News You May Not Have Heard About — 8/9/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. Globalists Gutting America Head for the New World Hills

  2. Big vote for Amendment 2 delights MBC

  3. Illegal Aliens CAN Vote, Military CAN’T

  4. Obama’s ‘Dream Act’ amnesty fee: $465

  5. RFID Chip Implant For All Americans? – Rumors and Facts

  6. More Schools To Implement Biometric Tracking Of Students

  7. Obama administration footprints all over denial of pension benefits to non-union Delphi employees

  8. Obama administration: Trust us on detention

  9. Immigration Reform News and Impact on US Homeland Security August 7, 2012

  10. Senate Anti-Leaks Bill Threatens the Rights of the Press and the Public

  11. Trump: Obama Has Spent Millions To Keep His Records Sealed In Court

  12. Filmmaker reveals ‘deeply disturbing’ Obama background

  13. Obama SuperPac Releases One of the Most Ugly, Misleading Ads in Campaign History

  14. Accused Batman shooter was seeing ex-Air Force psychiatrist before massacre

  15. Immigrants in the United States: Profile of America’s Foreign-Born Populatio

  16. The Utter Desperation of Global Warming Liars

  17. The History of MPAC

  18. Blackwater admits to facts behind 17 federal charges

  19. Sikh Massacre: “One Of The First Cops On The Scene Told The Mayor To Prepare For A Mass Shooting WEEKS AGO”

  20. AFP: US temple shooter was psy-ops specialist

  21. Another False Flag Shooting to Take Away Our Guns

  22. Newark TSA allows woman who tested positive for explosive residue to board flight to Cleveland

  23. Romney’s silence on Chick-fil-A may cause voters to ‘simply stay at home,’ Donohue warns

  24. Romney: The Boy Scouts should admit homosexuals

  25. Petraeus as Romney’s VP? Here’s what you DON’T know

  26. Climate Change: Is the Carbon Tax the Death of Democracy?

  27. Das Papieren, Bitte! – “The Papers Please!” – It’s too late to get out

  28. Drones tested as tools for police and firefighters

  29. Contempt for the Media

  30. Crisis in America and the Self Esteem Movement

  31. Military To Use “Full Force Against American Citizens” – Army Colonel: “Crush Tea Party Insurgency”

  32. Census Seeks Changes in How it Measures Race

  33. White House: Obama Opposes Boy Scouts’ Ban on Gays

  34. Conservatives Are Saying This Could Have Been The Moment Mitt Romney Lost The Election

  35. Allen Eagle Stadium, New $60 Million High School Football Venue, Debuts In Dallas Suburb
    (NOTE: This is the town I live in.)

  36. United States Federal Reserve Police

  37. They Say they Want our Guns, Let us Give them their Answer

  38. Court gives government the go-ahead for warrantless wiretaps

  1. Muslim Brotherhood spokesman: “America will be brought to its knees”

  2. Chinese counterfeiters churn out fake U.S. IDs

  3. Taliban welcomes jihadi Afghan soldier who murdered U.S. troops

  4. Iran threatens U.S. over Syria abductions

  5. Iran’s Axis of Terror Draws Closer

  6. Iran to go offline to protect state systems from computer viruses

  7. Israeli intelligence cracks massive Hezbollah bomb plot

  8. PM Predicts 5 Events If Iran Goes Nuclear

  9. Battle For Jerusalem: Secular Vs Religious

  10. Egypt launches counterterrorism offensive in Sinai; 20 said killed

  11. Egypt fires missiles against suspected militants in Sinai

  12. Boeremag defendants: leftovers of apartheid or freedom fighters?

  13. A Map to the Muslim Middle East

  14. Lieberman: No progress in peace talks as long as Abbas heads PA

  15. Massacres in Aleppo by Western-armed “Free Syrian Army”

  16. Boeremag defendants: leftovers of apartheid or freedom fighters?

  17. Pakistan: Muslim father axes his wife and daughters to death in honor killing

  18. Chechnya: Misunderstanders of Islam murder four with two jihad-martyrdom suicide bombs

  19. Syria: Armed Muslims attack Christian monastery, stealing “everything they could steal”

  20. Syria reportedly captures foreign military officers, UN chief won’t condemn kidnapping of Iranians

  21. Syrian troops push rebels back in Aleppo attack

  22. Iranian News Reports Child Hanged by Syrian ‘Rebels’

  23. Sweden: Muslim says calling women “whores” and throwing meat at them is normal male behavior

  24. Afghanistan: Jihadis murder police chief with donkey bomb

  25. Nigeria: Muslims storm church during worship service, murder at least 19 Christians

  26. Decapitated body of “James” adored in Spain

  27. Roman Catholic of the day

  28. Standard Chartered was a servant of the Ayatollah

  29. Is This the Start of Radical Islam’s Takeover of Ethiopia?

  30. Yemeni soldiers’ mutiny to defy restructuring

  31. More than 650,000 people affected in Sudan war zone: U.N.

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Los Angeles rattled by two 4.5 quakes within 10 hours

