News You May Not Have Heard About — 6/28/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. US Supreme Court Rules against We the People
  2. Obama Can Shut Down Internet For 4 Months Under New Emergency Powers
  3. ‘Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website
  4. Gov. Jan Brewer joins Greta — June 25, 2012
  5. Obama’s Arizona Assault: A Lover of Lawlessness
  6. Allen West: We are losing the United States of America
  7. Obama Declares State of Emergency
  8. Obama preaches Planned Parenthood, gays in the military to high school students
  9. Democrats Bad Bet Comes Due Tomorrow
  10. American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, Michigan
  11. Court Upholds Greenhouse Gas Rule; Congress Needs to Step Up
  12. US Army can’t hide five billion dollar camouflage failure
  13. The dirty little secret about Obamacare decision
  14. Lady Gaga’s new perfume created using blend of human blood, semen, and poisonous extract
  15. Afraid of whistleblowers, TSA acquiring technology to spy on its own employees
  16. New Intelligent Biometric Security Program Can Adapt to Human Behavior
  17. Using the Trans-Pacific Partnership to Expand Globalism
  18. If Slaughter Houses Had Glass Walls – A Plea for Animal Rights
  19. CEO: Internet Providers Should Delete User Logs
  20. Maine prepares for zombie attack
  21. Are American’s Really this Stupid?
  22. Was Fast and Furious Intended To Promote Gun Control? Another View
  23. Video: Dearborn Police stand down as Christians assaulted by Muslims
  24. Court: Shooting ‘spitwads’ is ‘violent criminal conduct’
  25. US Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of EPA On Global Warming
  26. “Turn In Your Guns At Your Local Church”
  27. Law Student Takes Cop To School After Being Illegally Stopped For Carrying Gun
  28. Now Bush accused in ‘green stimulus’ madness
  29. Good News! Americans Reject the “Values” of Ruling Elite
  30. U.S. Army Admits Troops Conducting Law Enforcement Is Illegal
  31. Jesse Ventura to Military Personnel: “Remember Your Oath!”
  32. Border Agents to Flee and Hide When Confronted
  33. Widening Sex Scandal Rocks Texas Air Force Base
  34. SWAT tries to take down Internet meanie; raids grandma instead
  35. House is Set to Vote on Finding Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress – Regardless of outcome, GOA’s lawsuit forges ahead
  36. 1961 – A Jewish Defector Warns America!!!

  1. Battles reach Syrian capital: Assad declares ‘Syria at war’
  2. Syria in state of war, says Bashar al-Assad
  3. Boots on the ground? Unconfirmed reports say British SAS forces already in Syria
  4. Turkey Mobilizes for War with Syria
  5. Russia May Be Preparing Second Attempt At Syrian Arms Shipment
  6. Russia halts plans to supply S-300 missile system to Syria – reports
  7. Decisive action? Turkey mobilizes troops and heavy equipment on Syrian border
  8. Syria and Turkey’s phantom war
  9. Agenda 21, the end of Western Civilization, Part 6
  10. The EU wants to brake up all national powers
  11. The Global elite at closed summit of Bilderberg’ers
  12. Girl Who Can Start Fire With Her Brain Mystifies Scientists
  13. Iranian VP: Zionists, Talmud behind the international illicit drug trade
  14. Brotherhood Victory Opens Door for Islamists
  15. Report: Hillary to be first foreign official to visit Egypt’s new President
  16. Muslim Brotherhood Draws Up Plans to Islamize Egypt
  17. Egypt: Muslims force Christians out of church during prayer, police advise priest to comply
  18. Egypt’s President-elect Morsi: “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal”
  19. Hamas Minister Fathi Hammad Vows To Liberate Jerusalem and other Cities
  20. At UN event, Iran VP launches into anti-Semitic tirade
  21. Politicians reportedly reaching compromise on haredi service
  22. Meteoric surge in anti-Semitism recorded in France
  23. Venezuela funding Iran’s nuclear program, says Lieberman
  24. Iron Dome intercepts two of four rockets fired from Gaza
  25. NATO War Council To Target Syria
  26. Turkey to Demand ‘Article 5’ NATO Response to Warplane Downing
  27. NATO Loses Plane Violating Syrian Airspace
  28. Russian nuclear bombers test U.S. air defenses in arctic war games during chilly Obama-Putin summit
  29. Russian Heartland Fears NATO Transit
  30. U.K. spy chief: Arab Spring creates “permissive environment” for al Qaeda in Middle East
  31. UK spy chief warns “Arab spring” breeds more terrorism
  32. Islamic Slavery — on The Glazov Gang
  33. Never Ending Loads of Disinformation From the Liars at Tokyo Electric Power Company
  34. West worried by China-Pakistan atomic ties
  35. Shoebat Exclusive: Tunisian Political leader caught in Doublespeak about wanting Caliphate
  36. After An Israeli Strike On Iran
  37. Whistleblower Reveals Plan To Evacuate London During Olympics
  38. Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Churches
  39. Sri Lanka And Iran For A New World Order
  40. C. Africa Gunmen Attack French Uranium Plant: Army

