News You May Not Have Heard About — 8/13/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. U.S Banks Told To Prepare For Total Collapse!
    (NOTE: This video is 10:59 long.)

  2. The Great Culling has begun: Will your genetic lineage survive?

  3. America’s Eco-Cities: Sustainable Prisons of the Future

  4. The US Civil War of 2016
    (NOTE: The video titled UOG 2012 Trailer is garbage.)

  5. US Army Tactical Manuals Describe How to Control Domestic Insurrection

  6. Amazon’s Founder Pledges $2.5 Million in Support of Same-Sex Marriage

  7. Expose The Red-vs-Blue Lie !!
    (NOTE: This video is 5:12 long.)

  8. FEMA Faceoff: Truth as an Urban Legend

  9. How The Progressive Left Is Sodomizing The Military

  10. Listen to what Obama’s really planning for America

  11. Obama’s massive 2nd-term industry takeover plans

  12. Look what Democrats accuse GOP of now

  13. obama impeachment
    (NOTE: This video is 7:43 long.)

  14. Did Obama really think he could silence Lt. Col. Terry Lakin?

  15. Notice to the World Delivered to Hague
    (NOTE: This video is 3:49 long. Here is the actual document.)

  16. Oppose Obama’s Lawsuit Against Military Voting Rights

  17. Obama Administration Paves the Way for Sharia Law

  18. Savage: ‘Bhagwan Shree Obama’ leading Democrat cult

  19. Is this how Obama will steal election?

  20. See why Limbaugh’s sweating the 2012 election

  21. Total surveillance police state – NYPD reveals new massive $40 million super computer spy system

  22. Privacy invasion – Police and firefighter drones raise huge concerns

  23. Boeing Demonstrates Drones That Perform Like ‘Swarm Of Insects’

  24. Stop Tax Deductions for Terror

  25. He’s baaack! The Ten Commandments judge

  26. Yes, they can do that in public school

  27. Conservative revolution in Michigan?

  28. City says Christians can’t give water to thirsty

  29. Hidden records ‘one of great cons of all times’

  30. Feds seize family’s guns, money

  31. Is racial violence in America REALLY that bad?

  32. A kick in the pants for every U.S. public school

  33. Cops kill dog, handcuff kids in wrong-house raid

  34. Huma sits with ISNA President at White House Iftar dinner

  35. Romney’s Mormon Church is Masonic Front

  36. Washington’s Anti-Terror Narrative Comes Unglued In Syria

  37. White House says it has ‘eyes’ inside Iranian nuclear program

  38. Would-be second Fort Hood jihad mass murderer gets life in prison, vows to continue his jihad

  39. Dr Sals Warning

  40. White House removes 22,000 sig petition calling for TSA to follow law

  41. NDAA Lawsuit Seeks to Save What’s Left of Constitution

  42. Boy Whose Hot Dog Cart Was Shut Down by City Now Homeless

  43. Man Forced to Work in Prison Sues Under Anti-Slavery Amendment

  44. The Man who should have been listened to in the days after 9/11

  45. Romney names Ryan as running mate

  46. Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood

  47. Cameron McWhirter of the Wall Street Journal whitewashes Murfreesboro mosque, Hamas-linked CAIR

  48. Defy the Supreme Court and Arrest Abortionists

  49. Pastor prosecuted for helping girl escape court-imposed lesbian ‘mother’

  50. Gay activists boycott AMWAY after president donates $500,000 to traditional marriage

  51. Is DHS Preparing an Oklahoma City Style False Flag Before November Elections?

  52. Cops Strip Search Mom, Forcibly Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign

  53. CNN Is Just Making Up Poll Numbers Now

  54. From the W.A.R. (Witness Actual Reality) Room

  1. Islamic Terrorist Group Attacks Sinai

  2. Dozens Of Underwater Drones Deployed To The Waters Of Iran

  3. Iran to trigger first nuke very soon

  4. Iran-Saudi Arabia clash puts Iraq in middle

  5. Iran boosts ability to attach nuclear warheads on missiles

  6. The Gulf State Despots: Ten Facts about Saudi Arabia

