News You May Not Have Heard About — 7/4/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. UN Conference to Strip 2nd Amendment During Month Long Attack in NY
  2. Agenda 21 Dense MegaCities of the Future Now Underway
  3. Muslim Brotherhood’s Long Tentacles Reach to American Gov.
  4. Hero general: Obama following Castro’s plan
  5. N.Y. Democrat tied to ‘anti-Semitic’ group
  6. The Communists Killed Kennedy
  7. The “Taxing Clause.” Five Lawless Judges, and Obamacare
  8. Congress rethinking their approval of expanding domestic drone usage?
  9. The End of American Independence
  10. Group turns tables on Chicago gun turn-in, uses money for gun camp
  11. Mars rover to land via ‘sky crane’ search of ancient habitable environment
  12. Only 22% of Americans think the gov’t has the “consent of the governed”
  13. US Intelligence Says Syrian Story Was Correct All Along
  14. Dearborn Muslim charged with nine counts of attempted murder for trying to kill street preachers outside the Islamic Center of America
  15. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel appoints Hamas-linked CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab to advisory committee
  16. Eric Allen Bell discusses Murfreesboro Mega-Mosque and Islam on Fox and Friends
  17. Robert Spencer: Obama Enables America’s Enemies
  18. Personhood founder’s home attacked at night, children terrorized
  19. TV Legend Andy Griffith Dead at 86
  20. Obama Administration Already Granting Amnesty
  21. Three NSA Whistleblowers Back EFF’s Lawsuit Over Government’s Massive Spying Program
  22. Army admits to investigating Bradley Manning supporters
  23. Is America Facing A “Jonah” Moment, Or A “Nahum” Moment?
  24. Rush: Republicans CLUELESS in stopping Obama
  25. Baby has more than 2 mommies?
  26. Romney to Visit Israel (While Obama Still Hasn’t As President)

  1. Assad to ramp up crack-down against Syrian opposition, Turkey continues military build-up on Syrian border
  2. Syria running 27 torture centers, says rights group
  3. Moscow and Beijing: Cowardice or Duplicity Towards Iranian, Syrian Allies?
  4. Scenarios for Syria: War & Stabilization
  5. U.S. warships ‘easy’ target for Iran
  6. US Sends Ships, Fighter Jets to Brace for Iran Threat
  7. US military quietly moves large reinforcements into Persian Gulf
  8. Japanese official who leaked information about North Korean missile found dead
  9. Arabs Urged To Serve In Israeli Army
  10. Australians Desert the Carbon Tax
  11. Report claims Norwegian trained by al Qaeda in Yemen plans to crash U.S. airline during Olympics
  12. Destruction Of Ancient Timbuktu Shrines A ‘War Crime’ ICC Prosecutor Says
  13. Iran agents planned to hit US and British targets in Kenya
  14. Iran: There will soon be war and Allah will ensure we are victorious
  15. Iran says test-fires missiles over threats of attack
  16. Israel tried to get a billion USD for Arab terrorists
  17. Egypts president demands release of Islamic terrorist
  18. “Peaceful Muslims” kill 15 in Kenyan churches
  19. Sudan blames Zionists, Americans for anti-government protests
  20. China: Two jihadists who tried to hijack plane dead
  21. Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2012
  22. Raymond Ibrahim: Robert Fisk Demonizes Mideast’s Persecuted Christians
  23. Sharia in action in Iran: Muslim cleric issues fatwa against dogs
  24. Pakistan: Jihadis blow up girls’ school
  25. Pakistan: Muslim mob tortures man for uttering “derogatory remarks against the Holy Prophet”
  26. Jihadist in Afghan police uniform murders three British soldiers
  27. Theodore Shoebat talks Egypt and the Islamic Threat on The Dove
  28. BREAKING: Levada out; New head of Vatican’s CDF is Bishop who corrected dissident groups
  29. Socialist French govt. promises to legalize same-sex ‘marriage,’ adoption ‘in a few months’
  30. Iraq unraveling as violence across the country escalates- 44 killed in latest bomb blasts
  31. In tussle over service for all, political turmoil reigns
  32. A people’s army? Report predicts 60% draft dodging by 2020
  33. Popular imam promotes anti-Semitism in lectures around globe
  34. Report: IDF detonates spy device in Lebanon
  35. 100 Iranian MPs call for Strait of Hormuz to be blocked
  36. US Military Strength At Hormuz Beefed Up As Nuclear Talks With Iran Fade
  37. Radical Islam Spreading in Spain
  38. More eerie ‘ghost cities’ popping up