  1. Live Earthquake Map
  2. Colorado wildfires: Day 5: Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs burns several homes, thousands evacuated (NOTE: We need to be praying for all the states that are experiencing these fires.)
  3. Colorado Wildfires: Several Fires Explode Across Front Range
  4. 32,000 displaced by Colorado wildfire: “This is a firestorm of epic proportions”
  5. El Hierro’s volcanic alert status raised to ‘yellow’ following increase in quake activity
  6. 5.7 magnitude earthquake strikes along coastal region of El Salvador
  7. Eight injured as lightning strikes “Peace & Love” in Sweden
  8. Amazing Noctilucent Clouds Appear Over Queensferry, Scotland
  9. Watch The June Bootid Meteor Shower From June 26th Until July 2nd!
  10. First Photo Ever Of The Entire North Pole As Seen From Space!
  11. 100 killed in landslides and flooding, 250,000 dislocated, as heavy torrential rains pound Bangladesh
  12. 1969 Fireball meteorite reveals new ancient mineral

  1. Watching the Clock: Will a Total Economic Collapse Occur in September – October?
  2. Dark night rises over Eurozone as nations squabble over ways to avert crisis
  3. The Increasing Threats to Global Energy Supplies – An Interview with Jellyfish
  4. Congress Should Act to Prevent Jobsmageddon
  5. Government urges HSBC to increase investment in Israel
  6. Is the euro beyond salvation?
  7. Color Revolution Contribution?: The European Union establishes a fund to fight tyrants
  8. Stockton, Calif. to take up bankruptcy budget plan
  9. 60 million euro stolen from 60 banks across the world is massive cyber bank raid
  10. Where Does Money Come From? The Giant Federal Reserve Scam That Most Americans Do Not Understand
  11. The Perils Of Political Union
  12. ECB Banksters Introduce New Concept: Negative Interest Rates
  13. Financial False Flag: Beware Heads Up – Emergency Update
  14. Notes on Wall Street’s Bid-Rigging Scandal
  15. Derivatives: Bank Downgrades Trigger Billions In Collateral Calls
  16. Proposed Banking Regulations Would Drive Gold Prices Higher
  17. Nervous Investors Fill Swiss Safes With Cash And Gold
  18. King Warns Financial Crisis Has Worsened

  1. Cashew Pâté a Vegetarian Pâté
  2. Bipartisan Leaders in Senate and House Urge GAO to Probe Success Rate of Efforts to Identify and Prevent Medicare Fraud
  3. Highly pathogenic H7N3 outbreak in Mexico- largest in nearly 20 years: millions of chickens could be culled
  4. Religious circumcision tantamount to assault, says court
  5. Vast Majority of Americans Want Meat Raised Without Antibiotics
  6. CDC’s revised swine flu death estimates a fairy tale scare story
  7. Syngenta corporation faces criminal charges for covering up livestock deaths from GM corn
  8. 15 Reasons a permaculture herb spiral lets you practice sustainable gardening in urban or country settings
  9. Nearly 400 Now Sick From Tainted Tuna In Sushi
  10. Apple peel compound may help fight obesity
  11. Jogging in a forest twice as good for you as jogging in a gym
  12. Does Botox for your bladder actually work?
  13. Why NOT to give your doctor an anti-vaccine liability form
  14. China bypasses Big Pharma patents, authorizes low-cost generic drug manufacturing
  15. Blaming China for mercury pollution is not solving the problem
  16. Better than a Probiotic Supplement (Perfect if You’re on a Budget)
  17. 10 Shocking Medical Mistakes
  18. Tennessee enacts strongest ban on explicit sex-ed in U.S. after oral sex demo
  19. Chinese woman: when I awoke my nine-month unborn baby was dead and my uterus was removed
  20. Family of forced abortion victim being hounded by Chinese authorities despite ‘apology’
  21. ‘Anti-bullying’ phone app to ‘mobilize children into homosexual activism’, warns critic
  22. Lethal foresight: deciding who gets to be born
  23. 34% of women seeking abortion choose life when offered help: Mexico City gov.
  24. UK chief rabbi warns of danger of same-sex ‘marriage’
  25. Retailers’ sexualization of girls boosts child porn and human trafficking: MEP report
  26. Up to 20,000 Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Released in Australian Towns
  27. LA Adult Protective Services Refuses to Accept Reports of Conservator Abuse
  28. Cancer patients rejoice after legal victory
  29. 2nd Airborne Avian Flu Paper Published
  30. High On Bath Salts, New York Woman Says: I Want To ‘kill Someone And Eat Them’
  31. World’s First GM Babies Born

