News You May Not Have Heard About — 8/29/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. FCC Launching Huge Internet Tax

  2. DHS Amassing Arms for Secret Forces to be Used Against American Citizens?

  3. Obama Just Lost His Poker Game


  5. SEAL ad rips Obama for bowing to foreign leaders

  6. Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in US by End of 2012

  7. RNC Backup Plan: Just Read Obama’s 2008 Promises from Podium

  8. GOP Elite Fear 1880 Convention Redux with Ron Paul

  9. GOP platform changed to target illegal adult pornography, as well as child porn

  10. Sen. Hatch: US to Be ‘Worse Than Greece’ If Obama Wins Election

  11. Will Obama Keep Power ‘by Any Means Necessary’?

  12. Is McDonald’s stalking children online?

  13. New Video: The Frank Marshall Davis Story You Haven’t Heard – Until Now

  14. Immigration Reform News and Impact on US Homeland Security August 27, 2012

  15. U.S. troops punished for Qur’an-burning

  16. Pamela Geller: The Huffington Post Whitewashes Sharia

  17. The Deliberate Destruction of Education in Tennessee

  18. The American Planning Association and Its “Faulty” Handbook

  19. Washington Opposes Peace

  20. The Rise of the Consciousness Warrior

  21. Police State Spying and the Criminalization of Justice in America

  22. Trans Pac Partnership Goes Further than ACTA in Corp Internet Tyranny

  23. Profiling Huma Abedin’s Defenders

  24. The United States has collapsed economically, socially, politically, legally, constitutionally, and

  25. Ga. Murder Case Uncovers Terror Plot by Soldiers

  26. Women who cried wolf — the illegitimate rape claim behind Roe v Wade

  27. Utah TV station refuses to air homosexual-themed ‘The New Normal’‎

  28. The Truth on 9/11 and the US/NATO War Agenda

  29. Not even Obama can squash ‘The American Spirit’

  30. Sex party held on church altar

  31. Police: Md. teen brought shotgun, vodka to school

  32. Marines testing women in combat jobs

  33. Air Force wants to be able to hack everything

  34. U.S. colleges see opportunity in Brazil

  35. US Army guerrilla faction planned terror, Obama’s assassination

  36. US uses contractors to bypass international humanitarian laws

  37. Democratic National Convention to leave hundreds homeless

  38. Drone University: Classes Starting Soon

  39. Secessionist Movements Grow Across U.S.

  40. AFP PODCAST: The Obama Birth Certificate Investigation, Exploded

  41. Gun ID legislation may trigger exodus of gunmakers Remington, Colt

  1. Pirates kidnap 24 in gunfight off Togo coast

  2. Four more rockets into Southern Israel

  3. Israel/Jordan deny Western pro-Palestinian activists access to deliver aid

  4. Abbas pledges no Jews in Jerusalem

  5. ‘Region becoming increasingly volatile, more Islamist’