  1. Live Earthquake Map
  2. Powerful M-Class flare ejected from the Sun – July 2, 2012
  3. U.S. electrical grid system suffers ‘catastrophic damage’ from storms
  4. 1.8 million U.S. customers still without power: it could take more than a week for some utilities warn
  5. DC Area Out of Power, Obama on Vacation
  6. Fire In The Sky: Meteor Plunges Into Ocean
  7. Evergreen Air B-747 Tanker Missing in Action, Not Fighting Colorado Fires
  8. Lightning create panic in Satanic music festival
  9. El Hierro sees increased seismicity in the magmatic process but some stabilization in the deformations
  10. Deep 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of lower North Island of New Zealand
  11. Torrential monsoon rains kill 81 in India and leave 2 million displaced
  12. Dangerous Apophis Will Reach Our Planet In 2036: Will It Strike Earth?
  13. A Young Star Flaunts Its X-ray Spots In McNeil’s Nebula
  14. Brutal heat wave: 2,000 temperature records have been matched or broken in the past week
  15. If One Storm Can Turn D.C. Dark For Several Days, What Would A Massive EMP Burst Do?

  1. Government by the Banks, for the Banks: The ESM Coup D’Etat in Europe
  2. Trans Pacific Partnership: Corporate Escape From Accountability
  3. Kicking The Can Down The Road: Europe Still Headed for the Greatest Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression
  4. The Illumination Merchants
  5. U.S. Manufacturing Shrinking Again
  6. ‘Operation High Roller’ swipes $80 million
  7. Big Banks Have Criminally Conspired Since 2005 to Rig $800 Trillion Dollar Market

  1. NEW Findings: A Surprising Potential Culprit Behind Arthritis, Bowel Disorders, MS, and Allergies
  2. Negative Impacts of Dental Mercury Surpass Those of Alternatives
  3. U.S. researchers create 30 genetically modified human babies
  4. NC Museum of Natural Sciences holds ‘Biotechnology Day’ for children with presentations by Monsanto
  5. Record high radiation levels detected at Fukushima reactor
  6. Woman shocks doctors by using superfoods like turmeric to treat cancer – and lives!
  7. Merck’s deceptive new entertainment product campaign pushes drugs like candy on young children
  8. Your vitamin B-12 could contain cyanide
  9. Genetic weakness to cancer found to be reversible
  10. Wanna get fat fast? Stay vitamin D deficient!
  11. Free your inner beast and devour the joy of living!
  12. Study reveals green tea drinkers show less disability with age
  13. Food pairings may trick the brain into loving the taste of vegetables
  14. How To Avoid Disease On A Raw Food Diet
    (NOTE: This video is 9:16 long.)
  15. FDA Targets Family Man In Attempt to Stop MMS
  16. 500 Reasons Why Turmeric Is World’s Most Important Herb
  17. Death of the Birds and the Bees Across America
  18. 6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition
  19. New Hampshire overrides partial birth veto, Christie cuts ‘family planning’ millions, and more
  20. Federal judge halts law that may have closed Mississippi’s only abortion clinic
  21. Yet another Chinese woman lies motionless days after ‘voluntary’ abortion of 7-month-old
  22. Mexico declares national animal emergency due to H7N3 outbreak of bird flu
  23. Food Safety Regulations That Kill
  24. Rare cholera outbreak kills 3 in eastern Cuba
  25. Turning Our Crops, Animals And Even Our Babies Into Genetic Monsters – What Could Go Wrong?

