terrorists behind rocket fire will pay the price,’ Netanyahu warns

  13. Can a Red Line be Drawn on Iran?

  14. Israeli EMP Attack Could Throw Iran ‘Back to Stone Age’

  15. The Mosaic of War

  16. UN nuclear chief urges immediate access to Iran site at Parchin

  17. Iran threatens retaliation against “racist government in Canada” for ties downgrade

  18. Palestinians blame Israel for dire economic situation in West Bank

  19. Muslim mob from “Palestinian” Authority shouting “Allahu akbar” and “slaughter the Jews!” assault Jewish village

  20. More double talk from Abu Mazen in Ramallah

  21. Hamas delegation fails to restore its credibility in Tehran

  22. Iraq: Islamic supremacists murder 58 in bombings across country, including outside French consulate

  23. Iraq, Annunaki & Pearl Harbor

  24. Jihadis Threaten to Burn U.S. Embassy in Cairo

  25. Yemen ‘kills key al-Qaeda leader’

  26. Controversial plan to split up Afghanistan

  27. Greek Neo-Nazi Party Surges To Third In Polls, As Anti-Bailout Syriza Back On Top

  28. Europe to Open Its Skies to Drones

  29. Islamization of Europe: The Numbers Don’t Lie

  30. UK: Muslim clerics agreeing to marry girls as young as 12, as long as parents don’t tell anyone

  31. Muslims in Germany Increasingly Segregated

  32. Australia: Couple held for genital mutilation of one-year-old girl

  33. Somalia: Muslims shoot three converts from Islam to Christianity

  34. Pakistan: 52 murdered for blasphemy over the last 20 years

  35. Communist terrorist don’t recognize Israeli court

  36. More Nuclear Absurdities: Tepco Denies Physics

  37. First torture death in Tunisia since revolution – report

  38. Somalia elects new leader

  39. Turkish jets trike northern Iraq, kill 25 Kurdish rebels: army

  40. IDF strikes Gaza targets in response to rockets

  41. Mass Arab Attack on Jewish Village

  42. Abbas: We Won’t Accept Israeli Presence in Jordan Valley

  43. IRGC Dep. Com.: If attacked, Iran will take the war to enemy soil

  44. Ethnic Cleansing of Nigerian Christians Funded by UK Charity

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Researchers believe huge underwater volcanic eruptions were part of last extinction period

  3. Indian town of Jawhar plagued by loud noises and ‘tremors’

  4. Drones Will Over-Fly Hurricanes At Altitudes Greater Than 60,000 Feet – NASA’s HS3 Mission Begins

  5. Giant ‘balloon of magma’ inflates under Greece’s Santorini volcano

  6. Evacuations ordered as fire season continues in West

  7. Strong Sulfur Smell Reported In California, Texas And Other States

  1. How the November Election Will Impact Gold

  2. Look who parks their cash at Bain!!!….. government-workers pension funds…. universities… Heinz and Oprah

  3. How US Dollar Collapsed – Inside Job

  4. Forget QE3… This is what the Federal Reserve could really be planning now

  5. Two simple charts explain America’s No. 1 crisis

  6. Six simple rules to painlessly save more money

  7. This could now be the biggest threat to the average American

  8. The story on America’s “booming” auto sales you won’t see anywhere else

  9. ABC’s Attack On Lean Beef Costs Economy More Than A Half Billion Dollars

  10. The Permanent Unemployment Economy

  11. Five Years Since The Great Financial Crisis: “No Growth, No Deleveraging”

  12. US debt collectors cash in on $1 trillion in student loans

  13. The Real Unemployment Numbers Are Worse Than You Are Being Told

  14. Too Big To Jail: Wall Street Executives Unlikely To Face Criminal Charges, Source Says

  15. Dont attack Iran, Russia starkly warns Israel and U.S.

  16. The Myth that Japan is Broke: The World’s Largest “Debtor” is now the Largest Creditor

  17. Treasure islands: Tensions heat up as Japan set to buy disputed isles

  18. Rising Food Prices Continue to Climb, with Prices Up 10% in July Alone

  19. New iPhone could boost U.S. GDP by up to 0.5 percent, JP Morgan says

  20. U.S. has earned $12.4 billion from investment in AIG: Treasury

  21. Consumer credit falls unexpectedly in July

  22. BP sells Gulf of Mexico assets for $5.6 billion

  23. JP Morgan and Citigroup reconsider executive bonuses

  24. Economies around the world report GDP contraction

  25. US loses $450 mln worth of fuel in Afghanistan

  26. Iran in talks to sell oil to Egypt: agency

  27. High oil price not justified by market fundamentals: Saudi minister

  28. ‘Risked Funds Now Flooding Into Gold’ – Sterling Stamos Moment Opens Hell’s Floodgates