  3. 3 new lakes formed by Mt Tongariro’s eruption

  4. Ernesto becomes hurricane, warnings issued: cyclonic activity heats up in world’s oceans

  5. Playing with fire: EGS wants to drill a multitude of holes across America by a process called ‘hydroshearing’

  6. Monsoon Rains Swamp Manila; Aid Rushed to 850,000 Affected

  7. India: Thousands of fish dead in Srinagar’s Nigeen Lake

  8. U.S. suffers through hottest July since records were kept in 1895

  1. Audit the Fed Threatens the Secrecy of the Federal Reserve Bank

  2. Euro crisis update: Why September could be a month for the record books

  3. Why U.S. Treasurys could be headed lower immediately

  4. Don’t buy another stock until you see this chart

  5. The top three “dividend traps” to avoid

  6. Five big reasons individual investors are dumping stocks… And what it means for you

  7. France: Hollande Wants 75 Percent Tax on Income Over $1.24 Million Per Year

  8. France to slide into recession says central bank

  9. British bank schemed with Iran to launder $250 billion, leaving U.S. financial system vulnerable to jihadists

  10. Issa exposes Obama’s ‘green jobs’ scam

  11. HP braces for huge loss after $8 billion EDS writedown

  12. Planned expat fee talk of Cayman tax haven

  13. S&P 500 barely extends rally to day four

  14. China firm seeks major stake in U.S. battery company

  15. Is the US attack on British banks about stopping violations?

  16. Viagra-maker Pfizer fined $60mn for bribing overseas doctors

  17. US citizens: Pay attention to this

  18. Two Reports Paint Stark Picture of Welfare in US

  19. US Treasury Tells UK It Is Probing Standard Chartered

  20. Must-read: The government’s solar boondoggles are doing REAL damage to our economy

  1. Google complies with FDA demands to secretly disable Adwords accounts of nutritional detox companies

  2. Seven “toxic” items you’d be wise to remove from your diet immediately

  3. School Forces Pregnancy Tests on Girls, Kicks out Students Who Refuse or are Pregnant

  4. Barbaric Practice May be Eliminated in Europe (But Widely Available in the US)

  5. Complaints of respiratory ailments pour in following SF Bay refinery fire

  6. Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It

  7. City Officials Are Waging a War on Gardens

  8. Obama Circumvents NC Lawmakers to Fund Abortion

  9. Ultimatum: new video compares abortion holocaust with 9/11 (warning: graphic)

  10. Big Pharma shifting from deadly chemical drugs to bioelectric implants

  11. There is ‘no safe dose of radiation’ from TSA naked body scanners

  12. Scientists warn that tight, trendy jeans cause ‘testicular torsion’ (twisted balls)

  13. Antioxidant cocktail slashes pancreatic cancer risk by up to two thirds

  14. The corn, soy, and beets are on fire… let the GMOs burn!

  15. Medical researchers suggest that garlic may prevent the common cold

  16. The Olympic Spiritual Nutrition Diet: 4 Levels of Training

  17. Programming RNA: The Future of Medicine – Carolyn Dean MD ND

  18. New study establishes a link between magnetic field exposures and obesity

  19. Use diet to prevent postpartum depression

  20. Research proves stress really does shorten your life span by damaging DNA

  21. Adrenal fatigue and the road to ruin

  22. GAO: Tax cheats get millions in Medicaid money

  23. Study: Fish are getting skin cancer

  24. AIDS used as reason to legalize prostitutes

  25. National disaster: Millions of children prescribed antipsychotic drugs they don’t need

  26. Kids’ cholesterol down; fewer trans fats cited

  27. J&J, Pfizer to drop intravenous Alzheimer’s drug

  28. WHO official: Ebola under control in Uganda

  29. Sepsis: The Leading Killer No One Talks About


Shalom Family,

It saddens my heart to learn that a sister in Yeshua, Linda Brown, whom I know, love and honor has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver failure. What this means is her time with us is short. She is a blessing to many people and has touched many lives. She will be missed.