  6. Morsi: Egypt will continue to abide by international treaties

  7. Listen up folks: This is Egypt

  8. OBAMA SAYS TALIBAN NO LONGER A FACTOR? Taliban Beheads 17 Afghans over Celebration Music

  9. Sharia in action in Afghanistan: Taliban behead 17 for attending mixed-sex party with music and dancing

  10. Afghan soldier “ally” murders two more U.S. troops

  11. Red Cross halts most Pakistan aid after beheading

  12. Pakistan: Christians flee neighborhood in fear of Muslims, build church in forest

  13. Pakistani Christian boy tortured, mutilated, burnt

  14. Disabled Pakistani girl may face death penalty for allegedly burning Koran

  15. Pakistan clerics urge fairness for ‘blasphemy’ girl

  16. Deadly joy: Pakistani villagers face death for wedding dance

  17. Religious violence claims 52 lives in Nigeria

  18. Sharia in action in Pakistan: Angry Muslim clerics force cancellation of concert

  19. Melkite Greek Catholic archbishop flees Syria after jihadists ransack his offices

  20. Syrian opposition announces roadmap for post-Assad Syria

  21. Syria refugee exodus raises pressure for buffer zone

  22. Syrian army pounds Damascus districts in predawn attack

  23. Prominent Syrian National Council member quits

  24. Spiritual leader of Dagestani Muslims killed in suicide blast

  25. Twelve killed, scores injured by suburban Damascus car bomb (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

  26. Philippines: Muslim preacher misunderstands Islam, arrested for kidnap, torture and murder of Catholic priest

  27. Burma: Two Muslim UN workers imprisoned for their role in jihad attacks against Buddhists

  28. Indonesia: Islamophobes attack group of Shi’ite students and teachers, killing two — no, wait…

  29. Iran forced to backtrack on guided nuclear tour for NAM leaders and Ban

  30. US & Iran build up Sunni-Shiite showdown in Syria

  31. Iran: Hundreds of girls under age 10 married

  32. Did the Muslim Brotherhood invent the term “Islamophobia”?

  33. Dying over the Truth: Murder Inside the Wire

  34. Chinese fluoride chemical factory workers attack German TV crew

  35. James M. Arlandson: Adultery and Fornication In Early Islam

  36. Germany made peace with PLO after 1972 massacre

  37. Italy signed “peace deal” with Islamic terrorists

  38. Costa Concordia Salvage Delayed

  39. France opens inquiry into claims of Arafat poisoning

  40. Daughter of slain dictator runs for president

  41. New Somali parliament speaker elected: official

  42. Libyan interior minister withdraws resignation amid criticism over surge of violence

  43. White Genocide in South Africa

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Florida Dunes May Be Doomed by Isaac

  3. Isaac now hurricane, New Orleans closes floodgates

  4. What Happened to Global Cooling?

  5. Why Everybody’s Going To War in the Middle East

  1. The Government Plot to Nationalize IRA’s & 401k’s continues!

  2. No Way to Avoid Global Financial Collapse, Says Predictive Software

  3. Prediction: The Day of Economic Reckoning is Near

  4. Top analyst Rosenberg: Another little-followed indicator is sending a big warning

  5. Breaking Evidence In Gov’t Fraud Revealed

  6. Feds: Too few ‘turn to government for help’

  7. Prison Industry Stealing U.S. Jobs

  8. Credit Suisse: How to make 10 times your money from Friday’s Federal Reserve speech

  9. Resource guru Sprott: Your best chance to buy gold and silver could be ending soon

  10. DoJ Clears Goldman Sachs in $1.3T Customer Rip-Off

  11. Oil rises as Hurricane Isaac threatens U.S. Gulf Coast

  12. Wall Street ends flat, volume among lightest of year

  13. How crop-touring tweeters fueled a futures rally

  14. Home prices gain again but consumer mood cools

  15. Home prices gain for fifth month in June: S&P

  16. G7 urges higher oil output, warns on reserves

  17. Euro up on ECB hopes; hurricane jitters lift oil

  18. A New Run On The Banks? Spaniards Pulling Cash Out At Record Rates

  19. BofA “Code Red…Risk of Sell Off is High”

  20. Obama’s real legacy – $10 trillion in new federal debt over just four years

  21. It’s not just the U.S. – Food inflation will affect entire globe in 2013

  22. The Federal Reserve Is A Parasitic Wealth Transfer Machine

  23. Yuan tipped to replace U.S. dollar, Euro in southeast Asia

  24. Russia forges ahead with South Stream, signs deal with Bulgaria

  25. Exxon sets world record with the deepest oil well on the Russian shelf

  26. France’s third-largest bank reports profit losses over Greece woes

  27. Algeria to avoid ‘$8.5 billion loss’ after EU trade accord

  28. Oman invites foreign firms to bid for six oil blocks

  29. South Sudan qualifies for IMF zero-rate loans

  30. UAE oil heavyweight teams up with Saudi fuel retailer

  1. The New Disease That’s Twice as Deadly as Polio, and Just as Crippling

  2. In Vaccines We Trust? Vaccine inventor Paul Offit seeks end to religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions

  3. AIDS-Like Disease Mysteriously Appears Where Merck Conducted Vaccine Trials

  4. Eat, Drink And Be Merry Say Heart Doctors And Here’s How To Do It For Health

  5. Herbal Tea Has Rare Ability To Kill Cancer Cells Without Damaging Other Cells

  6. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and Central nervous system and muscle involvement

  7. Dr. Mercola Interviews Ronnie Cummins

  8. Join over one million Californians who have already said: We Have the Right to Know What We Eat

  9. Shock discovery: Bacteria found in public water comes from the treatment filters, not from the water source

  10. Larabar boycott got you down? Make these homemade bars instead

  11. Mushroom found on birch tree holds promise as a potent anti-cancer tonic

  12. Bentonite clay to remove toxic heavy metals, clear diaper rashes, stop stinky feet and more

  13. Get more sleep and significantly lower your risk of stroke and heart disease

  14. The dangers of dairy explained

  15. How they brainwash you in a psych ward

  16. Are you experiencing a healing crisis?

  17. Not just the needles – Tattoo ink is connected to infections

  18. Feds warn of tattoo-ink health risk

  19. Cyborg Update: Living Tissue Grown on Nanowires

  20. Teen pregnancy rate immune to government policies

  21. South Korea high court recognizes unborn’s ‘right to life’

  22. Surrogates and their discontents

  23. President Obama’s extremist record on abortion – and why that truth is so hard to come by

  24. We must stop the RH Bill in the Philippines

  25. China’s “wild east” drug store

  26. Energy drink makers’ claims questioned

  27. People are killing themselves with sugar

  28. How ‘Beige’ Fat Makes The Pounds Melt Away

  29. Tips to Lose Weight that have nothing to do with Food!

  30. Big Sis Begins Releasing Biological Agents Into Boston Subway

  31. AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: USDA Uses Hamsters to Wipe Out Family Farm

Kimberly Rogers and Laura Densmore team up as two “watchers on the wall” to report on the headline news this week as it relates to end of days bible prophesies.

Join us on the wall as we count down to the final 1260 days prior to the return of Messiah Yeshua!

Stories covered in this show:

  • Media Propaganda and Sabotage? Leaked Document Outlines Israel’s “Shock and Awe” Plan to Attack Iran (THIS IS A RED HERRING)

  • Analysis: News stories from “Lamestream” media designed to whip up support for Palestinians and portray Israel as “warmongers”

  • Will Israel do pre-emptive strike on Iranian nukes before November elections?

  • Arab Spring Run Amok: Muslim Brotherhood Begins Crucifixions in Egypt

  • Israel says Egypt is violating peace treaty in the Sinai

  • Egypt Fully Re-arming Sinai: with US Help

  • 65,000 Russian troops on Canadian border, Russian nuclear sub leaves Gulf waters, Russian nukes now positioned on Cuba…what is building up here? WW3?

  • Obama warns Syria Chemical Weapons use may spark US action

  • Russia, China Warn West on unilateral action against Syria after Obama threats

  • Wikileaks and InfoWars under attack: Threatened and surveilled in a HUGE way

  • Julian Assange, founder of Wiki-leaks, granted asylum at Ecuadorian embassy

  • Assange says: The United States must pledge before the world that it will not pursue journalists for shining the light on the secret crimes of the powerful,”

  • Dark curtain of censorship falls: DHS Labels as “Right Wing Terrorism”

  • Economic Collapse is inevitable….here’s why

  • Obama’s 2nd Term plans for the country: new book, “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking plans for the next 4 yrs Exposed”

  • Earth news: enormous sink holes, earthquakes, and unstable earth crust

  • Close in scripture, Psalm 91 and prayer

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustworthiness,”

Good is a very versatile word with many uses in everyday English. It is used as a noun, adjective, and adverb and is the root of the word “goodness.” The common idea in almost all of its uses is that it suggests a desirable quality, something commendable, reliable, welcome, enjoyable, beneficent, kind, noble, admirable, propitious, exemplary, and very much welcome. In the word “goodness,” the inner qualities of virtue, excellence of character, morality, and attitude that we see in a person’s behavior come to the fore.