Heritage House Ministries will be hosting the 7th Annual

Love for Israel Conference July 13th – 15th, 2012

The Theme for the Conference is:

The Awakening

Romans 13:11-12


Kimberly Rogers of Beastwatch News, and Laura Densmore of Hebrew Nation News Alerts, team up as two “watchwomen on the wall” to report on headlines and highlights of the news this week as it relates to end of days Bible Prophesies. Each week these two watchwomen have an interesting dialogue as they comment on and discuss current news headlines of the week and how they relate to the End of Days Bible Prophesy. This show will air every Friday 9am Pacific Time and repeats at 5pm Pacific Time and if you miss it, you can listen to it anytime on demand. I encourage ever one to listen in on this weekly broadcast.

Stories covered in this show:

  • Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Bill: Discussion
  • President Declares National Emergency: Threat of Nuclear Proliferation: Russia and Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) Agreement
  • Russian Air Force Holds War Games in Arctic
  • Colorado Wildfires Expands Viciously, Obama Plans Visit on Friday (Speculations and discussion)
  • Will Obama use this “emergency” to institute martial law?
  • Rep. Allen West rightfully warns of Sharia Compliant Finance
  • Black Helicopters Seen in Multiple States as Pentagon’s Deployment of 20,000 Troops Inside US Set to be Ready this Year
  • Turkey/Syria border heats up
  • Muslim brotherhood ties from the White House/State Dept to Egypt’s Morsi
  • Assad says Syria at war as battle reaches capital
  • Putin visits Netanyahu in Israel: Talks focus on Rising Islamist Power
  • Russia Warns Israel “Don’t Rush to Strike Iran”
  • Global economy update
  • Close in Amos 9: 9-15 and prayer

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Colossians 3:22-25 Servants, obey your masters according to the flesh in all respects, not with eye-service, as men-pleasers, but in sincerity of heart, fearing Elohim (Mighty One/God). 23 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Master and not to men, 24 knowing that from the Master you shall receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Master, Messiah, you serve. 25 But he who does wrong shall be repaid for the wrong which he has done, and there is no partiality.”

Is God involved in our lives? Paul is bringing the example of Christ, and His attitude toward those who were in authority, all the way down to an employment level. In Ephesians 5:21, he brought it down to a relationship within a congregation. But in both cases, the submitting was done out of respect for God–not because the authority was great, not because the person was a better man or woman–in fact, it had nothing whatever to do with the character of the person in authority.

Our submission has everything to do with our relationship to God, what we know of Him, and the purpose He is working out. The biblical definition of submission is clear. This instruction is in perfect harmony with Romans 12 where he says, “Live with all men in peace,” as well as, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay!”

Submission is an act of faith. It has nothing at all to do with the quality of character of the person to whom we are submitting. It does not matter whether he is a good or a bad guy. It does not matter whether or not we feel what he is doing is unjust. It may be very unjust–as the taking of Christ’s life was very unjust. But Christ submitted to whatever God permitted–out of fear, out of respect, out of faith that God had Him in His hands and nothing would happen before its time. He knew God was concerned about the outcome of His life.

So then, biblical submission is respecting divinely appointed authority out of respect for Christ.