I have heard reports that she is in and out of comas. She has good moments and not so good moments. She is in a lot of pain from the reports I have received and is on morphine. She is currently in a hospital and they are looking to more her to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Sherman Texas. This may change.

I am asking all my brothers and sisters in Yeshua/Jesus to lift the whole family up in prayer at this time. This is a very difficult time for the family and friends.

I have included her picture with her husband Frank Brown for your convenience.

May Almighty Yahweh be with the Brown family and embrace the whole family at this time. May You Abba Yah give all of them strength for the days ahead. Help them to make the right decisions as they will be difficult. We ask these things in our soon coming King and Kinsman Redeemer’s Name—Yeshua, Amein!


Kimberly Rogers and Laura Densmore team up as two “watchers on the wall” to report on the headline news this week as it relates to end of days bible prophesies.

Join us on the wall as we count down to the final 1260 days prior to the return of Messiah Yeshua!

Stories covered in this show:

  • Iranians Should Be Very Fearful for the Next 12 weeks says ex Mossad Chief: Israeli Threats Credible and Serious

  • IDF chief on Iran: All options on the table

  • Iranian Ayatollah: “War Within Weeks”

  • Barak: Nuclear Iran Far More Dangerous than Pre-emptive Israeli Strike

  • Report: US sees Israeli strike on Iran in October

  • Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels

  • Secret Turkish clandestine nerve center leads aid to Syria rebels

  • 270,000 Flee Aleppo As Battle Rages on

  • US Drought goes on: Corn Crops Withering: Discussion and speculations

  • No Chemtrails in sight in the “breadbasket” of US: could this be a “manipulated” drought?

  • Blueprint for Dismantling ObamaCare

  • Congress Setting Priorities for Defunding ObamaCare

  • DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as Obama Poised to Destroy 2nd Amendment

  • Death From Above: Navy Drone Logo Features Grim Reaper

  • Wrap up and prayer: Psalm 86

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the reign of Elohim (Mighty One/God), and His righteousness, and all these matters shall be added to you.”

What do we actually do to “seek first the Kingdom of God“? How do we in our daily actions put God first? How do we take Christ’s abstract statement and turn it into concrete steps that we can employ in our lives? One answer is Luke 21:36. Seeking God—is the solution to all our problems. Luke 21:36 gives us the first step in implementing that solution—praying always. This is a foundation on which to build eternal life.

By being in conscious and constant communication, we are acknowledging God. We are bringing Him into the picture, obeying Matthew 6:33 by seeking Him first. When we do that, we create the opportunity to put some interesting dynamics into action that will facilitate overcoming.

Could we have any better companion than God? With no other could we possibly find better fellowship. God designed prayer to be an act by a free-moral agent who consciously chooses to be with Him to develop their relationship. When we pray, we acknowledge that we are in the presence of God, giving Him the opportunity to rub off on us, like iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17).

When person A rubs off on person B, it implies that B becomes a little more like A—he begins to take on the other’s characteristics. The same holds true with the relationship between God and us. Who has the easier time dealing with temptation—God or us? Of course, God does (James 1:13)! It follows, then, that if the more God rubs off on us, the more we become like Him—the more successful our battle against temptation becomes. The more God rubs off on us, the more the battle becomes God’s, not ours.

To have the right kind of fellowship and relationship with God, we have to be aware of the reality that we are always in His presence; He is “a God near at hand” (Jeremiah 23:23). Because God has promised never to leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5), and since we are the Temple where His Spirit dwells (I Corinthians 3:16), God is constantly with us. For His children, the question is never whether He is present, but whether we acknowledge His presence. Praying always accomplishes this.

If being in the presence of a friend of fine character improves us on a human level (Proverbs 13:20), how much more true is this when we are in the presence of God Himself, the very definition of character and wisdom? That is how He can rub off on us: We are with Him, in His fellowship, in His presence, through prayer. When it comes to His children, He is never way off somewhere, if we would but acknowledge this fact.

God designed human beings to adapt to their environment. Before conversion, this world and its influences were molding us into an anti-God form. Acknowledging God’s presence is the antidote that counteracts the influence under which we have lived since birth.

God’s calling is an invitation to fellowship with Him, and getting to know Him is our salvation (John 17:3). If this is so, then the means—prayer—is a vital part of the foundation on which we need to build. That is the message of Luke 21:36. Praying always leads to overcoming, and both will lead to an escape from God’s wrath and fellowship with Christ on into God’s Kingdom.

