News You May Not Have Heard About — 5/30/2012

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. 20 Signs That Society Is Breaking Down And That America Has Been Overrun By Psychos
  2. Ivy Leaguers Make Bad Presidents
  3. Can One Be Truly Black and Patriotic?
  4. Avoid these words to prevent Homeland Security from spying on your social networks
  5. Top Ten Reasons to Occupy Bilderberg
  6. Obama Administration Stonewalling Corruption Investigation
  7. It’s Not Just Solyndra
  8. The seduction of pornography
  9. Professor sues Purdue after probe of his anti-Muslim Facebook comments
  10. Trump seeks ‘good, solid proof’ on Obama birth
  11. Will Bilderberg elect the next US president?
  12. Obama’s kill list – all males near drone strike sites are terrorists
  13. FBI tracked Assange with the help of LulzSec hackers?
  14. Pastor Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Teaching That Parents Should Spank Their Children
  15. Was the Strange Death of Obama’s Grandmother ‘Planned’?…

  1. “THE SALVADOR OPTION FOR SYRIA”: US-NATO Sponsored Death Squads Integrate “Opposition Forces”
  2. Flame cyberweapon is most powerful espionage tool ever
  3. Pakistan: Muslim clerics sentence 4 women and 2 men to death for singing and dancing at wedding
  4. “You are Allah’s enemy!”: Muslim stabs Russian radio host for criticizing Muhammad
  5. Somali jihadists fire on foreign warships
  6. Iran plotting to murder U.S., Israeli, Saudi officials
  7. Terror on Twitter: Hamas uses social media platform to ‘evoke spirit of jihad,’ spread propaganda
  8. 40,000 displaced by war and violence in Democratic Republic of Congo
  9. Toronto Cardinal warns Ontario Liberal gov’t may force gay agenda into Catholic schools
  10. Ontario Govt blocked access to abortion data because it is ‘highly sensitive’
  11. Google opposes legislation requiring ISPs to filter porn
  12. Hanging by a Thread
  13. Nuclear Insanity
  14. His “Excellency” McWilliams Weighs In With a Personal Veiled Threat
  15. Week in Review: Afghan Drug Trade, Police State Business and the Bilderberg Conference
  16. Syria blamed for al-Qaida attack
  17. Families herded “like sheep” to die in Houla
  18. In Africa, a militant group’s growing appeal
  19. Greek suicide epidemic continues: Debt-strapped pensioner hangs himself
  20. Russia to build second reactor for Iran – Rosatom
  21. EU says alarmed by rise in death sentences in Iran
  22. Dozens killed in southern Yemen after army’s offensive against Qaeda

  1. Live Earthquake Map
  2. Swarm of 30 tremors shake Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea volcano
  3. Alert level raised on Colombia’s most dangerous volcano as ash rains down on nearby villages
  4. Iceland’s Katla volcano shaken by swarm of 14 tremors
  5. Massive ash cloud rises 7.3 km above Shiveluch volcano
  6. Alert level raised on Indonesia’s Soputan volcano after increased activity
  7. Moderate tremor strikes off the coast of Malibu, California
  8. New Mexico fire sets largest record

  1. Private Equity vs. Public Equity: the White House Tries to Explain
  2. The Green Energy Bubble Is Bursting Fast Everywhere
  3. Greek bank warns country will implode if it pulls out of the Eurozone
  4. 6 roadblocks to retirement
  5. It is virtually impossible to find a job
  6. Facebook shares sink again, hit new low
  7. Half of U.S. households on government dole
  8. ‘New normal’: Americans resigned to bad economy?
  9. Wall Street slumps as Europe worries grow
  10. Copper closes in on 2012 low as euro debt fears bite
  11. Gold rallies late as risk rout revives haven bid

  1. New evidence that intravenous vitamin C effectively fights cancer
  2. Vitamin D in pregnancy may help prevent childhood obesity
  3. Health benefits of breastfeeding are real – Here’s the scientific proof
  4. Exposed: Monsanto planted GM alfalfa before USDA approved it, federal agency knew all along
  5. Fukushima radiation now detected in the U.S. food supply
  6. Radioactive Fukushima tuna cross Pacific to U.S.
  7. CDC wants to go after all baby boomers with vaccines for a phantom virus
  8. Fenugreek: nature’s aphrodisiac
  9. Big Food’s 9 dirty secrets you should know about
  10. Disturbing trend: family doctors giving out anti-depressants like candy
  11. Prescription anxiety drug abuse tied to rising number of deaths, ER visits, has doctors retreating
  12. Cell phones: 50 percent increase in frontal and temporal lobe tumors in children
  13. Man charged with importing, selling millions of dollars’ worth of illegal cancer pharmaceuticals
  14. Beware: Most Green Cleaning Products Contain This
  15. Have Human Hormones Been Eclipsed by Synthetic Ones?
  16. Thank goodness I can still cringe
  17. Undercover video: Planned Parenthood coaches on sex-selection abortion of baby girl
  18. Planned Parenthood backs sex-selection abortion
  19. Chagas disease: The ‘new HIV/AIDS of the Americas’?
  20. Eugenicists Find a Gene to Render Men Infertile… Funded by Foundations Known to Support the Depopulation Agenda



Kimberly Rogers of Beastwatch News, and Laura Densmore of Hebrew Nation News Alerts, team up as two “watchwomen on the wall” to report on headlines and highlights of the news this week as it relates to end of days Bible Prophesies. Each week these two watchwomen have an interesting dialogue as they comment on and discuss current news headlines of the week and how they relate to the End of Days Bible Prophesy. This show will air every Friday 9am Pacific Time and repeats at 5pm Pacific Time and if you miss it, you can listen to it anytime on demand. I encourage ever one to listen in on this weekly broadcast.

