News You May Not Have Heard About — 9/4/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. Making the U.S. Military Submit to Shariah

  2. President Announces Open Season On Combat Veterans

  3. The FBI Lurking Behind Every Corner

  4. FBI computer virus sweeping across nation

  5. NORAD Holds Hijacking Drill with U.S., Russia and Canadian Military

  6. Navy SEAL Author Rejects the Pentagons Legal Threat

  7. There Was A Secret Ruling Against The NSA For Spying On Americans

  8. Congress Investigates WH Taxpayer-Funded Payoffs to MSNBC’s Olbermann, Maddow

  9. The U.S. Should Withdraw from the U.N.’s “Programme of Action” on Small Arms

  10. Does Obama really HATE America?

  11. John Cusack Describes How Obama Failed to Uphold the Constitution

  12. TSA To Conduct Grope Downs at DNC

  13. Video Shows TSA’s Bizarre New Security Policy

  14. Now it’s biblical: ‘Obama 3:16’ at DNC

  15. DNC Charlotte Update: Choppers Overhead and Horsemen on the Ground

  16. Democrats Air Frustrations with Obama ‘Cockiness’

  17. U.S. celebrates ‘Empty Chair Day’ to mock Obama

  18. Hollywood star: ‘Obama another Ivy League A–hole?’

  19. Obama’s justice department grants final immunity to Bush’s CIA torturers

  20. Obama lawyer warned against certifying eligibility

  21. Sheriff Joe won’t abandon Obama probe

  22. How’s this for bias in the news media?

  23. Is THIS why Chris Matthews is so obsessed with race?

  24. Mitt Romney’s Abortion Business Made Him $50M

  25. Bullets Planted in Luggage of Ron Paul Delegate at 2012 RNC

  26. GOP Shocker: Value-Added Tax Plank

  27. DHS Just Can’t Get it Together: Suzanne Barr Resigns

  28. So Much for “No Path to Citizenship” for DACA DREAMers

  29. China “Owns” the U.S.: Fact or Fiction?

  30. U.S. Halts Training Afghanistan Forces In Light Of Violence

  31. The paedophiles aged ten: 136 children under 15 convicted of sex offences on other youngsters in 2011

  32. The FBI Lurking Behind Every Corner

  33. The immigration factor: Power you Wield to Change History

  34. Smartworld – Identity Ecosystem

  35. Smartworld – Identity Ecosystem – Part 2: Identity Profiling

  36. The Exponential Power of Internet Information (Infographic)

  37. 8 Ways to Improve Society Without the Political Process

  38. Undercover police admit infiltrating Occupy Austin, may have been provocateurs

  39. Extraordinary events in the former USA

  40. White Man Beaten Nearly to Death for Dating African American Woman in GA

  41. 75 Yr Old Grandmother Held Down At Gunpoint As Cops Shoot & Kill Her Dog

  42. Pirate Bay founder arrested in Cambodia after evading cops for 8 mos

  43. California Passes Resolution Equating Criticism of Israel With Anti-Semitism

  44. APD: Officers infiltrated Occupy movement

  45. Homeschooling no longer fringe movement

  46. NASA shells out award for ‘ninja star’ supersonic plane design

  1. Russia could realize worst fears in Syria

  2. NATO Terrorists to Target Syria’s Civilian Airports

  3. NATO chief: rogue Afghan attacks will not hasten pullout

  4. UN Security Council has no authority to support revolution in Syria – Lavrov

  5. In Syrian Civil War, Everyone a Target

  6. France warns of ‘massive’ response if Syria uses chemical weapons

  7. Syrian forces accused of killing 144 people Sunday, many “execution style”

  8. Syrian Rebels Begin to Focus on Syrian Air Force

  9. Video: Syria Drops New ‘Barrel Bomb’ on Aleppo

  10. Rebels hit army headquarters in Damascus

  11. IAF Aircraft Strikes in Gaza in Response to Rocket Attacks

  12. Ambitions of France: Installation of Military Base in Libya For Recolonization?

  13. Iran’s enriched uranium stocks adding up

  14. Iran Ramps Up Its Genocidal Rhetoric

  15. Iran could strike American bases if Israel attacks: Hezbollah

  16. Iran has speeded up its nuclear program

  17. Iran claims deployment of long-range missile-equipped drones

  18. ’30 per cent complete’: Iran’s ‘better’ substitute for S-300 may be ready in 2013