  7. U.S. warns Europe to prepare for terrorist attacks by Iranian-backed Hezbollah

  8. UK Sends £5 Million to Listed Terrorists in Syria

  9. Syria’s refugee children cope with trauma of war

  10. Reps From Half the World Meet to Resist Foreign Destabilization in Syria

  11. Genesis of US-Saudi “Al Qaeda Frankenstein” in Syria

  12. 670 million Muslims expect THIS soon, not Jesus

  13. North Korea Could Test Nukes in Two Weeks

  14. Israel Fears New Generation Of Jihadists On Its Borders

  15. Report: IDF operates in Sinai against infiltrators

  16. IDF deploys Iron Dome battery near Safed

  17. Muslim fifth column of arsonists threaten West Jerusalem

  18. Tanzania is United with Israel!

  19. Talk of Iran strike dominates Israeli press
    (NOTE: The video titled UOG 2012 Trailer is garbage.)

  20. Russian warships hold drills in Mediterranean
    (NOTE: The video titled UOG 2012 Trailer is garbage.)

  21. Jordanian army destroys two Syrian border outposts
    (NOTE: The video titled UOG 2012 Trailer is garbage.)

  22. “Orwellian Ramifications” Begin to Unfold in Syria

  23. France, the UK to conduct war games off Syria
    (NOTE: The video titled UOG 2012 Trailer is garbage.)

  24. US, Turkey weigh no-fly zone for Syria

  25. Do you know the inside story of Saddam’s capture?

  26. Germany exporting arms, not soldiers

  27. India working on sub-based missiles

  28. India to launch its first home-built nuclear submarine, escalating an arms race with Pakistan and China

  29. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president fires Military leader

  30. Twitter paedos exposed: Vile perverts using social networking site to find victims and trade intelligence

  31. High Ranking Cartel Member Says Operation Fast And Furious Was Meant To Supply Guns To The Sinaloa Cartel

  32. Pakistan Hindus facing vicious persecution from Muslims

  33. Again: Afghan jihadist working on military base murders three U.S. marines

  34. Italy: Muslim severely beats daughter in mall for refusing veil

  35. Al-Qaeda-linked Muslim cleric says Muslims should kill Alawites everywhere, without mercy

  36. India: Muslims riot, torch police vehicles, stone buses over attacks on Muslims in Myanmar

  37. Tunisia: Ruling Islamic supremacist party files bill to criminalize blasphemy

  38. Japan Physicist: millions will need to be evacuated from Fukushima fallout

  39. Over-crowded bus veers off the road into a gorge in northern India- 52 dead, scores injured – heavy rainfall mentioned

  40. The patron saint of Paris carried his head six miles

  41. The rib of Saint Bernard who got milk in his eye

  42. Chaos as protest shuts N2

  43. Iran’s nuclear program designed to ‘finish off’ Israel, Hezbollah MP says

  44. As austerity measures bite, more babies are abandoned across Europe: in 2 years it could be epidemic warns politician

  45. NATO’s Fleet Comes To Syria

  46. Vietnam, U.S. begin historic Agent Orange cleanup

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. UPDATE: Huge Stripe On The Sun – Is Earth In Serious Danger?

  3. 4 dead and 2.1 million evacuated as Typhoon Haikui slams into China

  4. US Drought Impacts Global Food Security

  5. More Rising Food Prices? Grocery Bills to Skyrocket as Drought Crushes Crops

  6. Disease alert as Philippines flood toll jumps to 89

  7. The blood red lake beauty spot which is startling tourists in southern France

  8. Greenland ice more resistant to climate change than feared, study shows

  9. 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes remote region of China: fourth major quake to rattle the planet in 3 days

  10. 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Iran
    (NOTE: The video titled UOG 2012 Trailer is garbage.)

  11. Twin 6.3 and 6.4 earthquakes strike northwestern Iran

  12. 87 dead and hundreds injured after two quakes strike Iran – State TV
    (NOTE: The video titled UOG 2012 Trailer is garbage.)