Stories covered in this show:

  • Yemen: US troops with boots on ground in support of Muslim Brotherhood backed govt
  • Yemen Attack: 90 soldiers slaughtered/100 wounded*Latest Edict on Yemen from der Fuhrer in the White House: you veeel NOT oppose zee Muslim Brotherhood-backed Guuuvernment of Yemen or VEE VILL SEEZE your PRRRROPERTY!
  • YouTube Teaching:Daniel’s Final Week: In a Nutshell
  • YouTube from Avi Lipkin (Obama’s Troubling New Czar…and the “Hidden” agenda)
  • Bipartisan Congressional Bill will Authorize Use of Propaganda on Americans
  • Chinese buyout of AMC movie theater…More propaganda?
  • Remake of movie, Red Dawn coming out in November 2012 (Chinese invaders changed to N. Korean invaders; movie art “mirrors” reality?)
  • Global economy discussion, role of the Chinese “yuan” v/s the dying dollar
  • Debriefing Chicago “Police State”: was this a “test run”?
  • Discussion on Lev. 26:40-45, Daniel 9:1-19, Nehemiah 1: 4-11
  • Heart and prayer preparations for Shavuot (day 48 in counting of Omer)

To listen to the live report or download the recorded report click on –>The 1260 Report.”

Deuteronomy 32:15But Yeshurun (Jeshurun) grew fat and kicked; You grew fat, you grew thick, You are covered with fat; So he forsook Eloah (God) who made him, And scorned the Rock of his deliverance.

Jeshurun is a code name for Israel. It literally means “the upright one.” The word may have been written with a certain measure of sarcasm. Or, it may have been written as a warning to this “upright one”—Jeshurun or Israel—about when he was most likely to fall to the enemy.

This is an interesting warning from God of the power of affluence to turn a person away. It is such a subtle form of persecution that we bask in it. It does not have to be a form of persecution or trial; it depends on our mindset. However, we must realize the power that it has. God is prophesying that their lack of character to handle the affluence is really what destroys them.

According to John Wesley—the founder of Methodism—wealth has destroyed the godliness of more people than any other thing. One might think, “I am not wealthy,” but Wesley defined a wealthy person as anyone who had food, clothing, a place to sleep, and just a little bit left over each day. According to this definition, nearly every one of us qualifies as being wealthy. The problem with wealth is that it demands that we manage it and that we take care of what it provides. If we are not careful, it can be a consuming distraction. This is what John Wesley means.

It does not have to be that way. This is obvious from the fact that the Bible reports to us that Abraham was very wealthy. He was not just rich—he was very rich. David, too, was very rich. These were two great men in the eyes of God. The problem is that hardly anybody can use wealth in the right way, that is, manage it without it becoming a consuming occupation in itself. Yet, of and by itself, wealth is a neutral.

Most of us do not have the mindset of wealth’s neutrality, which is a defense, because we have been reared in a culture that is wealthy, and it keeps prodding us to become wealthier and wealthier. It promotes the idea that we are nobody unless we possess wealth. This tends to work against us, making wealth difficult for us to control.

The Bible and the church are not against wealth, but we have to be aware of what the Bible says about it—that it can be one of the greatest deterrents to spirituality that we could possibly be given. Maybe God is blessing us when he does not prosper us so much. . . .

John W. Ritenbaugh

Excerpted from: Endure as a Good Soldier

  1. Bible Places–Jerusalem’s Cardo
  2. Raiders of the Lost Book – Ep 2 – By Michael Rood
    (NOTE: This video is 25:42 long.)
  3. Rick Joyner-Prophetic dream about the future
    (NOTE: This video is 28:31 long.)
  4. Semitic Origins of the NT Part 2 of 6
    (NOTE: This video is 9:28 long.)
  5. 1967 Arab-Israeli War – part 2/6
  6. 1 The Isaiah 9 10 Judgment – Part 1 Jonathan Cahn
    (NOTE: This video is 14:53 long.)
  7. An unknown unknown for gay marriage supporters
  8. Wrong to insist on keeping 10 Commandments?

Kari Jobe – Revelation Song lyrics

Mysteries and Truths Hidden within the AlephBet by Brad Scott

The ancient Jewish sages believed that the alephbet (Hebrew alphabet) was the building blocks of life. In other words, those twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are what all of life is built on.

