News You May Not Have Heard About — 8/30/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. DHS Source: No November Election! October Event With Bank Collapse, UN, Russian, Chinese Troops To Restore Civil Order In America – Information Has Been Confirmed!

  2. Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012

  3. WW3 Is About To Happen – UK Gov Is Preparing – David Icke Video

  4. More veterans being illegally detained for ‘thought crimes’

  5. Giant warehouses with food to last for 5 years: Alaska begins prepping for major natural disasters

  6. Congressional Report on Operation Fast and Furious

  7. OIG report on Fast and Furious ’10 times worse’ than expected

  8. U.S. Soldiers Committed Murders, Stockpiled Guns And Bomb Materials, In Plot To Assassinate Obama And Overthrow Government

  9. Marine detained for Facebook posts: ‘It made me scared for my country’

  10. Why Does The U.S. Government Treat Military Veterans Like Human Garbage?

  11. NSA Warrantless Wiretaps Continue, Where is Congress?

  12. FCC sent stimulus funds to London

  13. Downtown Minneapolis Becomes Black Hawk Helicopter Training Zone

  14. Murders by Drones & Judiciary-State Secrets Privilege

  15. Is THIS the smoking gun on Obama’s birthplace?

  16. Tax-supported state school campaigns for Obama

  17. Obama to automakers: Double mileage, or else

  18. Obama To Open His 2012 DNC Convention With 2 Hour Prayer To Allah

  19. The mysterious return of Obama’s ‘body man’

  20. Video: Navy SEALs not happy with Obama’s Bow to Saudi King

  21. Rebellion erupts over school’s student-chipping plan

  22. DHS expands ”If You See Something, Say Something.” to sports

  23. DHS Source: False Flag Plans “going hot”

  24. Whistleblower: HSBC trying to skirt prosecution

  25. Obama and Romney both adore the third leading cause of death in America

  26. Romney anointed by Republicans

  27. Romney slammed for NOT challenging Obama eligibility

  28. Classy: Giant vaginas decry ‘war on women’ at Republican National Convention

  29. News chief fired for biased Romney attack

  30. Breakthrough Spy Cameras At The RNC Coming To A City Near You?

  31. New York Anarchists Hit Tampa

  32. Look who’s behind ‘Voter ID is racist’ campaign

  33. Christians devise new anti-bullying idea

  34. Wonder where hostility to Christianity is surging?

  35. What’s America up to now?

  36. Genius female chimpanzee found to be smarter than U.S. high school students

  37. The American Conservation Ethic: The Principles of Conservation

  38. Saudi Arabia: Calls for monitoring of mosques after mosque found manufacturing explosives

  39. Twitter Postings Could Expose Psychopaths

  40. Police have ‘a pattern’ of ignoring anti-Christian hate crimes, columnist writes

  41. Homosexual’s ‘defamatory’ lawsuit seeks to silence pro-family groups: Liberty University attorney

  42. Minnesota Supreme Court removes deceptive marriage amendment ballot title

  43. TPP – Worse Than ACTA?

  44. Politicians Ignore Failed ‘War on Drugs’ at Their (and Our) Peril

  45. Media Blackout After Cops Admit Shooting All 9 In Empire State Shooting

  46. Advanced DARPA Study Has Perfected Mind Control In Squids

  47. IARPA’s Holographic Observation program creates advanced dynamic holograms

  48. Calif lawmakers denounce anti-Semitism in colleges

  49. Bin Laden ‘killed while unarmed’: SEAL book debunks official death story

  50. New York Times reporter leaked colleague’s column to the CIA

  51. Voter ID Laws Have Caused Significant Drop In Democratic Party Registration In Florida

  1. Enriched Iranium
    (NOTE: This video is 3:18 long.)

  2. Knesset member: ‘Obama no friend of Israel’

  3. Israel warns Iran to ‘choose between nukes and survival’

  4. Iran to ask for support on Syrian ceasefire at Non-Aligned Movement summit

  5. UN chief to Khamenei: Stop threatening Israel

  6. Ban tells Iran leaders to act on nuclear showdown

  7. Assad blames Turkey for violence, says his regime faces ‘global’ battle

  8. FSA says military airport targeted in Aleppo; bomb hits funeral of Assad-supporters

  9. Former AG Mazuz: Olmert was acquitted, but not cleared

  10. Anti-Semitic attacks in France surge by 40% since March

  11. Ya’alon: Iran must decide – nuclear bomb or survival

  12. Media: the United States will give Azerbaijan the Northern area of Iran in exchange for participation in war

  13. Cairo and Islamic Jihad makes “peace” in the Sinai

  14. Pakistan: Medical board declares Christian girl accused of blasphemy underage and of low mental level

  15. The War on Women Update, Women and Islam

  16. Poland’s Strategy

  17. Syrian VP Reappears in Public, Denies Claims He Defected

  18. Syria: Turning Back the Clock on the Arab Spring

  19. Senior CFR official: Free Syrian Army needs al-Qaeda support

  20. New Syria mediator plans first visit to Damascus

  21. Iran Said to Send Quds Forces to Bolster Syria

  22. ‘Germans didn’t even make minimal effort to save Munich 11’