The Hebrew and Greek uses are similar, but the Hebrew, like the English, has a broader application. The Greek word, agathosune, at first glance seems very similar to chrestotes (“kindness“). However, closer examination of its use in the Scriptures reveals a word indicating zealous activity in doing good. Kindness or gentleness (chrestotes) is more passive.

William Barclay’s Daily Study Bible commentary on Galatians says of these two words:

It [agathosune] is the widest word for goodness; it is defined as “virtue equipped at every point.” What is the difference? Agathosune might, and could, rebuke and discipline; chrestotes can only help. Trench says that Jesus showed agathosune when He cleansed the Temple and drove out those who were making it a bazaar; but He showed chrestotes when He was kind to the sinning woman who anointed His feet. The Christian needs that goodness which at the same time can be kind and strong. (p. 51)

Agathosune is therefore active—even aggressive—goodness. The English word “goodness” includes many pleasing qualities whereas the Greek word indicates one particular quality. It is more than an excellence of character; it is character energized, expressing itself in active good. Agathosune is goodness, but it does not spare sharpness and rebuke to produce good in others. Thus God can correct, sometimes very severely, and it is goodness in action. Thus parents can correct their child, and it is good because it helps produce a responsible adult.

John W. Ritenbaugh

Excerpted from: The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

  1. Bible Places–Numeira

  2. End Times Today Series Lesson 3: Counterfeit Messiah

  3. Masterpiece of Deception
    (NOTE: This video is 51:17 long.)

    (NOTE: This video is 1:46:26 long.)

  5. THE Mysteries of Freemasonry

  6. Jesus warned about modern ‘Christians’

  7. Israel and the Empires of the Near East

  8. Why I am a Christian

  9. The “saint” of the day who lost his bones

  10. God’s Rights, man-made Anti-rights, & why “Safety Nets” are Immoral

  11. The Oppressors’ Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the Oppressed

On Your Walls O Jerusalem

Frequently Asked Questions by Brad Scott

Christianity and Liberalism

Part 4

Once again I feel it necessary to post a disclaimer of sorts before getting to the meat of the matter. For those who are interested, do not know me personally, or who have not bothered to email me, I would like to answer a question I get quite a bit, so we can get on with it. No, I do not believe that Christians are going to hell. I do believe that Christendom, in general, is a major part of Babylon, and that YHVH is calling HIS people out of it. There I said it.

Liberals believe that the common masses need the government because we simply cannot effectively take care of ourselves.

Liberalism is only interested in itself and hides this by appearing to be compassionate, concerned, and giving. Raising taxes and creating government programs is one of the great pillars of liberalism. ‘We care’ is their motto, and they show it by creating and sustaining government give-a-way programs and raising taxes to pay for them. These same taxes are pilfered in order to pay the salaries of those who are creating the government programs. This is another reason why the same problems are never solved and the budgets keep going up year after year. Government programs are not designed to solve anything or to ultimately help anybody. The smoke and mirrors of all this is that they believe ‘we the people’ cannot survive without these programs, and in the midst of our despair, Congress will rescue us with money. Just enough tax dollars to keep the destitute, destitute. The idea is to reproduce this attitude in future generations to keep the system going. The country’s reaction to all this is to go vote for those who are giving us just enough money to keep us from taking care of ourselves. Doing what it takes to keep um comin’ back works pretty good. It is actually a big dependency cycle. Our liberal leaders front the idea that we need them, because they really need us. “Tickle their ears and they will be back” is something the libs know always works.

I believe that the modern Christian church today is interested in herself and proliferating herself. It is my opinion that most evangelical Christians today are only interested in producing more evangelical Christians. Truth has been irrelevant for centuries and any teaching outside of ‘accepted’ doctrine is by definition wrong, simply because it is outside of accepted doctrine. The idea is to teach the masses just enough to keep them coming back. The whole apologetic is designed to defend the doctrine of the Christian church and not to defend the scriptures, much less teach Torah to the people so that they will be prosperous and prolong their days upon the earth. I do not believe that orthodox Christianity has ever been in the business of a genuine search for truth, but rather to teach the congregation how to defend orthodox church teaching from the so-called cults. I continue to marvel to this day, as to how incredibly stupid I have been. I spent a good deal of my life defending an institution and not the truth, and the institution is dependent upon itself to propagate itself. I have found that it is very difficult to get people to break the mold. Which brings me to the next comparison of liberal thinking and Christian thinking.