  29. Medicare wars intensify

  1. Ebola Virus… The Bio-Weapon Scheme for 90 Percent Depopulation

  2. After 10 Years of Cellphone Use, Risk of Brain Tumors Increased by 290%!

  3. Don’t Let The Wrong Food Rob Your Brain And Muscle Power

  4. LOW Cholesterol Can Harm Your Health!

  5. 33 Ways to Eat Environmentally Friendly

  6. Infographic: What to Eat, When to Eat – Fruit and Vegetables in Season

  7. Simple Ways to Avoid Pesticides in Food, Exposure

  8. How I Have Lived Fluoride Free for 9 Months, and Tips to Help You Do the Same

  9. Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride

  10. Poisoned Horses – Fluoridation Kills

  11. Warning! Mammography may be dangerous to women at high breast cancer risk

  12. Ovarian cancer screening still gets thumbs down

  13. Caloric restriction and body composition in overweight and obese premenopausal women

  14. Vitamin D helps prevent prostate cancer

  15. Study finds that salad eaters more than meet nutritional requirements
    (NOTE: This statement is not totally correct. I have the other part of this equation for
    those interested. Just send me an email requesting more info on nutrition at with your name and I will be happy to send you some free information. If you live in the U.S., I can mail you a FREE informative CD. No obligation. For those who request the free CD please supply me with your name and mailing address.)

  16. Sugar and high fructose diet slows brain and memory functions

  17. Modern-day wheat is a ‘chronic poison,’ says doctor

  18. Forget Prozac – Try probiotics to ease anxiety, curb depression and elevate mood

  19. Does my child have autism? Clues and signs to look for

  20. Unraveling food industry lies – Your salmon and meat are artificially dyed to look more appealing

  21. Top 10 Foods That Contain High Fructose Corn Syrup

  22. Leaked: US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops

  23. FDA Sued for Failing to Meet Food Safety Deadlines

  24. Bombshell: 18 people died of the flu, not 36,000 as claimed by the CDC

  25. West Nile Virus And H3N2 Have Combined Into One Organism: CDC Sources Say – A Biological Weapons Attack Upon America?

  26. Five healthy lifestyle modifications that lower hypertension risk by two-thirds

  27. Miracle-Gro to pay big fine for fake pesticides, poison bird feed

  28. Deadly thalidomide STILL being used as chemo drug despite deformed babies and horrific birth defects

  29. Organic food hit piece to coincide with California proposition 37

  30. Gardening in small spaces 101 – Start a garden no matter your location

  31. CDC’s zombie apocalypse propaganda positions vaccines as savior; citizens as helpless, disarmed victims in FEMA camps

  32. Private school vaccine opt-outs rise

  33. Can love handles kill?

  34. Study: Half of women may have sleep apnea

  35. Will Supplements Be Banned?

  36. Fall Allergy Season: Outlook Bad News for Sufferers

  37. WHO Issues Global Warning On Massive Hantavirus Outbreak:22,000 Exposed– Death Toll Rising From Yosemite National Park Outbreak

  38. Artificial Memories Implanted, Shades Of Total Recall

  39. The Impact of Music Therapy on Children with Behavioral Problems

  40. Vitamin B3 deficiency Pellagra

  41. NAD+ metabolism and NAD(+)-dependent enzymes and neurological diseases

  42. What To Do About Varicose Veins

  43. Marijuana Cuts Tumor Growth By Half

  44. 18 Reasons To Take Fish Oil

  45. Secrets to Avoiding Hip Replacement Surgery

  46. Researchers: Ibuprofen, Naproxen Boost Heart Risk

Kimberly Rogers and Laura Densmore team up as two “watchers on the wall” to report on the headline news this week as it relates to end of days bible prophesies.

Join us on the wall as we count down to the final 1260 days prior to the return of Messiah Yeshua!

Stories covered in this show:

  • Report: US Preparing for “Post-Israel” Middle East?

  • Report concludes: Israel is the greatest threat to US national interests because it prevents “normal” US relations with Arab and Muslim countries

  • Obama throws Israel “under the bus”

  • Iran to hold Massive Air Defense Drill in October

  • 19 Signs that Israel and Iran are about to go to war

  • Egyptian professor: Israel will be gone by 2013: Islamic Caliphate coming

  • Discussion: Will US troops in Israel come under UN umbrella and turn against Israel?