  23. Germany explodes huge WWII bomb in Munich (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

  24. France opens murder inquiry into Arafat’s 2004 death

  25. Report: PA dumps medical waste without proper treatment

  26. Fire spreads at Venezuela oil refinery as death toll reaches 41

  27. Turkey slams France for hate speech for including Armenian Genocide in textbooks

  28. Bangladesh: Islamic supremacist party calls for jihad, quoting Qur’an and Hadith

  29. Jihad genocide dreams from Egyptian professor: “By next year, Allah willing, Israel will be annihilated”

  30. Egypt puts former presidential candidate Shafiq on watch list

  31. Germany: Muslim breaks wife’s fingers for wanting to feed children during Ramadan

  32. Kyrgyzstan: Muslim arrested for declaring jihad against the country’s president

  33. The Muslim Brotherhood – A Global Threat, a Regional Dilemma

  34. The Nuclear Mafia Derails Democracy in Japan

  35. The Western Onslaught Against International Law

  36. Three-person civil union sparks controversy in Brazil

  37. 19 killed in coal mine blast in southwest China

  38. Three Australian soldiers killed by rogue Afghan soldier

  39. Mexican police attacked CIA officers, ambush likely: sources

  40. Venezuela investigates alleged massacre in Amazon tribal village

  41. United Russia mulls amendments to track anonymous Internet slanderers

  42. Russia is disengaging from Syria: Arms shipments stopped, warships exit Tartus

  43. Russia’s Muslims warned after latest cleric killing

  44. Georgian police reportedly eliminate terrorists on Russian border

  45. Cutting the fat: Pakistani police endorse a different kind of ‘regime’

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Eerie Bible coincidence for Hurricane Isaac?