Notice another illustration of the power of presence. What happens to us when we are around people who are pessimistic, angry, fearful, whining? Compare that to our reaction when around those who are positive and enthusiastic, facing life with gentle humor, determination, and energy. The former can quickly drain and depress us, while the latter can energize and enthuse us. In these situations, a literal transference of a spiritual attitude takes place. However, as we increase our physical distance from either of these examples, their power to influence erodes.

What happens on the human plane is no different from what happens spiritually. The spirit—good or bad—of people radiates out from them. It can affect, even change our spirit. Likewise, Satan’s spirit permeates our environment, influencing us unless we choose to counteract it.

That choice is praying at every opportunity, willingly submitting ourselves to the persuasion of the most positive, righteous, and unchanging attitudes that exist in the entire universe! This is why after prayer, after spending time in the presence of God, people can feel peace, joy, or confidence. On the other hand, they can also feel humbled and chastened because God has led them to remorse and repentance. Prayer changes things—us.

Pat Higgins

Excerpted from: Praying Always (Part Four)

  1. Bible Places–Ziklag

  2. Two Conditions of the Human Heart Seen in Ephrayim & YaHuW’dah

  3. The Lost Sites of Ancient Cilicia

  4. Yeshiva University Project Shines a Colorful Digital Light on the Arch of Titus

  5. Unrolling Fragile Dead Sea Scrolls

  6. 3 World Wars Planned by Illuminati Alber Pike in 1871! Everything About NWO!

  7. The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled

  8. CBS Holocaust Part 1
    (NOTE: This video is 9:52 long.)

  9. CBS Holocaust Part 2
    (NOTE: This video is 2:59 long.)

  10. Louie Giglio – If The Earth Were A Golfball
    (NOTE: This video is 9:50 long.)

  11. America: Christian or Post-Christian?

  12. Define Christianity as Hate – The New Homosexual Agenda

  13. Norwegian Official Calls for Ban on Circumcision

  14. Killed by Lightning, Then Resurrected

From the Rising to the Setting
Michael Ben David on Maui Pslams 113

Frequently Asked Questions by Brad Scott

What is the New Birth? Part 3

Y’shua’s (Yeshua/Jesus) response to the remarks of Nicodemus is cut and dry in my opinion. He is in effect saying that Nicodemus cannot understand or comprehend the kingdom of the Father unless he has the seed of the Father in him. All of the fruit of the seed is in the seed. This seed is defined throughout all scripture from it’s seminal beginning in B’reshiyt (Genesis) 1:1 as the Word of God, which is revealed in the parable of the sower in Mattityahu (Matthew) 13:1-23, and clearly presented to us in the Lukan (Luke) version of this parable.

Luke 8:11
“Now the parable is this: The SEED is the Word of God”

All those who wrote, expressed, and testified of the words of God from the beginning are a testimony of the history of this seed. The seed of the woman has followed and preceeded faith from the beginning, and so it is quite contextual for Y’shua to use the ancient pattern of this seed to explain the fundamental truth of reconciliation back to God. The ‘birth from above’ can only be thoroughly understood in its context with this seed. This seed is not only an agrarian concept, but also a biological one as well. The English word ‘seed’ is taken from the Latin word ‘semen’. Enough said. When a woman conceives a child it is said that she has received seed. Y’shua uses this illustration in describing the fulfillment of Hoshea chapter one, which is in Yochanan (John) chapter one.

Hoshea 1:10
“Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured nor numbered; and it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people, there it shall be said unto them, Ye are the sons of the living God.”

Yochanan (John) 1:10-13
“He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. 11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not. 12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

Obviously there is a direct connection between the SONS of God and a birth. What Y’shua (Yeshua/Jesus) will teach us here is that the birth He is referring to is not an earthly birth but rather a birth from above that begins with a seed, as all births do. This seed from above is the Word of God that Yochanan clearly established in the first 14 verses of his gospel is from the very beginning. It is this birth that produces the fruit that God is looking for. The fruit of obedience has inside of it a seed. When HIS fruit is produced, then HIS seed is received, for it is always in the fruit. Galatians 3:16 clearly reveals that there is only one seed, the Messiah, and Messiah, according to Yochanan’s first chapter, is from the beginning, from everlasting. If there is only one true seed, from the beginning, then only the fruit THAT seed produces can have another true seed in it. If two kinds of fruit are being produced, then there are two seeds. The ‘birth from above’ can only be the eternal Word of God, and so it can only produce the eternal Word of God.