  • Airlift to rescue 2,000 believers out of “Shariah curtain” in Sudan

  • Democratic National Convention shenanigans—Islamic prayers and presence

  • Should we or should we NOT vote? (Come out of her my people…)

  • US Debt Surpasses Economy, reaching 16 trillion

  • Earth news: earth shaking and quaking, earth sinking, earth burning, earth flooding

  • Latest Obama edict: US Veterans characterized as “mentally ill”; need big brother’s “help”

  • Kidnapped marine, Brandon Raub, speaks out: “I’m scared for my country”

  • Our tears will turn to joy: Wrap up and prayer: Psalm 126

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Leviticus 22:1-7 And יהוה (Yahweh) spoke to Mosheh, saying, 2 “Speak to Aharon and his sons, that they separate themselves from the set-apart (Holy) offerings of the children of Yisra’ĕl (Israel), and that they do not profane My set-apart Name in what they set apart to Me. I am יהוה (Yahweh). 3 Say to them, Any man of all your offspring throughout your generations who draws near the set-apart offerings which the children of Yisra’ĕl set apart to יהוה (Yahweh), while he has uncleanness upon him, that being shall be cut off from before Me. I am יהוה (Yahweh). 4 Any man of the offspring of Aharon, who is a leper or has a discharge, does not eat the set-apart offerings until he is clean. And whoever touches what is rendered unclean by a corpse, or a man who has had an emission of semen, 5 or a man who touches any creeping creature by which he would be made unclean, or any being by whom he would become unclean, even any of his uncleanness; 6 the being who has touched it shall be unclean until evening, and does not eat the set-apart offerings, but shall bathe his body in water. 7 And when the sun goes down he shall be clean, and afterward eat the set-apart offerings, because it is his food.” “

I Peter 1:16 says, “. . . because it is written, ‘Be holy, for I am holy,'” which is precisely the lesson contained within Leviticus 22:1-7. Our holy God is clearly saying, “Those who serve Me must also be holy.” Holy essentially means “set apart,” but it also carries with it the sense of “different,” which helps explain why a person or thing is set apart. Certain factors or characteristics distinguish the set-apart one or thing, making it different from persons or things of the same kind.

Holy also has the sense of cleanliness or of being undefiled. God can just as easily be saying to the priests and their children, “I am a clean God, and I want those who serve Me to be clean.” In this case, His transcendent purity of intent and character sets Him apart from others or things that people may consider to be god. He is therefore completely undefiled.

The Leviticus passage mentions leprosy, a corpse, and semen. We must not forget that, when this was written, God was addressing a carnal people. Thus, the instruction is couched in physical terms, but we must look for spiritual meaning within the physical instruction.

The Tabernacle, altar, priesthood, furniture, vessels, and all of the rites have spiritual significance, and Paul writes that they are “shadow[s] of good things to come” (Hebrews 10:1). Leprosy is a horrible, dreadful disease, thus it is a type of a spiritual disease. It is externally visible in its disfigurement of its victim’s body. At times, there can be running sores. It probably does not parallel any one spiritual disease, but rather it symbolizes any number of sins that disfigure a person’s character and/or attitude.

Both a corpse and semen possibly represent carriers of disease. Something causes a person to die, and all too frequently, it is an invisible, internal disease, of which infections and cancers are examples. The widespread AIDS virus is a good example. It can be carried within a man’s semen into a woman’s body. The carrier may look healthy externally, but a deadly disease is present. Only the carrier may know of its existence within him. A corpse and semen represent sins that are not easily perceived. Withdrawal from participation in the fellowship requires the sinner to exercise discipline, as he may be the only one aware of his problem. Creeping things are also defilements from sins that are less obvious. Perhaps in this case, it might be problems with one’s attitudes like resentment, bitterness, envy, jealousy, and lusting.

Regardless of what rendered a person unclean, he was not allowed to participate until he cleaned himself by washing in water, a type of the Holy Spirit. Even then, he was still considered unclean until evening of that same day. This process was a form of excommunication. The unclean person was symbolically excluded from communion with God and held unfit to eat of the holy food of the altar, symbolizing the Word of God, until he had cleaned up his act. Verse 7 distinctly says he was free to eat of the holy things only after the sun went down. Even given this permission, he was still eating in the dark! Though accepted back into fellowship, he was still somewhat removed from full exposure to the light of God’s throne until the next day, when complete communication with God was restored.