  13. Iran earthquakes kill at least 180, injure 1,300Iran earthquakes kill at least 180, injure 1,300

  14. The new environmentalism: where men act ‘as gods’ to save the planet

  15. Lightning strike kills 13 and wounds 20 in Bangladesh

  16. Bigger eruption simmering? Magma bubbles higher in New Zealand’s Tongariro volcano

  17. Lightning seen around erupting New Zealand’s White Island volcano

  18. Giant mass of floating pumice indicates third volcanic eruption near New Zealand

  19. A discussion of geological and climatic changes to the planet

  20. Increased unrest and seismic activity reported at Iceland’s massive Askja volcano

  21. 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Aleutian Islands region of Alaska

  22. Death toll in Mexico from storm Ernesto rises to six

  23. Unusual Summer cylonic storm blasts the Arctic

  1. Wanted: How to prevent future U.S. financial collapse

  2. Gauss Virus Targets Banking System May Cause US Financial Collapse

  3. FTC Hits Google With $22.5 Million Fine Over Safari Tracking

  4. Treasury’s Secretive $2.4 Trillion Fund Guarantee

  5. Bankster Fraud Has Driven 100 Million Into Poverty, Killing Many

  6. European bankers and top politicians fear a collapse of the Euro

  7. Euro founder admits some nations may be forced to leave

  8. 11 Things That Can Happen When Your Country Is Enslaved By Bankers

  9. Stuxnet-Linked Cyber Weapon Hits Lebanon Banks

  10. Morgan Stanley Gets Off Easy

  11. Morgan Stanley Is Replacing Some Of Its High Paid Traders With Computers

  12. Goldman Sachs Programmer Back in Court on New Charges

  13. Cato: Taxpayers Billed $100 Billion For Corporate Welfare in 2012

  1. Obamacare Mandate: Sterilize 15-Year-Old Girls for Free–Without Parental Consent

  2. Big Pharma and Collaborators Push to Ban Homeopathy

  3. 9 Tips for Food Safety When the Grid Goes Down

  4. Dallas County declares state of emergency due to West Nile

  5. Doctor in the upper house

  6. Parental considerations for eliminating infant and childhood obesity

  7. Stock up on nutritious food savings NOW, before drought-induced food inflation hits

  8. Get Fresher, Safer Food by Doing Just One Thing

  9. Why Do So Many Domestic Cats Have Chronic Kidney Failure?

  10. Wastes Away Your Muscles: If You’re Over 45, Odds are 1 in 4 You Take This Disastrous Substance

  11. Does Low Income Mean More Medications?

  12. The Reason Why You Probably Feel Hungry All the Time (Even After Eating)

  13. Six Great Gadgets to Improve Your Workouts

  14. Tell the EPA: Stop stalling. Save the Bees!

  15. Coconut Oil Rub for Stiff Muscles

  16. Gonorrhea Strain Resistant To Almost All Antibiotics

  17. USDA conspires with factory chicken producers to reduce inspections, speed factory output

  18. Bananas aren’t just for monkeys – Discover 25 powerful reasons to eat (organic) bananas

  19. 10 health benefits of cucumbers

  20. Drug scarcity hits Medicaid as states limit spending

  21. High-dose vitamin D needed to prevent bone fractures

  22. Boost vigor and mental well-being by harmonizing copper levels in the body

  23. Health Ranger interviews Laura Pressley about water fluoridation

  24. Believe it or not, coffee enemas are very beneficial

  25. Big Pharma driving kids to heroin

  26. Healing Naturally: Nutritional therapy (opinion)

  27. Lost 100 Pounds On A Raw Food Diet

  28. The Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil SCANDAL

  29. GMO Tomatoes: Good-looking Poison

  30. Drug War Attacking Another Beneficial Plant: Kratom

  31. Indonesia reports the 9th death from H5N1 bird flu

  32. Water: Sacred And Mysterious Life Substance

  33. Neo-Humanity: Transhumanism Will Merge Man With Machine

  34. Government report links thimerosal laden vaccines to neurological disorders

Kimberly Rogers and Laura Densmore team up as two “watchers on the wall” to report on the headline news this week as it relates to end of days bible prophesies.

Join us on the wall as we count down to the final 1260 days prior to the return of Messiah Yeshua!

Stories covered in this show:

  • IDF Foils Assault on Southern Border After Terrorists kill 16 Egyptian Soldiers

  • Analysis by Kimberly: Was this a false flag event to bring Egyptian military troops into the Sinai?

  • Egyptian president sacks Intelligence Chief in Shake-up after Sunday’s Border Attack

  • Syrian prime minister defects to Jordan

  • The Not-So-Mighty Mississippi: How the River’s Low Water Levels Are Impacting the Economy

  • Drought in the Bread Basket: The Perfect Storm Against Freedom

  • Why in the World are they spraying? (trailer for documentary on Chemtrails)

  • What in the World are they spraying? (90 minute YouTube documentary on Chemtrails)

  • Former CIA Army General William Boykin: Martial Law Expected & “Warranted”

  • DHS and US Military Making Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law

  • Military activity/movements being sighted all over the country (in rural areas also!)