  3. HAARPing Isaac

  4. Drenched New Orleans passes post-Katrina hurricane test

  5. Fastest Winds: Hurricane Isaac vs. Mt. Washington

  6. Recycled Plastic Stops Hurricane-Force Projectiles

  7. Could Hurricanes Ever Reach Category 6?

  8. Scientists Report: Overlooked Methane Reservoirs Beneath Antarctic Ice

  9. Arctic sea ice reaches record low, Nasa says

  10. Twelve dead, 10 missing as typhoon pounds S. Korea

  11. A Fleet Of Intelligent Robots With Extraordinary Mission – To Repair World’s Damaged Coral Reefs

  12. Peru’s El Misti volcano shaken by swarm of 224 quakes: last major eruption occurred 540 years ago

  13. Jangled nerves in California, as scientist at a lost to explain present Southern California quake swarm

  14. 500 plus earthquakes in California in last three days – ALERT

  15. Southern California town declares emergency over quake swarm

  1. Why we are on the brink of the greatest Depression of all time

  2. Fitch threatens to downgrade the US

  3. Rise in 2013 grocery prices to reflect today’s high grain costs

  4. U.S. oil industry waits out Isaac, no damage reported

  5. Interior has ‘limited’ ability to gauge offshore drilling risks

  6. Fatal security flaw discovered in software that controls U.S. power plants

  7. Citigroup whistleblower awarded $31 million after exposing lending fraud

  8. A New Run On The Banks? Spaniards Pulling Cash Out At Record Rates

  9. Spain’s Barter System Praised by the Wall Street Journal

  10. Counter Revolt In Germany: Gagging “Hardliners” As the Economy Tanks And Future Exports Drop Into The Red Zone

  11. It Is Not Just Your Imagination – American Families ARE Getting Poorer

  12. 40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World

  13. PERS: Lies, Distortions, Half-Truths, and Fraud

  14. Bitcoin ponzi scheme – investors lose $5 million USD in online hedge fund

  15. €1 million swiped from ATMs using bent forks

  16. Facebook co-founder Moskovitz sells more shares

  17. Wall Street up after housing data; volume lowest of year

  18. Second-quarter growth revised up, Fed still seen in play

  19. Citigroup settles shareholder CDO lawsuit for $590 million

  20. Asian shares hit one-month low, euro steady before Bernanke speech

  21. Nikkei weak as investors turn bearish before Bernanke speech

  22. Gold stuck in tight range before Fed speech

  23. ECB chief calls for exceptional measures to save the euro

  24. Russia increases crude export duties following price rise

  25. Russia forges ahead with South Stream, signs deal with Bulgaria

  1. 2nd death from hantavirus in Yosemite

  2. Beware: Corporations Sneak Synthetic Preservatives into Organic Baby Formula

  3. New Study Reveals Children Are Being Poisoned by Common School Supplies

  4. How to Ease Teething Pain Without Medicine

  5. Blind To The Truth: The Eye-Damaging Effects of Statins

  6. Portland Surrenders to Adding Toxic Fluoride in Drinking Water

  7. Refuse to Use This Machine – It May Spare You a Cancer Diagnosis

  8. Chocolate may protect brain from stroke

  9. The Soap You Should Never Use — But 75% of Households Do

  10. West Nile virus cases rising; 40% increase in one week: 66 dead in U.S.

  11. Since 1950, reliable research has been suppressed to keep Americans in the dark about trans-fatty acids causing cancer and heart attacks

  12. Antioxidants from food – The five best sources

  13. Are cigarette smokers inhaling fumes from plastic?

  14. Electromagnetic field intolerance – An epidemic in the making

  15. Doctors and farmers find that eliminating GMOs prevents disease

  16. Neurology experts make herbal recommendations to migraine sufferers

  17. Lose weight, increase energy and relieve depression by boosting brain chemical dopamine – Here’s how to do it!

  18. Seven ways to detox on a budget

  19. Young children more likely to be obese if given antibiotics as babies, study shows

  20. Natural strategies to beat multiple sclerosis

  21. Mobile death: thief targets Ebola patient in Uganda, gets infected with the virus

  22. New prenatal test is bringing eugenics back to Germany

  23. Farmer Wins Stressful 3-Year State Legal Battle — Raw Dairy Sales Upheld

  24. Study Links Sri Lanka’s Kidney Disease to Agrochemicals

  25. New studies question calorie-restricted diets

  26. Broasted Zucchini Rounds

  27. A Mother’s Story Of Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

  28. What Your Favorite Color Says About You

  29. Antioxidants and Lung diseases

Kimberly Rogers and Laura Densmore team up as two “watchers on the wall” to report on the headline news this week as it relates to end of days bible prophesies.

Join us on the wall as we count down to the final 1260 days prior to the return of Messiah Yeshua!

Stories covered in this show:

  • Media Propaganda and Sabotage? Leaked Document Outlines Israel’s “Shock and Awe” Plan to Attack Iran (THIS IS A RED HERRING)

  • Analysis: News stories from “Lamestream” media designed to whip up support for Palestinians and portray Israel as “warmongers”

  • Will Israel do pre-emptive strike on Iranian nukes before November elections?

  • Arab Spring Run Amok: Muslim Brotherhood Begins Crucifixions in Egypt

  • Israel says Egypt is violating peace treaty in the Sinai

  • Egypt Fully Re-arming Sinai: with US Help

  • 65,000 Russian troops on Canadian border, Russian nuclear sub leaves Gulf waters, Russian nukes now positioned on Cuba…what is building up here? WW3?

  • Obama warns Syria Chemical Weapons use may spark US action

  • Russia, China Warn West on unilateral action against Syria after Obama threats

  • Wikileaks and InfoWars under attack: Threatened and surveilled in a HUGE way

  • Julian Assange, founder of Wiki-leaks, granted asylum at Ecuadorian embassy

  • Assange says: The United States must pledge before the world that it will not pursue journalists for shining the light on the secret crimes of the powerful,”

  • Dark curtain of censorship falls: DHS Labels as “Right Wing Terrorism”

  • Economic Collapse is inevitable….here’s why

  • Obama’s 2nd Term plans for the country: new book, “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking plans for the next 4 yrs Exposed”

  • Earth news: enormous sink holes, earthquakes, and unstable earth crust

  • Close in scripture, Psalm 91 and prayer

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I am in their midst.”

Many stay-at-home members use this verse to justify not fellowshipping with a larger organization. On the surface, it seems to support their argument. However, we must look at it in context.

The chapter begins with Jesus teaching about our need for humility (verses 1-5). He uses the analogy of body parts to show the importance of not offending little ones (verses 6-10). He then gives the Parable of the Lost Sheep to show His concern for every sheep (verses 11 – 14). He instructs about how we should deal with offenses among us (verses 15-20). The context of the entire chapter is interpersonal relations and offenses, not church administration. Peter understoodthis,for he immediately asks how often one should forgive a brother (verse 21).