Taking steps to rid ourselves of uncleanness has awesome ramifications when we grasp how burdened we are with the potential for sin. The apostle Paul labels himself as a wretched man who greatly needed deliverance (Romans 7:24-25). Despite what we can do on our own—and God requires us to strive to do so—complete deliverance can only come through the work of Jesus Christ. It is essential that we know this, yet it is perhaps beyond our full understanding and appreciation that God is so merciful and full of grace to provide the sin offering that precedes us! If it were not for these elements—because we are so full of spiritual creeping things and spiritual leprosy—we would never be permitted to eat from the Lord’s table.

I and II Corinthians offers us great comfort by showing that, though one may be cut off from the body, he can return once he has cleaned himself through repentance. It shows that even though he is denied close communion with God because of some spiritual uncleanness, he still remains tied to God through the New Testament priesthood. Disfellowshipping is intended to be a temporary, corrective tool.

I Corinthians 5:4-5 says, “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when you are gathered together, along with my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.” The purpose of excommunication is to save the person from his uncleanness that is destroying his communion with God and others in the fellowship. Therefore, if he can still be saved, that person is not completely cut off from God.

II Corinthians 6:14-17 adds more information to this subject. Paul asks four questions that provide comparisons that clearly urge us to avoid or depart from what is unclean so that we can be at peace and in communion with God. Fellowship with God and being allowed to eat spiritual food from His table are clearly conditioned upon our not falling into uncleanness but instead striving to maintain the purity provided by Christ’s sacrifice.

Our part in striving to maintain the purity is to follow Christ’s example of thorough dedication in fulfilling the requirements of the burnt and meal offerings. Doing so in no way earns us the fellowshipping privileges expressed in the peace offering, but it does show God our understanding of faith, love, sacrifice, thanksgiving, and the links between total devotion to Him, Jesus Christ, our fellow man, and His wonderful purpose. God has invested a great deal to provide this for us. The least we can do is give back to Him full devotion in our life as a living sacrifice.

John W. Ritenbaugh

Excerpted from: The Offerings of Leviticus (Part Five): The Peace Offering, Sacrifice, and Love

  1. The Power Behind the New World Order (Full Documentary)
    (NOTE: This video is 2:22:31 long.)

  2. Slavery By Consent ( Full Version)
    (NOTE: This video is 1:24:39 long.)

  3. AMERICA — From Freedom To Fascism (Full Length Documentary)
    (NOTE: This video is 1:49:29 long.)

  4. The house of Rothschild – the Moneys prophets
    (NOTE: This audio is 55:51 long.)

  5. The Hagmann & Hagmann Report: Steve Quayle & Greg Evenson
    (NOTE: This audio is 179:56 long.)

  6. Cue the “Zombie Apocalypse”




  10. Irish lecturer: “Jesus” great grandmother is identified

  11. Catholic Church worship “Maria Bambina” of a gnostic gospel

  12. Daily Tidbits 2/22 – George Washington

  13. HAARP WEATHER CONTROL – Here’s the science

Sh´ma Yisrael / Baruch Haba

The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number Six – Natural Man, Sin, and Slavery

Six is the number that clearly represents man, satan, sin, and slavery. The 6th word in scripture is the ‘vav’ conjunction, which is the 6th letter of the Aleph-Bet. The 6th word ties together the creation of the heavens and the earth. The ‘vav’ conjunction is dominantly translated as the word ‘and’. Although there are only two Hebrew words that begin with this letter, it is the letter that appears the most times in scripture because of it’s use as a conjuntion.

Man was created on the 6th day and was to labor, because of his disobedience, for 6 days. Hebrew slaves were to serve for 6 years (Sh’mot [Exodus] 21:2). The land was to serve 6 years, as well (Sh’mot 23:10). The image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream picturing the rule of man’s kingdoms was in multiples of 6 and, of course, we are all familiar with the number of the beast in Hitgalut (Revelation) 13 as 666. Six is one short of completeness. Two sixes will total the number of the tribes of Israel and the apostles. The Levites were given 48 cities (6×7) for their possession, and of those cities, six cities were given for the ‘manslayer’ to flee to. The most interesting use of the number six for me is the last six commandments of the Ten Commandments. Messiah divides the commandments up into two that all the commandments hang, or that are summed up. The first four commandments are haggadic by nature and are given to speak of our relationship with God. The last six commandments are halakhic in nature and are given to instruct our relationship with man and with ourselves.

The number six is the Hebrew word shesh. The etymology of this word is to ‘annihilate’ or ‘plunder’. Does that surprise you? Do you think for a moment that when YHVH said to man that he is to have dominion over the earth and to subdue it that He meant that we should plunder and destroy all that our Creator had provided for us? The corruption of this earth in all of it’s manifestations is, of course, the result of sin. In the prophets we read of the result of hasatans presence here on earth.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 14:16-17
“They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the MAN who made the earth to tremble, and who did shake kingdoms. Who, made the world like a WILDERNESS, and DESTROYED it’s cities, who opened not the house of his prisoners?”