Liberalism controls the media

It is a statistical fact that 84% of journalists and media types voted democratic and lean heavily to the left. What most Americans understand about the world around us comes from media sources such as the three major networks, cable news, newspapers, and magazines. Most Americans are still reading, and viewing on a daily basis, liberal perspectives on government, social issues, world events, medicine, marriage, crime, the earth, the universe, and the purpose of life in general. This is why it is so difficult to have an intelligent, civic dialogue on creation and evolution, or a real debate on abortion in the general media. Those who hold a creation position or pro-life stand are painted by the media to the masses as being kooks and religious nuts. Any ideas outside of the culturally accepted norms are rarely given a real prime time dialogue. When Bernard Goldberg attempted to expose this sad fact, his ex-cohorts in the media branded him as an anomaly and a deviation. I watched a few debates Mr. Goldberg was allowed to participate in and found myself viewing the same kind of response from his retractors as I have seen in ‘religious’ discussions. No one was really listening to what he was saying, but instead they were formulating their next response. This is how most interchanges go when two different ideas are being exchanged.

Let me take a moment and define a word I use a lot. When I say ‘orthodox’ Christianity, I mean the dictionary (Webster’s) definition of the phrase, which is, and I quote, “conforming to the Christian faith as represented by the creeds of the early church.” Could not have said it better myself. The medium by which virtually all Christian teaching material comes from is controlled by a handful of accepted publishers and two meccas, Dallas, Texas, and Wheaton, Illinois. The majority of Christian seminaries, according to research done by Zola Levitt’s ministry, provide 1 Hebrew class for every 9 Greek classes. The bulk of Christian pastors and teachers being churned out by these institutions have comparatively little knowledge of Hebrew and the Hebrew culture. This is borne out for me personally in our seminars. Many times I am approached and asked what the Jew or the Hebrew background of the scriptures has to do with Christians. Sometimes my answer is ‘you are right, it has nothing to do with you, I was only speaking of the Messiah and those who follow Him.’

The truth is that one can only output what one has inputed. The sea of Christianity can only teach what it has been taught. What it does not understand, it demonizes. I have found that many times I cannot even get to first base with someone before I am called a legalizer or a Judaizer. The instructions of YHVH from the beginning have taught us what is wrong and what is right. Try bringing up a single one of them and you will quickly be called some kind of name. I sense the same frustration with a liberal thinking person in trying to discuss our Creator’s view of homosexuality. I am immediately called a homophobe. Why? Because they will not listen long enough to grasp what you are saying. All they know is that what you are saying is different from what they have been taught. I have made it a habit that when I visit someone or I am invited into their home, I check out their library the first chance I get. What these people think and believe will be sitting on their bookshelves.

  1. Upgrade Your Memory for Better Performance

  2. 7 Reasons to Consider Off-the-Grid Independent Living

  3. Top seven tips on preparing for a natural disaster

  4. Be Prepared: 4 Foods for Your Survival Food Storage

  5. Hurricane Isaac reminds Americans to stay prepared with a ‘Bug Out Bag’ (BOB)

  6. Curiosity Zooms in on Mt. Sharp’s Layers

  7. Natural-Born Musical Prodigy? Maybe

  8. Ice Age Flower Blooms After 32000 Years!

  9. Mysterious Signal Originating From Jupiter Discovered – Changes In Its Intensity Observed

  10. Apple seeks to ban 8 Samsung devices in the US

  11. Pyramids, Egypt & Angels – C2CAM

  12. Egypt – Secrets Found – Ancient “Space-Ports”: “When Men Of Earth Traveled The Stars”

REMEMBER:It is Better to be Divided by TRUTH than United with ERROR.

It is my hope that all receiving this Headline News Brief will have a refreshing and blessed day and coming weekend.

Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister

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