  19. Merkel urges Israel not to strike Iran: report

  20. Senior Iranian Official Warns U.S. Against Attacking Syria

  21. Slashed US military input shortens Israel’s notice of Iranian missile launch

  22. Netanyahu slam US helping Iran to buy more time

  23. Israel Honors The Philippines for Saving Jews

  24. US Security Interests in Egypt

  25. “Arab Spring” Egypt shuts down last Jewish synagogue

  26. Egypt confronts Israel with 6,000 Sinai Islamists as an approved militia

  27. Al-Qaeda Leader Strikes Deal With U.S., Saudis To Send 5,000 Fighters to Syria

  28. Afghanistan: Jihad/martyrdom suicide bombers murder 12 at U.S.-run military base

  29. Arab Palestinian Fatah youth educated to hate Jews

  30. Report: Obama weighs defining ‘red lines’ on Iran nuclear plans

  31. Iraq: Sunni Muslims murder four Shi’ite worshippers after Friday prayers

  32. The Secret Plan to Assassinate Saddam

  33. From Bollywood to Hollywood: Ripping Up the Social Fabric of India

  34. India: Four more Muslims arrested for plots to assassinate Hindu leaders

  35. ‘We will reach anywhere at any time and protect this nation’

  36. Iron Dome developers awarded Israel Defense Prize

  37. Likud MKs express ‘full support’ for PM’s decision-making on Iran

  38. Israel: Muslims poison Jewish family

  39. What about Israel’s nuclear weapons?

  40. Report: U.S. tells Israel they’re on their own against Iran

  41. New Egypt envoy arrives in Israel

  42. Pakistan: Armed Muslims attack Christians, collect jizya from Christian merchants

  43. Pakistani Muslims say that there hasn’t been enough punishment of people accused of blasphemy

  44. Pakistan: Muslim cleric framed 11-year-old Christian girl for blasphemy charge by planting pages of Qur’an among papers she burned

  45. Pakistan: Sunni Muslims murder seven Shi’ites

  46. Pakistan: Christians warned to “convert to Islam or leave Muslim neighborhood”

  47. Senators call for freeing of 11-year-old girl held for blasphemy in Pakistan

  48. Pakistan: Christians hold fake funeral to highlight their fears of reprisal over blasphemy case

  49. Pakistan: Islamic supremacist party demands that hijab be made compulsory

  50. Taliban behead 12 Pakistani soldiers

  51. Pakistani textbooks contain hate material against Hindus, Christians

  52. Two U.S. consulate employees wounded in Pakistan bomb attack

  53. Mali: Islamic supremacists murder Algerian diplomat

  54. Pentagon charges Saudi at Gitmo with aiding jihad terror sea attacks

  55. Zanzibar: Despite efforts to decrease domestic violence, men (including Muslim clerics) still beating women

  56. Jihadists plotted to attack Indian nuclear plants

  57. Germany: Muslims brutally beat rabbi in front of his six-year-old daughter

  58. German intel warns of homegrown jihadists

  59. Pope play the Judas card on fellow Catholics

  60. Catholic friar accused youth of seducing priests

  61. Blair, Bush should be tried for Iraq: Tutu

  62. A new country in North America? What do Canadians and Americans make of this?

  63. Japanese Nuclear Workers Hid Radiation Exposure, Sometimes Forced

  64. Software Meant to Fight Crime Is Used to Spy on Dissidents

  65. Nine police hurt in more Northern Ireland sectarian riots

  66. UK urges new round of Assange talks with Ecuador

  67. See no evil: London gives Mubarak cronies free pass on ‘stolen billions’ held in UK

  68. Russian missile chief claims shield-penetrating ICBM ready by 2018

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. 6.4 earthquake strikes Indonesia south of Java