Using the English in this verse I could make a good case against the Sierra Club, who desire to destroy the cities and make the world like a wilderness. Aha! I’ve stumbled onto the identity of the beast. Well, maybe another day. There are dozens of words that have interesting ties to the number six and it’s multiples. I would like to address a few. There are only a handful of words that have a total gematria of six. The word for ‘separation’ and being ‘alone’ for example, is bad, which is an interesting play on words itself.

This word is used to describe Ephraim and their association with sin and disregard for Torah in Hoshea 8:9-12:

“For they are gone up to Assyria, a wild ass ALONE by HIMSELF, Ephraim hath hired lovers. Yea, though they have hired among the nations, now will I gather them, and they shall sorrow a little for the burden of the king of princes. Because Ephraim hath made many altars to SIN, altars shall be unto him to SIN. I have written to him the great things of my Torah, but they were counted as a strange thing.”

The word for ‘enemy’ is ‘eyvah, which has a gematria of 18 (3×6). The same is true of the Hebrew word for ‘sin’ – chatta’, which also has a gematria of 18. When YHVH (Yahweh) blew into Adam’s nostrils and he became a ‘living’ soul, the word used here for man’s life is chay, which again has a gematria of 18.

The 6th letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet is vav. This word means a hook or a nail. There are only two Hebrew words that begin with a vav, but this letter appears the most times in scripture. It is not just coincidence that the other Hebrew word is vazar, which means to be guilty, or to bear a burden. It is only used one time in scripture.

Mishlei (Proverbs) 21:8
“The way of a GUILTY MAN is devious and strange, but as for the pure, his work is right.”

The reason for the numerous appearances of the ‘vav’ is due to it’s use as the conjunction (and, but, now, so, etc). This word is used quite extensively to tie things together or to bind them. This places the two meanings of ‘binding together’ and a ‘nail’ into a provocative relationship. It is not happenstance that the Messiah was ‘nailed’ to a tree for our SINS, and that He DESTROYED the works of the DEVIL. It is the ‘vav’ or the nail that connects two things together. We know that when the Messiah was nailed to the tree, that He became SIN for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. Sin was literally joined together with Messiah that He might bear our burden and take our place. All these concepts are tied (pun intended) together with the number six. The nails left prints in His hands and in His feet. In the Greek language and gematria, a form of the letter ‘s’ is inserted as the 6th letter. It is called the stigma. To explain this I will quote from E.W. Bullinger’s popular book on numbers entitled “Number in Scripture”:

“This letter’s’ (called stigma) is used for the number 6. Why this letter and number should be thus associated we cannot tell, except that both are intimately connected with the ancient Egyptian ‘mysteries’. The three letters SSS were the symbol of ISIS, which is thus connected with 666 …”

It also might be of interest to know that the verbal root of the word stigma is to brand with a hot iron, which has always been one of several ways of putting a mark on someone. Ouch! As a last note of interest before I provide a list of several uses of the number six, I would like to remind anyone who will listen that the ‘beast’ of Hitgalut (Revelation) 13, will be a physical manifestation of a ‘spirit’ of antichrist, that has been in the world all along (1 Yochanan [John] 4:3). When attempting to calculate the ‘number’ of his name, it might be remembered that his nature, as described by Sha’ul (Paul) in 2 Thessalonians 2:7, is that of lawlessness or Torahlessness. This is the nature of the spirit of his followers as well, for it is my opinion that his number is intimately tied to man’s ways over God’s ways.

  •  The serpent is the 6th character revealed in B’reshith (Genesis).

  • Satan is mentioned 6 times in the wilderness experience with Messiah.

  • Goliath has 6 pieces of armor: Sh’mu’el Aleph (1 Samuel) 17.

  • The great Pyramid is built in multiples of 6. (Compared to the Tabernacle with multiples of 5.)

  • Cain’s descendants are given to the 6th generation.

  • There are six words used for ‘man’ in scripture: 4 Hebrew, 2 Greek.

  • 6 cities of refuge.

  • ‘A thousand years’ is mentioned 6 times in Hitgalut.

  • Messiah had 6 trials.

  • The kingdoms of this world are to last 6 thousand years.

  1. Backup and Sync with SkyDrive

  2. Shifting sands from Isaac reveal 1923 shipwreck

  3. Mystery Beneath The Antarctic Ice

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Eddie Rogers, Minister

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