  • Wrap up and close in prayer; Jeremiah 50: 4-8

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Romans 5:12 For this reason, even as through one man sin did enter into the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned”

When Adam and Eve sinned, God judged them. Since they were the father and mother of all of mankind, and they were the only representatives of mankind at the time, all of mankind figuratively sinned in Adam and Eve. God’s judgment was correct, because given the chance, every human has sinned.

What then happened to Adam and Eve? They were ushered out of the Garden, and God put a cherubim at its entrance to guard the Garden and the Tree of Life so that nobody could get back to where God created mankind. This is why at times the Bible bids people to return to God when they had never seemingly turned away from Him. Yet, all of mankind did turn away from God in Adam and Eve, and He invites us to return to the place, symbolically, where everything started, back to the environs He occupies, where the Tree of Life is.

The relationship with God is everything to our salvation. Without what Christ did in dying for our sins, we would not be in the position to have one with Him. Christ’s payment of our sins opens up the way for a relationship to be built and for us to grow in the Holy Spirit, because now we have access to the Tree of Life in a relationship with God.

John W. Ritenbaugh

Excerpted from: The Holy Spirit and the Trinity (Part 7)

  1. Bible Places–Aqaba

  2. Why Does the Bible Mention Unicorns?
    (NOTE: This video is 8:09 long.)

  3. YaHuWaH Elohiym is One Essence & Substance With His Son

  4. Rejoice! Hands

  5. Oldest Church In Iraq Uncovered

  6. Faith and High Office: Do the Religious Beliefs of US Presidents Matter?

  7. Is Liberal Christianity Worth Saving?

  8. Atheism on the Rise in Asian and European Nations, Poll Finds

  9. WWIII: Great commodities war to end all wars

  10. Does Isaiah predict Syria’s imminent doom?

  11. Lost Egyptian Pyramids Found

Kumi Ori with Lyrics Messianic Batya Segal

Frequently Asked Questions by Brad Scott

What the Scriptures say about Beards

I remember in the early 70’s watching the last broadcasts of the Ed Sullivan Show. One of the last guests was George Carlin, and I still remember him walking out on the stage and beginning his routine with a warning, ‘Don’t be scared, it’s just a beard’. I really don’t know why I laughed, but he made it sound funny. One of the most demonstrative aspects of the Messianic movement is the presence of a lot of men with beards. Long beards, short beards, gray beards, heavy beards, thin beards, well groomed beards, and not so well groomed beards, but none the less, beards. The natural question soon arises: Does God command that men have beards, and if so, must we not cut them, shave them, trim them, or otherwise harm them in any way? What do the scriptures teach about beards?

I, like most Bible teachers in this ‘messy’ movement, have a myriad of Rabbinical commentaries, in which most deal with this particular subject. May I begin by stating that it is hard to find two that really agree. The Hebrew word for beard is zaqan. The Hebrew word for old, as in people, is zaqen. Not much of a difference as you can see. This is because in the colorful, living, breathing language of Hebrew, a beard is a sign of age and maturity. It’s etymological root means someone who has the experience. This word appears 20 times as beard or beards, but is probably implied much more than that when we see the word ‘old’ as it applies to people. This is because Hebrew has several words for old, only one applies to people. Though the context of its use usually implies the hair on a man’s face, the actual meaning of the word can speak of places where the hair grows other than the head. I will not take that any further. Actual commands concerning the beard, are only found in two places.

Vayikra (Leviticus) 19:27
“Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.”

Vayikra 21:5
“They shall not make baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard, nor make any cuttings in their flesh.”