John W. Ritenbaugh

Excerpted from: Submitting (Part 1)

  1. Bible Places–Herodium
  2. Jim Staley – Understanding Galatians Part 2
    (NOTE: This video is 52:42 long.)
  3. Union Gospel Mission
  4. The Truth about The Cross
  5. Illuminati Corporate Logos
  6. How to Understand the Bible
  7. Are You a Foolish Galatian or A Wise Virgin?
  8. Founders Without Whom America Would Not Exist
  9. Talmudic period synagogue unearthed in northwestern Galilee
  10. Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims To Christ

SHEMA YISRAEL by Micha’el Ben David

The Dietary Laws by Brad Scott

Part 2

Perhaps one of the most oft quoted texts to “prove” that the dietary laws are not for the church is in Acts chapter 10, Peter’s vision of the sheet. This is one of the most amazing scripture transformations I have ever experienced, and an excellent example of backwards interpreting. Backwards interpreting, simply put, means to use the New Testament to prove the validity of the Old Testament or to use our modern “Christian” traditions to validate the New Testament. All the testimony of the early “Church” witnessed to the fact that all New Testament sermons were validated by comparing them to the teaching of the Old Testament, not the other way around. The text in Acts is a good example. First, we look at what we are doing today. Today we eat whatever we want. Then we read the New Testament. We read that Peter had a vision in which the angel tells Peter to rise and eat all these clean and unclean animals. Conclusion? God bagged all the Old Testament dietary laws. How do we know that? Well that’s what we are doing today! The same logic is used to prove that the early church met on Sunday, or that the Lord’s supper was once a week or every 3rd Sunday! But is this what the book of Acts teaches? Let us take a look.

In Acts chapter 10 verses 1-8 we have the account of a gentile named Cornelius of the Italian band. Cornelius was called a devout man or a charediy in the Hebrew. This was one who made himself dedicated to Torah. He was also described as one that “feared” God. This was known as a ger toshav or one who sits at the gate. This was a term given to gentile converts who were zealous for the God of Israel, but were not yet ready to take on the yoke of the kingdom. There will be more on this in later lessons. Cornelius was told in a vision about the ninth hour ( between the sixth and ninth hour was the minchah or afternoon prayer time) to send for Peter. So he sends two servants to fetch Peter, so to speak. Peter, in verse 9, about the sixth hour, again the beginning of afternoon prayer, is hungry and falls into a trance. The Holy Spirit shows him a vision of heaven opening and a sheet knit at the four corners being lowered down to earth. This sheet contains a mixture of clean and unclean animals. A voice speaks to him in the vision and says to rise, kill and eat. Peter responds naturally. “Not so my Lord; for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean.” These are two different concepts biblically. The voice speaks again and tells Peter what God has cleansed do not call common. The vision is repeated three times. In verse 17, Peter is perplexed! What does this mean? Well for modern Christian scholars this is a no-brainer. He is telling Peter he can eat whatever he wants now, and Peter is scripturally incompetent. He can not figure it out. “Why would the Lord tell me to do something like this”, he must have been saying to himself. In verse 19 the Spirit says to Peter that three men seek him and to trust God for He has sent them. In verse 22 Peter is informed that a gentile, of all people, has sent for him. Between verses 22 and 28 Peter figures out what the vision was all about. Ordinarily Peter would not have gone to this man for he was a gentile and unclean in Peter’s eyes. Verse 28 sums up the entire episode. “And he said unto them, Ye know that it is an unlawful thing for a man that is a Jew to keep company, or come unto one of another nation; but God hath shown me that I should not call any man common or unclean.” How much clearer can God be? The purpose of the vision was to teach Peter about what God is doing among the gentiles now. This has nothing to do with changes to what is good to eat and what is not. This has nothing to do with dietary laws being done away with. In chapter 11 Peter retells this vision. In verse 17 and 18 he concludes again, “Forasmuch, then, as God gave them the same gift as he did unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, what was I, that I could withstand God? When they heard these things, they held their peace, and glorified God saying, Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.”

So you see, the Ruach HaQodesh is showing Kefa (Peter) that he is bringing gentiles into the body of Messiah by trusting just like the Jews. No longer is conversion accomplished by or through the temple or animal sacrifices. Gentiles who trust are now one with HaShem and are no longer unclean or common. Kefa did not rise and eat nor did he explain the purpose of the vision as teaching such a thing. Why, theologically, would something not created to be eaten, suddenly because of Yeshua‘s sacrifice, be alright to eat? Yeshua died and rose to free us from the penalty of sin, not to free us from the laws that reveal our sin.