  3. Hurricane Issac: thousands still In the dark across Louisiana and Mississippi

  4. Residents and tourists warned about increased activity at Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano

  5. 3.3 magnitude tremor rattles Beverly Hills

  6. U.S. scientists probe beaching that killed 17 whales

  7. Loud Unexplained Sounds Disturb Residents In El Dorado County

  8. Large explosive eruption reported at Kamchatka’s Bezymianny volcano

  1. What Can I Do?

  2. US debt eclipses economy, reaching $16 trillion this week

  3. Nuclear Experimentation Killed Free Power

  4. The Real Reverse Robin Hood: Ben Bernanke And His Merry Band Of Thieves

  5. Paul Ryan Exposes Elite Agenda, Shut Up Says Banker

  6. U.S. nears deal for $1 billion in Egypt debt relief: source

  7. Eastern Germany need 1 trillion euro to develop its economy

  8. Germany Should Quit the Euro and Use Gold As Money

  9. All European Politicians are Puppets of the Banks

  10. European Central Bank Pushes For Control Of 6000 Eurozone Banks

  11. Euro pushes higher on ECB hopes, Aussie eyes RBA

  12. Moody’s cuts EU outlook to ‘negative’

  13. Loans to save euro called inevitable

  14. U.S. firms brace for Greek exit from euro

  15. Italian Government Debt Might Wreck World’s Oldest Bank

  16. Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Technology Becoming Reality?

  17. Unclear signs in China about another recovery

  18. Asian shares steady, stimulus hopes support

  19. Oracle to appeal U.S. copyright damages case: SAP

  20. Gold hits five-and-a-half-month high on stimulus hopes, U.S. silver rallies

  21. Egypt Finance Minister appeals to parliament members to accept IMF loan

  1. CDC Finds New ‘Heartland’ Virus in Missouri: Tick-borne bug is new to science

  2. Legionnaires’ death toll rises to 11 in Quebec, total of 169 cases

  3. Abortion seekers 7 times more likely to be abused

  4. Propaganda … in the Grocery Store? Food rating systems discourage consumer empowerment

  5. The Truth About Most Vitamins and Supplements

  6. China denies kids are GM rice guinea pigs despite published research paper

  7. The Hidden Cause of Rotten Health Almost No One Considers (Not Food or Exercise)

  8. Shocking Secrets about Clinical Trials: 2,061 Trial-Related Deaths. Yet Only 22 Were Compensated

  9. EPA changes rules to allow more toxic cleaning chemicals in mainstream food

  10. Corrupt USDA conspired to funnel hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to beef industry lobbyists

  11. Are stress and high cortisol depleting your vitamin D?

  12. An Urgent Message from Ronnie Cummins

  13. Baby boomers – Why detoxifying toxins from your early years could save your life

  14. Do autistic children have ‘starving brains?’

  15. More vaccine failures – Lethal poultry virus strains caused by gene-swapping vaccines

  16. Obesity accelerates cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease progression

  17. Pregnancy and chiropractic

  18. Health Ranger releases new video on the criminalization of rainwater collection by misguided government

  19. War on Pork in Europe and America

  20. WHY In The World Are They Spraying?

  21. Overpopulation is a Myth

  22. Legalizing cannabis is the best way to keep it away from teens

  23. Mom hopes son’s death can save other unborns

  24. Heavy Drinking Rewires Brain, Increasing Susceptibility To Anxiety Problems

  25. Natural Comb and Brush Cleaner

  26. ‘Magic Carpet’ Could Help Prevent Falls

  27. A Virus That Kills Cancer~ Would Big Pharma Ever Allow It To See The Light Of Day? Never!!

  28. Vitamin B2 and postpartum depression

  29. Vitamin B2 and Hypospadias risk

  30. New Study: Dietary Excitotoxins Linked with Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  31. Morgellons Disease: Signs or Symptoms For Self Diagnosis

Kimberly Rogers and Laura Densmore team up as two “watchers on the wall” to report on the headline news this week as it relates to end of days bible prophesies.

Join us on the wall as we count down to the final 1260 days prior to the return of Messiah Yeshua!

Stories covered in this show:

  • Hurricane Isaac and the Land for Peace Connection

  • Isaac became Tropical Depression 10 on Tuesday:  the same the day the Republicans added the “two-state” solution in Israel to their convention platform.

  • Pattern: THIRD Republican Convention in a row to get hit with a hurricane: Hurricane Frances during 2004 Convention, Hurricane Gustav during 2008 Convention, now Hurricane Isaac during 2012 Convention.

  • Hurricane Katrina and Isaac: both made landfall on August 29

  • Is the name of Isaac a clue/warning from Yahweh? Don’t divide the covenant land!