God requires two or three witnesses lest injustice come from one man’s word against another (verse 16; Deuteronomy 19:15). He will honor the decision based on the judgment of two or three along with the accuser. If the offender will not listen to them, the offense should be taken to a larger forum—the church. The very context assumes the existence of a larger group. God prefers, however, that matters be handled privately in a smaller group whom He will be among rather than escalating every personal problem to the attention of the whole church. Notice the instruction: Go to the offender ALONE first, then escalate it only as necessary to solve the problem.

In I Corinthians 5, Paul shows how this works in practical application when a church member was unabashedly committing sexual sins. Notice that Paul had ministerial, hierarchical authority over the Gentile church in Corinth. He even made his judgment of the situation—disfellowship that man!—without being present! Later, upon the man’s repentance,he ordered him restored, and forgave even as they forgave (II Corinthians 2:10). He also legislated what their attitude and approach to a repentant sinner should be!

Did he allow every group of two or three in the congregation to make a judgment? How would God have bound the conflicting judgments that surely would have arisen between the people of varying levels of understanding and maturity in Corinth? The church would have been divided into many small groups had Paul not exercised his authority.

Is that not what we have seen as groups have misapplied Matthew 18:20, lifting it out of context, and justifying their own doctrinal and administrative decisions? This misapplication and twisting of this one scripture automatically repudiates any authority God placed in an ordained ministry and splinters the church. Is that how Paul understood Scripture, or did he constantly defend his own position as an apostle and that of the local ordained ministry to preserve unity?

We are told to judge by the fruits. What are the fruits of two or three people deciding they can make doctrinal and administrative judgments? We need look no further than the dividing and redividing of groups in today’s greater church of God to see that the fruits are not good.

Scattered sheep are just that: scattered and in grave danger. Contrast the dubious idea of Christ giving administrative authority to two or three scattered sheep to the very clear and powerful administrative authority given to Peter as head administrator of the church in Matthew 16:18 (see also John 21:15-17). Compare also Hebrews 5:4 where no man can take the office of high priest to himself. Can any of us decide we are the final word? Can we take any office in the priesthood to ourselves? God compares presumption to witchcraft (I Samuel 15:23).


Excerpted from: For the Perfecting of the Saints

  1. 3 World Wars Planned by Illuminati Alber Pike in 1871! Everything About NWO!

  2. End Times Today Series Lesson 4: How Christ Will Defeat Arabia

  3. Ancient Giants and Cosmic Wars
    (NOTE: This video is 1:52:58 long.)

  4. EndGame HQ full length version
    (NOTE: This video is 2:19:30.)

  5. Underground wonder is evidence of Noah’s flood

  6. The four versions of the skull of John Chrysostom

  7. Two Stone Age figurines uncovered near Jerusalem

  8. Their OWN words tell the story (Shadow Government, The FED, One-World Government)

  9. Bible students forced to speak in tongues

  10. The Human Race Is Dying

On Your Walls O Jerusalem

Frequently Asked Questions by Brad Scott

Christianity and Liberalism

Part 5

Well, I am sure that I could go on and on, so we will conclude this little side step.

Liberals – Blame problems on everyone but themselves

This one was a little more difficult because conservative and so-called moderate thinkers are guilty of this as well. It just seems that liberal thinking is full of whining, and blaming others goes right along with whining. But, let it be understood that when anything goes wrong, the liberals blame the conservatives and vice versa. Moderates, of course, wait around to see where most of the chips fall.

The most obvious ‘blamer’ was our last President and his wife. If I blame someone else, it takes the focus off of me. If I do it long enough, I will have convinced myself of my innocence as well. Mr. Clinton was very good at that. Most of the Clintons’ problems were the fault of a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. Blaming conservative legislation for a bad economy is always quite convincing. Blaming SUV’s for auto deaths and injuries, and the internal combustion engine for the destruction of the planet is quite popular. There has been more than a dozen attempts to blame 9-11 on the Bush administration or even President Bush himself. The down turn of Wall Street was Bush’s fault, as was the collapse of several corporations. The antifreeze in my air conditioner is responsible for the hole in the ozone, not to mention my anti-perspirent and certain antihistamines. Apparantly it is items that begin with ‘anti’ that seems to be the problem. Why is it that liberals see no problem with the ‘antichrist’? High crime is blamed on poverty. Violent teens and school shootings are the result of videos and bullys. The source of sexual promiscuity and lawlessness comes directly from Hollywood. Gunshot deaths are blamed on the guns. When I carelessly dump hot coffee in my lap, it is McDonald’s fault.