1 Timothy 4:1-5 has also been used to teach that everything is alright to swallow and digest as long as you pray over it first. First of all, this is cultic thinking to begin with. Sha’ul dealt with this kind of thinking in Corinth. The spirit world was supposed to have a profound effect upon food. The whole idea of contacting a higher power through prayer to change or manipulate the instructions of God is abominable at best. Verse one of chapter four begins with Sha’ul warning us about the latter days which had begun already according to Kefa in his first sermon in Acts. There were dozens of gnostic type cultic doctrines being taught. The cults taught that denying yourself in various ways pleased God or the gods. This would eventually lead to the monastic way of life. Many of these teachers would speak of denial and then partake of that which they denied anyway. This is why Sha’ul tells us that they speak lies in hypocrisy. They forbid marriage, as marriage would defile the body and divert the focus of attention from the deities. Many were teaching what we today would call vegetarianism, the abstaining from meat in particular. Animals were held in high esteem, and one would slowly become one by eating the flesh of anything that once lived and breathed. In verse 3 Sha’ul mentions this and reminds them that God created these “foods” to be received with thanksgiving. Every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be refused, if it is received with thanksgiving. Let me remind you what the word of God defines as foods and what is not food. This was discussed in part one. This is why Sha’ul reminds us what the subject is, the abstaining of certain “foods” for spiritual reasons. When Sha’ul says that “every” creature is good and not to be refused i.e. for eating purposes, he is not speaking of inedible objects. Bats, cats, spiders, dogs, and other humans are still not FOOD! ALL of God’s creation is good, but not all of God’s creation is FOOD. Those creatures that are to be for food are sanctified or separated out, by God in His word in verse 5. It is those who trust and know the truth that know these things. These verses are not talking about the dietary laws or even things “Jewish” as is sometimes taught. Forbidding to marry? Marriage is the foundation of Judaism! Forbidding to marry is not a precept of Judaism. We have many new age cults today practicing this same ritual. There are many in the organization called PETA, that call for this kind of lifestyle.

I hold and will continue to hold that God’s words are eternal and are never antiquated or obsolete. It has, since the time of Adam, been in man’s base nature to rebel and defy God’s instructions. Some defy Him by simply not acknowledging Him. Others defy Him in His name. And still others cling to Him as if He were really a Father. Which one are you?

  1. Warning: You Could Lose Your Internet Access!
    (July 9th is the deadline on this. Check your DNC to see if you have been infected.)
  2. How To Communicate If The US Gov’t Shuts Down The Internet
  3. Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter
  4. Reality check: When the power grid goes down, all grid-tie solar systems will go down with it
  5. 120 Powerful Pieces Of Advice For Preppers
  6. Rules for Preppers – Staying Under the Radar
  7. 21 Survival Items to Look for at Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and Garage Sales
  8. Want to disable Facebook facial recognition? Read this
  9. Could a new ‘Want’ button be coming to Facebook soon?
  10. Facebook Changed Everyone’s Email to; Here’s How to Fix Yours
  11. Is Prepping Worth it? What if Nothing Happens? Is it all a Waste?
  12. Easy guide to create a home security safe room for emergency preparedness and survival
  13. ‘We Know What You’re Doing’ Showcases All The Facebook Updates You Shouldn’t Make Public
  14. Brilliant Idea: Scientists Create Toilet Which Turns Poo Into Electricity
  15. Guess What’s Missing From Your “Bug-Out” Bag?
  16. Four ways prepping can make your life better, right now
  17. Survival Reading – Books for the Summer Book Bag
  18. Hundreds Of Black Holes In A Galaxy 250 Million Light Years Away
  19. Very PINteresting!
  20. Six Natural Wonders Of This Planet Declared World Heritage Sites

REMEMBER:It is Better to be Divided by TRUTH than United with ERROR.

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Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister

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