  • Will Obama Keep Power “By Any Means Necessary?”

  • Obama Preparing for Total takeover: DHS insider source: “It’s going hot”

  • Military convoys moving throughout the US

  • Russia is disengaging from Syria: arms shipments stopped, warships exit Tartus

  • The GOOD NEWS: Join us for SHALOM WAVE Sukkot 2012

  • Seven Sukkot groups will be joining us via SKYPE for a SHALOM WAVE during Sukkot, more joining!

  • Ezekiel 38/39 war is PRECEDED by Ezekiel 37: the DRY BONES coming together

  • Are we seeing the scattered dry bones starting to come together, shaking, rattling, and coming to life?

  • Do you want your Sukkot group to participate in the SHALOM WAVE? Contact Kimberly at or Laura at

  • Close in prayer: Ezekiel:37:21-22

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Matthew 17:19-21 19 Then the taught ones came to יהושע (Yeshua) by Himself and said, “Why were we unable to cast him out?” 20 And יהושע (Yeshua) said to them, “Because of your unbelief, for truly, I say to you, if you have belief as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it shall move. And no matter shall be impossible for you. 21 But this kind does not go out except through prayer and fasting.

A lack of faith is a sign of a weak prayer life. Jesus Christ advises us how to address unbelief—prayer and fasting.

On a human level, how do we build trust, faith, and loyalty? Will we have faith in someone we do not know? Can we be loyal to a stranger? We build confidence in others through repeated contact with them over time—close and frequent communication. As we get to know them, to see them in action, to see their characters, we eventually reach a point where we can have trust and faith in them and in their behavior. Is it any different with God?

Prayer provides the repeated and continual contact with God that we need to get to know Him. This sets in motion the process that will lead to faith, to God being willing to give us the gift of faith (Ephesians 2:8). The prayerful person becomes the faithful person, not the other way around. Hebrews 11:6 illustrates this point: “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

Notice the condition in this verse: God is not the rewarder of everyone, but “of those who diligently seek Him.” The gift of living faith comes from diligently, actively seeking Him, consistently and with zeal. Prayer is a major tool in seeking God, along with study, fasting, and using the knowledge gained to conform to His will—practical Christian living and overcoming. Those who prove their diligence by doing these things are the ones rewarded with the faith to overcome (I John 5:4).

The Sabbath is an external sign that identifies God’s people (Exodus 31:13, 17). Yet a person may be a nominal Sabbath-keeper without having a true relationship with God. Is there another sign—a less visible one—that perhaps only God sees? Yes, and Zechariah 13:9 shows it is prayer: “They will pray in my name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘You are my people,’ and they will reply, ‘You, LORD, are our God!'” (Contemporary English Version).

Those with a weak prayer life have weak faith (Matthew 17:19-21). Those with weak faith are sinful (Romans 14:23) and are promised death (Ezekiel 18:20; Romans 6:23). That is just how important earnest prayer is as part of a solid foundation, especially during the end time. As I Peter 4:7 instructs, “But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers.”

Pat Higgins

Excerpted from: Praying Always (Part Two)

  1. Yahwehs Truth vs. Christianity
    (NOTE: This video is 1:47:00 long.)

  2. End Times Today Series Lesson 8: Bible Prophecy is Focused on the East not the West

  3. Two Stone Age 9,500-Year-Old Artifacts Unearthed

  4. South Korea – Illuminati Aim to Corrupt Youth

  5. Twenty Characteristics of False Teachers Embraced by the False Church

  6. Nine Ways in Which the New Religious Right is Biblically Compromised

  7. The Dangers of Moralizing and The Social Gospel of the Left and Right

  8. The Image of Baphomet: Upsetting Folks Since 1855

  9. 5 Stages of the Awakening

  10. ‘Moonies’ founder Sun dies at 92

Give Thanks To The Lord – Hodu La’Adonai

The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number One – Unity

The numbers we will be covering at length will be cardinal numbers rather than ordinal numbers. Cardinal numbers are one, two, three, four, etc. Ordinal numbers are first, second, third, fourth, etc. In almost all languages, the cardinal number one represents unity and ‘how many’, and the ordinal numbers represent primacy, order, or pre-eminance. This is particularly important in understanding that YHVH is one, or that ’Elohiym (God) is one. This will become clearer as we define the word ‘one’ and research it’s use in scripture.