Heritage House Ministries will be hosting the 7th Annual

Love for Israel Conference July 13th – 15th, 2012

The Theme for the Conference is:

The Awakening

Romans 13:11-12


Kimberly Rogers of Beastwatch News, and Laura Densmore of Hebrew Nation News Alerts, team up as two “watchwomen on the wall” to report on headlines and highlights of the news this week as it relates to end of days Bible Prophesies. Each week these two watchwomen have an interesting dialogue as they comment on and discuss current news headlines of the week and how they relate to the End of Days Bible Prophesy. This show will air every Friday 9am Pacific Time and repeats at 5pm Pacific Time and if you miss it, you can listen to it anytime on demand. I encourage ever one to listen in on this weekly broadcast.

Stories covered in this show:

  • Muslim Brotherhood Claims victory for their candidate, Morsi, in presidential vote
  • Close call, votes still being counted (49% to 51%)
  • Egyptian Islamic Party Called for Deadly Terrorist Attacks Against Israel
  • Rocket attacks, airstrikes continue between Gaza and Israel
  • Al Qaida is Urging Egypt to Cancel Treaty with Israel
  • 90,000 Russian and Chinese Troops go to Syria
  • G20 summit talks between Russia’s Putin and Obama: No agreement from Putin on Syria
  • Russia, Iran, Syria, China to Hold Massive War Games in Middle East
  • Russia, Syria Deny War Games with China and Iran (whose spin to believe?)
  • Tremendous Prophetic word from Hebrew brother, Joseph, of Seattle, WA: Abba says: “We are No longer members of other nations but from Yahweh’s point of view, we are citizens of His ‘restored and reunited “whole house” of Israel’.
  • 10 Repercussions from Granting Amnesty to 1 million Illegals
  • Insect sized Drones and Government Surveillance technology
  • A Comprehensive List of Obamas’ Wo rst Executive orders
  • Wrap up: Psalm 46 and prayer

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Isaiah 43:22-23 22 But you have not called on Me, O Yaʽaqoḇ (Jacob), for you have been weary of Me, O Yisra’ĕl. 23 You have not brought Me the sheep for your burnt offerings, nor have you esteemed Me with your slaughterings. I have not caused you to serve with grain offerings, nor wearied you with incense.

Compare this with I Peter 2:5 and 9 and the responsibility of the church: 1) to bring sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ and 2) to proclaim the praises of God.

Peter sees the church as part of the fulfillment of this prophecy—focusing on a people who will truly serve and glorify God in contrast to disobedient Israel. The church is a forerunner of what is to come. This also confirms, in a general way, that we have been formed for the purpose of proclaiming His praises, which is what a priest does! Thus, Peter writes that we are to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.

This priesthood is not yet fully formed, but rather, it is one that is being formed. As such, we nonetheless are expected to perform certain functions in preparation for our formal installation that will not occur until Christ returns and establishes the Kingdom of God on earth. Then, that priesthood will appear suddenly, fully formed.

God has spent 6,000 years forming it. We are called to be kings and priests (Revelation 5:10). And even now Peter makes sure that we understand that we are already a priesthood—a priesthood in training. Yet, even though we are in training, we have priesthood responsibilities, for he says in verse 5 that we are—now, presently—to offer up spiritual sacrifices.