I get a mound of newsletters and emails from various Christian organizations every month begging me to contribute to their organization to help stop a variety of abominable practices that the ‘bad people’ are doing. Who are these lawless culprits? They are proponents of the new world order, new age shamans, people who read Harry Potter, Democrats, James Carville, abortion clinics, Martin Scorcese, San Francisco courts, Hillary Clinton, Larry Flynt, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, communism, Ozzy Osbourne, and flag burners. Every week I get a letter pointing at the darkness and warning me that they are dark. The problems in this country are because of the darkness and those who are evil, they proclaim, and we must stand united against it. But darkness will only flee when there is light, and only when the light IS light will the darkness flee. The moral decay of this nation is because the vessels of light have little or no idea what light is. Hey guys, according to all the polls, the Christians outnumber the bad guys by 90 to 1. Perhaps there is too fine of a line between the two.

Liberalism is guided by polls.

Let’s face it, the media is liberalism and liberalism is the media. Every night on the cable networks a poll is taken to see what the people think. Many times, when there is little or no juicy news, the poll results become the leading news item. My favorite polls are the ones in which the masses are asked questions concerning foreign policy, or whether we should go to war or not. Or how about quizzing the populace on their views of Israel and the Palestinians? How about the average citizens opinion on why the stock market is plummeting? The answers to these questions are taken very seriously by liberals and conservatives alike, and are especially important to moderates. Expert consultants are brought in to evaluate the meaning behind these polls. Here is a common poll result taken a few months back. The question was asked, “Who do you think is on the right side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? When the results came in, it was clear that America was behind Israel 41 percent to the Palestinians 28 percent, with 31 percent not sure. Wow! The commentators concluded, America is definitely behind Israel. So, what did this mean to the media? Well, there has obviously been too little positive coverage of the Palestinians!

Now, where do you suppose the idea of reacting to what the people think came from? Who has annual conventions and votes (polls) on doctrinal issues? Who concludes that the message must be right because, after all, look how much our church has grown? Look how many people we have. Who holds back the truth because it may run off the congregation? I know that there are mainline Christian pastors out there that visit this website. Ask yourself a question and answer it honestly. If one day you discovered that you had been following a pagan tradition by celebrating and even preaching sermons concerning Easter and Christmas, would you share that with your congregation? Would you teach them that it is wrong and an abominable practice according to scripture? If you had concluded that YHVH never commanded Sabbath to be exchanged for Sunday worship, how soon would it be before you moved your services to Shabbat? How many people would you have in your next service if you taught the faithful that Torah was for all of God’s people for all times? You would not last a week, because as tradition is, tradition does.

I wanted to take a few weeks and blow off some steam. I know I sound very harsh and unrelenting toward the Christian religion. It is and will continue to be one of the main purposes of this ministry. Preparing the bride for her bridegroom is part of the stated function of Wildbranch. Playing our part in restoring God’s Torah to a Torahless religion is why we exist. The ultimate conundrum is not between liberal and conservative or between Republicans and Democrats. When it is all said and done it will be the difference between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. It is always between righteous and unrighteous, holy and unholy, the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That is really the bottom line. And in the end it will ultimately boil down to those who truly have the Son and those who truly do not.

Hitgalut (Revelation) 12:17
“And the dragon was angry with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Messiah Yahshua.”

  1. Ants Have Their Own Internet – The “Anternet”

  2. Lunar Paradox Problem: Moon Origin In Focus Again!

  3. Mysterious Stonehenge: A Universal Symbol Raised On A Planetary Grid Point

  4. There Is Sugar In That Star! Life Building Blocks Discovered Around A Sun-Like Star

  5. First Planetary System Orbiting Two Suns Found By Kepler

  6. NASA’s ‘Mighty Eagle’ Robotic Prototype Lander Takes Successful 100-Foot Free Flight

  7. Curiosity Transmits First Song From Mars

  8. Never clean your car again

  9. Cyborg tissue is half living cells, half electronics

  10. Astronomers Test Einstein In A New Regime Using Pair of Burnt-Out Stars

  11. Curiosity Sends Interplanetary Voicemail From Mars And Beams Back First Telephoto

  12. Magnificent Photos Of The Milky Way And Night Sky Over Italian Mountains

  13. The “Cavenauts” – Astronauts Exploring The Underworld – It Is Almost Like Entering Another Time Dimension

  14. Amazing snowflake images that you have never seen before

  15. Samsung unveils first new Windows phone

REMEMBER:It is Better to be Divided by TRUTH than United with ERROR.

It is my hope that all receiving this Headline News Brief will have a refreshing and blessed day and coming weekend.

Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister

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