Beards are one of those subjects in which I find myself standing between the strict precepts of scripture and nature itself. Let me explain. On the one hand, the commandments of God seem to clearly teach us what not to do with a beard. I see no commands to wear a beard. On the other hand, nature itself teaches us that a man’s beard is the outward demonstration of his maleness, i.e., that which separates him from the female. (For the sake of time I am not going to address those who make their living in the circus.) It is an open expression of experience and maturity, especially a beard that is gray and aging. One would be hard pressed to find a faithful male in the scriptures that did not have a beard. Beards were a common expression of maleness in the Israelite communities. This brings me to my exegesis of the two commandments concerning beards. The word translated ’round’ in Vayikra 19:27 is the Hebrew word naqaph. This word means to chop off, to strike, and literally means to surround and destroy. It is also found in Iyov 19:26, for example:

“And though after my skin worms DESTROY this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:”

The word ‘mar’ in the Hebrew is the word shachat. I have referred to this word many times in my teachings. This word means to destroy or corrupt. In our first text, this command seems to refer to a well known custom of mourning, especially in the nations that surrounded the encamped Israelites. The custom of tearing out the hair of one’s head and beard during a time of mourning was a well known custom. God seems to be saying that He does not want the followers of the God of Israel destroying, marring, or corrupting one of the God ordained representations of maleness. In one of those rabbinical commentaries I told you of earlier we read:

Etz Hayim commentary on Vayikra 19:27-28:
“Tearing out the hair of one’s beard, as well as of the head, was a custom associated with mourning over the dead … Pagan priests gashed themselves as they called upon their gods to answer their prayers.”

The other command just 2 chapters later seems to anticipate local religious activity as well. Shaving off the hair upon the head or beard is also understood to be a pagan, religious act as well as tearing at the beard. The English word shaving off is from the Hebrew galach. This word means to uncover or leave unprotected. It happens to be a cognate to the word galut, which is the word used to express the diaspora. Both words mean out in the open, unprotected. This is the result of the scattering of the house of Israel throughout the nations. As long as they are scattered and have still not returned to their God, they are not protected as God’s cultivated (natural) tree. The shaving of the head and facial hair was a common Egpytian cultic expression. The next opportunity you have, take a good look at ancient Egyptian art and pictographs. You can hardly tell the difference between the men and women.

There are many rabbinical commentaries in which there is seen a considerable difference between shaving ones beard and trimming or cutting the beard with scissors. However, I see that as splitting hairs. It is my opinion that God’s commands concerning our appearance is for the express purpose of making a clear distinction in our society between the genders. I also believe the Rav Sha’ul addresses the Corinthians about that very thing. The scriptures do not command a man to wear a beard, however, they are instructional concerning those who do express their gender with a beard. Do not treat your beard and the hair on your head in the same manner as the nations around you. I do not believe that we should feel compelled to follow the modern customs and fashions in our culture. I do not believe that God is interested in the latest fashions of the MTV crowd, what our favorite athletes are sporting, or what Tom Cruise looks like this week. There are many faithful men who, for whatever reason, do not wear a beard. I personally feel that it is irresponsible and absurd for a man of God to place his family in financial jeopardy because he cannot find a job that lets him wear a full beard. There is a weightier matter in many circumstances. The bottom line is simply this, if you do not wear a beard you are not disobeying Torah. If you do wear a beard, keep in mind that it is an expression of your maleness and godly function, and not an expression of the latest fashion. I would like to conclude this short treatise on beards with a quote from one of my favorite Jewish authors.

“God has divided the sexes, giving each specific tasks in the fulfilment of life. Both tasks, if fulfilled in purity, are equally sublime, equally holy. He also divided them in their external appearance, in order that moral purity should be upheld. And you should also preserve the different outward appearance of the sexes, as willed by God. The woman should appear as woman, the man as man.”

Horeb by Samson Raphael Hirsch

It is really as simple as that.

  1. Amazon Cloud Player – Your Music Everywhere

  2. Inflatable seat belts may protect passengers

  3. Archaeologists use Google Earth to find possible pyramids

  4. a camera that takes 1 trillion frames per second

  5. Flying Lasers Reveal Buried Historical Structures

  6. Google extends online search to email boxes

  7. Google’s Opaque New Policy Lets Rightsholders Dictate Search Results

  8. Stargazers Get Ready For The Perseid Meteor Shower!

  9. There Is Dark Matter Near The Sun – Astronomers Confirm Their Discovery

  10. Doomed Moons Of Uranus – Cupid And Belinda Are On Collision Course

  11. A Milestone Towards Future Satellite-Based Quantum Teleportation Achieved But Race Still Continues!

  12. Perseid meteor shower coincides with minor planetary alignment

  13. Armageddon Chic: luxury escapes for the End of the World

  14. Former UFO Debunker And Ex. Military Officer Goes Public Stating That Two Alien Craft Crashed At Roswell

REMEMBER:It is Better to be Divided by TRUTH than United with ERROR.

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Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister

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