One or ‘1’, is unique in the sense that it contains none of the other numbers, but it the source of all the other numbers. Removing it from each number would make each number somewhat less than what it was designed to be. This is one reason (pun intended) that God is one. None of His creation is part of Him per se, for He is spirit, but He is the source of all that there is. When you remove Him from any part of His creation, (perhaps because of sin?) then each part is less than it was designed. God is one, this is clear. He does not need us, but we need Him. Earlier, I stated one of the interpretations of “in my flesh I shall see God”. We see in our own bodies the reason why God is one. We have only one head and one mind. We have two arms to do things two ways, we have two legs to walk different ways, we have two eyes to look two ways, two ears to hear different things, but these things work in harmony when they take their instructions from the one head. This is why His people are called the body and He is called the head (Ephesians 1:22-23). In order to fully understand the oneness of God, we must first define ‘one’.

One is the cardinal number in Hebrew and is dominantly represented by the word ‘echad. In the Greek, this word is translated primarily as heis, and its feminine neuter form of mia. Heis and mia are the Greek words, like their Hebrew counterpart, that express the thought of ‘how many’. The Hebrew word rishon and its counterpart, protos, express the thought of primacy, position, or order. Protos is where we get the English word prototype, which means the first or original. It is the word used for order or position. For example, compare the word ‘firstborn’ in Colossians 1:15 with Yochanan 1:1. The word for ‘firstborn’ is prototokos. This word is a word denoting position and pre-eminance and not oneness. This is why we are told that the Word of God (the Messiah) was ‘in the beginning’, denoting His pre-eminance. The word mia, however, is the common everyday term for the idea of ‘how many’. The only violation of this in the Greek text is in the occurrences of the phrase ‘first day of the week’ and in Titus 3:10. First day of the week reads in the Greek as ‘mia ton sabbaton’ or ‘one of the sabbaths’ and not ‘first day of the week’. That, of course, is a subject for another time.

The root meaning of ‘echad, is one, alone, or only. The largest percentage of Hebrew scholars however understand and teach that the word means ‘unity’. This is because of the nature of it’s use in scripture. The Sh’ma states, “Sh’ma Israel, YHVH our ’Elohiym, YHVH is one (‘echad). Based upon the use of the word ‘echad, the Sh’ma is telling us that there is but one God and one YHVH, and not two or three or hundreds of gods. He is ‘echad because there is no other. He alone is God. The verse in B’reshith 1:26 in which we read that man was created in ‘our’ image, does not violate the oneness of God. It only opens the door to various interpretations as to the nature or essence of the one God, i.e., the Christians trinity or the Rabbinical views of the many attributes of God, or even that He is counting the angels that were with Him. This is why B’reshith 1:26 does not contradict Yesha’yahu 44:24: … ‘oseh kol oteh shamayim levadiy’, ‘who makes all things stretching the heavens alone.’ This simply teaches that there is no other God who created all things, i.e., the number of Gods. It does not teach the nature or essence of the one true God.

The idea of unity within the one God can be seen in other uses of the word ‘one’.

Sh’mot (Exodus) 12:49
“ONE Torah shall be to him that is home-born and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.”

The multifaceted Torah is seen as one. Also in B’reshith (Genesis) 1:9:

“And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto ONE place …”

Here again we see the concept of unity. There are a handful of occassions when ‘echad is translated as first.

B’reshith 1:5
“… And the evening and the morning were the FIRST day.”

B’reshith 2:11
“The name of the FIRST is Pishon …”

B’reshith 8:5
“… on the FIRST day of the month, were the tops of the mountains seen.”

But by far the dominant meaning of ‘echad is ‘how many’. Perhaps the most divisive concept of unity is in the manifestation of God, or the Messiah. This, of course, no more violates the oneness of God, than many Rabbinical ideas about the nature of God. The association of the number one with God simply takes a unique position relative to the existence of everything else. According to the laws of logic, there can be only ‘one’ beginning. This testifies to the laws of Sir Isaac Newton. Modern science, using the unbending law of cause and effect, have concluded that all the effects that we see have ONE cause or ONE beginning. Ultimately, every seen and unseen thing came from ONE source and not ‘no source’.