John W. Ritenbaugh

Excerpted from: New Covenant Priesthood (Part 1)

  1. Bible Places–En Gedi
  2. Jim Staley – The “Sons of God” and the Nephilim
    (NOTE: This video is 55:55 long.)
  3. Blessed or Cursed?
  4. Archaeology reveals ‘Satanic scheme’
  5. Missouri Cherokee Tribes proclaim Jewish Heritage
  6. Flashback: 2010 interview Michael Drosnin speaks of ‘black swan events’ for latter part of 2012
  7. Aussie Communists: ‘Strike blows’ against the Church and capitalism with same-sex ‘marriage’
  8. Demographic problem
  9. How The Illuminati Controls The Music Industry
  10. The Fall Of Dictators And The Antichrist
  11. Divers claim ‘Baltic UFO’ shuts down all electronics within 200m

Paul Wilbur – Dance with me (lyrics)

What is “Under the Law?” by Brad Scott


There is a universal battle cry for those who embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and yet at the same time deny His words. “We are no longer under the law, but under grace.” I meant what I just said. This has been the banner under which millions of Christians for hundreds of years have flown. Humankind, since the days of Adam, have turned away from the word of YHVH. It is a central part of our fallen nature. There are really three kinds of people in the world. Those who disobey the commands of YHVH because they do not acknowledge His existence, those who disobey Him and do it in His name, and those who claim His name and obey Him. Which one are you? When reading the Scriptures, it becomes quite evident that no matter what “dispensation” you are cruising through, disobedience is rampant, and so is chaos and moral decay. This is not only true today, but it seems to have reached it’s pinnacle. At least in the times of the Judges or the times of David, YHVH’s people realized that they had turned from His ways and repented now and then. Today, however, the modern church stills teaches that Yeshua‘’s death put an end to law. So we all stand by and watch as our society crumbles, having the peace of mind that it is not our fault. It is Satanism, the New World Order, the New Age Movement, the Catholics, the Democrats, liberalism, Bill and Hillary, Hollywood, Nintendo, Neo-Nazi’s, and Oprah Winfrey.

I hope and pray that this study will begin to open your eyes to the commonly accepted interpretation of being under the law. Like many of the Hebrew words we have defined, this phrase has a background and an Old Testament meaning that is imperative in understanding it’s New Testament use. This will take a few lessons to get through, but I believe it is very important. Yeshua’, Sha’ul, and all the writers of the New Testament would have used the concept of law in the framework of it’s previously established use. This word, or for that matter, the idea of being under the law, was not created in a vacuum. However, the use or misuse of this idea was so misunderstood by “Jew and Gentile” alike, that Sha’ul spends an incredible amount of time to make it clearly understood. Why so much attention to this word? Well, it is because one cannot draw the two usual conclusions to this matter. There seems to be a very fine line between obedience and what we call legalism. I hope to show that Sha’ul’s desire for “Jew and Gentile” was that they lived in YHVH’s glorious grace. He also stressed that YHVH’s people walked in obedience in their newly found life in Yeshua’, and that these two ideas were not in conflict. Considering the two opposing cultures, this was not an easy task. Drawing two such contrary views of life into one would take up a lot of writing space. I believe that the Messiah Yeshua‘ was the answer to that enmity created by the law between “Jew and Gentile”.

The phrase under the law is found ten times in the New Testament. If you are familiar with scriptural numerics, then you will quickly notice that the number ten usually speaks of law or judgement for disobeying (10 commandments, 10 plagues, the tithe, etc.). I intend to discuss these ten occurrences. First, however, we must take the time to define what we mean by the law. As I have said many times before, the New Testament writers would have used this word as it has always been understood and defined. Simply put, if law was evil or bad in the Tanakh then it would continue to be understood as evil or bad in the New Testament. If YHVH’s laws were understood as righteous and set apart (holy) in the Tanakh, then they would continue to be defined as righteous and set apart in the New Testament. I would pray that this would not only be in harmony with the very nature of YHVH, but is simple common sense. If YHVH is constantly changing the meaning of these words, then there is no solid rock on which we are to stand. Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Ivrim (Hebrews) 13:8). Do you believe that only Yeshua‘ was the same? YHVH does not change (Male’akiy (Malachi) 3:6). There is no explanation of the phrase under the law because it was already understood!