Many in the Jewish sects at that time had strayed from the eternal Word of God, and however well motivated, had added to and taken away from His Word. They had mutated the seed, which could only reproduce a continued line of mutated seeds. The Messiah, the eternal, living Word of God, who kept the words (seed) of His Father, warned those who intended to be His disciples. ” … take up your cross and follow me” His exhortation is clear, there is only one seed, and you must receive this seed in order to understand, much less teach the kingdom of God. Y’shua was careful to extend the invitation to follow Him, the true seed, which produces the only fruit that will contain the same seed that produced all things.

The model for this new birth is found in the beginning, in the garden, where most paradigms of life and death find their start. The pattern of the seed of birth and life was already established in the narration of the bringing forth of vegetation and plant life in B’reshiyth (Genesis) 1:11-12. The relationship between man and the land was given to us in the first three chapters of B’reshiyth. The plan of God for man and creation are the same. YHVH (Yahweh) expressed in His creation the same realities He would express through man. The principle of the characteristics of the seed of vegetation and plant life will also apply to man. Over and over again, through out generation after generation, God will teach the same patterns. After showing the pattern of the seed on the third day, God repeats the pattern once again by placing the concepts of light and darkness in two seeds that will produce two trees in the garden. These seeds and trees both operate identically. The seed of the tree of life will produce fruit that will contain a seed within itself that will only produce life. The seed of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil will operate precisely the same way. Adam is told that he may eat of all of the trees of the garden, including the tree of life. He was not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Chavah (Eve) are in the garden, the place of eternal life and paradise, the source of God’s goodness, blessings, and eternal bliss. If Adam and Chavah had continued to remain faithful to God and eaten only of the trees that God had ordained for them, then they would have continued to bathe in goodness, blessings, and eternal bliss. This tree of life and it’s fruit is still true today.

God told Adam and Chavah (Eve) not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Why? Because that tree comes from a seed that only produces the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. It does not produce life or the fruit of life. In the day that they ate of that tree they would surely die. Death is separation from life. The day they chose to eat from that tree, God removed (separated, death) from them the seed of life, lest they should exist eternally in a garden manifesting both life and death. Now Adam had only one seed in him, the seed of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Now Adam could only produce after himself children without the life of God in them. Man will now only produce man. Man, because he produces both good and evil, cannot please God. Man can now only be born to man and only produce man. Mysteriously, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is never heard of again. Why? Because it was produced from a seed which is now in mankind. It will reproduce naturally, hence the term adamic nature. The birth of the flesh is a naturally occurring act of man. This is an inherent process that man can accomplish without the help of God, but yet it is the beginning step in a two step progression to bring about the will of God.

1 Corinthians 15:46
“Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual.”

Y’shua (Yeshua/Jesus) will allude to this statement in His conversation with Nicodemus. In keeping with the ‘natural’ progression of things, Nicodemus responds to Y’shua by going right for the natural, and failing to see the spiritual (eternal).

Yochanan (John) 3:4
“Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?”

Y’shua’s remark back to Nicodemus verifies that He understood Nicodemus’s stubborness at worst and confusion at best. Y’shua replies by saying that a man must be born of water AND of the Spirit to enter into the kingdom of God. The birth of water is what man reproduces naturally, without God. This water speaks of natural birth, that which comes from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the seed of man. In the very next chapter of Yochanan, Y’shua uses this same physical or natural image when speaking to the woman of Samaria. She is standing at a well and drawing water. Y’shua then compares natural water to living water. The ‘birth of water’ refers to the physical birth, the birth of the flesh. This is sealed in the next verse when Y’shua, completing His thought states, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” This places Yochanan’s statements in the first chapter of this gospel in perfect harmony.

Yochanan (John) 1:13
“Who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

All that man born of blood, flesh, or his own will can produce, is a man born of blood, flesh, and his own will. The only seed that can produce the offspring of God, is the seed of God. However, that which comes natural is first, then that which is spiritual. Next time we will continue with Y’shua’s (Yeshua/Jesus) statements to Nicodemus about being born from above.

  1. Drone Industry Eager To Road-Test Science Fiction

  2. Brain In A Dish Flies Plane

  3. Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered in Bermuda Triangle

  4. Solar Energy

  5. Space junkies try to explain mysterious image in photo from Mars rover

  6. Scientists are in the possession of the body of an alien?

  7. A new smartphone app could help protect you from a growing threat to your security

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Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister

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