In Hebrew there is a number system applied to each of the Hebrew letters. This will be posted at the end of this teaching for future reference. As you would imagine, the first letter of the Aleph-bet, or the Aleph, is represented by the number one. The Aleph is called the ‘head’ of the letters. There are many Hebrew words that have the idea of oneness attached to their meaning, that begin with the Aleph. This is one of the first things you look for in studying the ‘sod’ or deeper meaning of a text. The beginning letter, it’s meaning and gematria, starts the process for discerning why YHVH chose that particular word and not another. Several of these words are: God, one, truth, faith, father, mother, Aviv (first month of the year), Adonay, Adam, earth, tabernacle, word, light, sign and ark. Scripturally, those things that are revealed as ‘one’ are unique and should be studied. Here is a fairly comprehensive lists of those things that are uniquely ‘echad.

  •  One YHVH, One God: D’varim 6:4

  • Man and Wife: B’reshith 2:24

  • His Name is one: Z’kharyah 14:9

  • One Body: Ephesians 4:4

  • One Spirit: Ephesians 4:4

  • One Hope: Ephesians 4:4

  • One Faith: Ephesians 4:5

  • One Baptism: Ephesians 4:5

  • One Father: Ephesians 4:6

  • One Seed: Galatians 3:16

  • One Son: Yochanan 3:16

  • One Law: Sh’mot 12:49

  • One Way: Yochanan 14:6, Yirmeyahu 32:39

  • One Truth: Yochanan 14:6

  • One Master:Mattityahu 23:8

  • One That is Good: Luke 18:19

  • One Mediator: 1 Timothy 2:5

  • One Man of disobedience: Romans 5:19

  • One Man of Obedience: Romans 5:19

  • One True Husband: 2 Corinthians 11:2

  • One New Man: Ephesians 2:15

  • One Lawgiver: Ya‘aqov 4:12

  • One Tabernacle: Sh’mot 26:6

  • One Heart: Yirmeyahu 32:39

  • One Stick: Yechezk’el 37:17

  • One Shepherd: Yechezk’el 37:24

  • One Nation: Yechezk’el 37:22

  • One King: Yechezk’el 37:22

  • One Head: Hoshea 1:11

  • One Consent: Tz’fanyah 3:9

  • One People of God: Yochanan 17:21-22

The scriptures cast away all those doctrines and religious concepts that would teach that there is one law for Israel and one law for the church. It destroys the notion that there is one destiny for Israel and another one for the church, or that there is more than one seed, one faith, one way, or one truth. Since the Greek word for church is used extensively from B’reshith to Hitgalut, it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out how many churches God has, or how many Israel’s there are. The concept of ‘echad is unique and truly one. This is by no means a fully comprehesive study of the number one, but I hope it is a good start.

Yochanan (John) 17:21-22
That they all may be one, as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou has sent me. And the glory which thou gaves me I have given the, that they may be one, even as we are one.”

GEMATRIA VALUE FOR EACH LETTER Aleph = 1 Bet = 2 Gimel = 3 Dalet = 4 He = 5 Vav = 6 Zayin = 7 Chet = 8 Tet = 9 Yod = 10 Kaph = 20 Lamed = 30 Mem = 40 Nun = 50 Samech = 60     Ayin = 70 Peh = 80 Tzaddi = 90 Qoph = 100     Resh = 200 Shin = 300     Tav = 400 Kaph = 500
Final Form Mem = 600
Final Form Nun = 700
Final Form Peh = 800
Final Form Tzaddi = 900
Final Form

Note: the final form means that the letter takes on a different form when it is the last letter of the word, vs. not the last letter of the word!

  1. The Cashless Grid Is Here: Google Wallet Aims to Make Leather Wallet Obsolete

  2. Lunar ‘space elevator’ may soon become sci-fact

  3. Self-Driving Cars Approved by California Legislature

  4. Ancient Paintings of UFO’s aged 200 to 15,000 years

  5. Underground Base Located Near Roswell

  6. Birds hold funerals for dead

  7. UFO Secrets To Be Revealed In September

  8. To learn a skill, practice while you sleep

  9. Genome Brings Ancient Girl to Life

REMEMBER:It is Better to be Divided by TRUTH than United with ERROR.

It is my hope that all receiving this Headline News Brief will have a refreshing and blessed day and coming weekend.

Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister

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