Many times I find modern Christian teachers teaching backwards! The modern church approaches the Scriptures by beginning in the New Testament, forming an understanding of its teachings, and then going back to the Old Testament to understand it’s meaning. This denies the plain cultural meaning of the text and conforms the Scriptures to the ever changing ideology of the church rather than forming the church around the solid consistent rock of scripture. When you read the book of Acts, you see that, historically, the followers of Yeshua‘ did not simply accept whatever new teaching they heard. They could not have tested established revelation (Tanakh), which they knew to be true, by a new revelation which they did not know to be true. The three sections of the Tanakh were already accepted and established as YHVH’s set apart, everlasting word. YHVH had already commanded, and Yeshua‘ confirmed, that a new teaching or claim of Messiahship was to be tested against what YHVH had already revealed, not the other way around. Interpreting the Scriptures backwards produces a message that is backwards. They could not have justified New Testament teaching by quoting the New Testament!

The English word law is translated from the Greek word nomos. It is very important to see how this word evolved because the defining of words change our image and perception of the full meaning of a sentence when it is formed. The translation process from Greek to English has already changed the meaning of law. In Greek society, the concept of law still held a positive, honorable, and instructive substance. When we peruse the Tanakh, we see that the law was reverently esteemed, and was given many other titles to describe it’s place in the lives of YHVH’s people. We will discuss those titles later. As this word traveled the translation process, it took on a much heavier, negative connotation. As early as the 3rd century A.D. the so-called early church fathers had already begun to denigrate this word. Law was already being taught as a product of ‘the Jews’. An heretical character named Marcion taught that the entire Tanakh should be removed from the pulpits as well as many sections of the New Testament which put the law and ‘the Jews’ into a more positive light, such as the book of Luke and the book of Acts.

As the western culture progressed, the concept of law grew more and more negative. The whole scriptural concept of law and bondage was reversed. Law was taught as bondage, not sin. Certain cliches and phrases were adapted to express this bondage. What began in YHVH’s word as light, life, righteousness, the Way, the walk, truth, goodness, and holiness, soon became disdained, loathed, and despised. IT’S THE LAW! LAW AND ORDER! THAT’S AGAINST THE LAW! HE BROKE THE LAW! I FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW WON! The law has become the enemy. Today, in many movies the handsome bank robber or jewel thief is actually applauded over the bumbling representatives of the law, the police. Iniquity is actually portrayed as good and the law as bad! Law is no longer seen as good and righteous but is seen as nothing but fear and punishment. This is because the scriptural concept of law has been so twisted and redefined that it is virtually unrecognizable. I have come to at least one undeniable conclusion for a long time now. A nation’s behavior is guided by it’s philosophy, and a nation’s philosophy is formed by it’s religious values. All cultures and peoples form their society, no matter how large or small, from their view of whatever they deem to be the ultimate Superior. In this great nation it is supposed to be the ‘God of the Bible’. But is it really? Next time we will begin with the creation of the very fabric of existence, Torah!

  1. Warning: You Could Lose Your Internet Access!
    (July 9th is the deadline on this. Check your DNC to see if you have been infected.)
  2. How To Communicate If The US Gov’t Shuts Down The Internet
  3. Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter
  4. Reality check: When the power grid goes down, all grid-tie solar systems will go down with it
  5. 120 Powerful Pieces Of Advice For Preppers
  6. Rules for Preppers – Staying Under the Radar
  7. 21 Survival Items to Look for at Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and Garage Sales
  8. Want to disable Facebook facial recognition? Read this
  9. Is Prepping Worth it? What if Nothing Happens? Is it all a Waste?
  10. Easy guide to create a home security safe room for emergency preparedness and survival
  11. Facebook Changed Everyone’s Email to; Here’s How to Fix Yours
  12. ‘We Know What You’re Doing’ Showcases All The Facebook Updates You Shouldn’t Make Public
  13. Quantum Researchers Able to Stop and Restart Light
  14. Brilliant Idea: Scientists Create Toilet Which Turns Poo Into Electricity

REMEMBER:It is Better to be Divided by TRUTH than United with ERROR.

It is my hope that all receiving this Headline News Brief will have a refreshing and blessed day and coming weekend.

Yahweh help us daily that we may be counted worthy to be protected from the enemy. Hide us under Your Protective Wings.


Eddie Rogers, Minister

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