In the book of Ivrim (Hebrews), chapter 11, verse 3, it says that the worlds were framed by the word of YHVH. When you read Bere’shiyt (Genesis) chapter one, you see ’Elohiym saying, “Let there be light and there was light.” ’Elohiym said, “Let there be stars in the firmament” and “Let there be beasts in the field, and fowl in the air.” He did this simply by speaking. Some may think of this only as poetic, but the Hebrew people have historically had solemn reverence and awe for the actual building blocks of life which they believe are the individual letters; that ’Elohiym did create the world with the alephbet. When you examine the very first verse of the Scriptures in Bere’shiyt chapter 1, verse 1, you see the same concept. In Hebrew it reads:


Bere’shiyt………bara……..’Elohiym…’et…..hashamayim….v’et… ha’aretz.

In beginning…created.. ’Elohiym….(*)….the heaven……..and…the earth.

The Hebrew text, of course, does not look like the above, being that it is in Hebrew letters and written from right to left. This study is designed to be accessible to those who aren’t literate in the Hebrew script, therefore I’ve rendered the text into our western script from left to right. As you can see, the sentence structure of the Hebrew text is not according to western or Greek thought where we would expect to see “God” in the primary position of the sentence, followed by the verb “created”, and ending with the object of the action – “the heavens and the earth.” The Hebrew mind focuses on the verb or action rather than the subject or noun. As a matter of fact, the Hebrew writer will accentuate the action to the point of being overly redundant, such as: “He opened his mouth and spoke, saying …”. Many people believe that this way of speaking is the poetic Elizabethan English of the King James Version, but the redundancy of verb usage is purely an eastern or Hebrew peculiarity.

Let’s go back to the verse. The word bere’shiyt is the Hebrew word from which the Greek word “Genesis” comes. (Several of the books in the Scripture are named after the opening words of the book.) This opening sentence is constructed out of seven Hebrew words. The number seven fits into the scheme of scriptural interpretation called gematria (also called numerology and the heptatic structure). The number seven is recognized as a very special number from the Jewish point of view. It is a number that speaks of spiritual completeness and fullness. Seven is used quite extensively by the Ruach haQodesh throughout the whole body of scripture. A look into Strong’s concordance will reveal that the number seven, along with an abundant number of things that are grouped in sevens, are in the hundreds. So, the ancient Hebrew sages saw a specialness in the usage of the number seven. When the ancient sages look at these opening words and see that it is made up of 7 words, and especially the context in which they are used, they see the entire heavens and earth being completed in it’s fullness from aleph to tav. In the very first verse they see a complete heavens and earth created in verse one, as opposed to those things being created in the first six days. Actually no creative process takes place in the first six days except the beasts and man. Everything else was formed from material that was already created in verse one. This is why I have absolutely no argument whatsoever with those who believe in a young earth or an old earth because I believe (as the ancient sages did) that the heavens and the earth were created in the beginning, not in the six days.

Now let’s look at the verse even more closely through the eyes of the ancient sages. After Bere’shiyt bara ’Elohiym there is a fourth untranslatable word. That fourth word is actually two Hebrew letters: the Aleph and the Tav. The aleph-tav (את) does serve a grammatical purpose in that it points to the direct object of the sentence. These two letters do not actually form a word, but rather they express an understanding. The aleph (א) is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and the tav (ת) is the last letter of the alphabet. The placement of these two very significant letters at strategic locations within many sentences of the Hebrew Scriptures express a total completeness. It is equivalent to saying “from alpha to omega, from a to z, from first to last, from beginning to end.” So, from the Hebraic point of view, they see that “In the beginning ’Elohiym created the aleph-tav. In other words, they believe that the very first thing ’Elohiym created was the Hebrew alphabet, which is known through ancient writings also as the aleph-tav. They recognize that He created the letters by which all life and all physical things spring forth from. They are divinely ordained building blocks of life. They believed that ’Elohiym had to create this first because it is all the letters of the Hebrew alephbet that form the Torah, the word of YHVH, which, according to the word of YHVH, is YHVH Himself. Now you can better understand the reverence they have for the alphabet because they are the letters of the Torah – which is YHVH. We understand the same from Yochanan (John) 1:1, “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was GOD.” If any Jewish sage would read that verse they would give it a hearty amen. He would say, “In the beginning was the WORD, the alephbet, the WORD was with God, and God was the WORD.” YHVH is the Alephbet and is revered for the same reason.

In English we can understand Bere’shiyt 1:1 as “In the beginning God created A to Z.” Our own expression that parallels this one is, “He finished everything from A to Z, or from beginning to end.” This is also the reason for several of Yeshua‘s titles: the “Author and Finisher of our faith;” He is the Aleph Tav, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, and the First and Last.

It is also believed by these ancient sages that these Hebrew letters are not only the building blocks of life, but that we are supposed to study them, and speak them forth continuously, because if ever there is a time when Torah is not being vocalized, the ancient sages believed “the earth will melt away with a fervent heat.” That saying should ring familiar to those who study the New Testament; Kefa (Peter) made a similar statement in his second letter, that there will be a time when the earth melts away with a fervent heat! From a scriptural point of view that simply means that “there will be no Laws and no Torah on the earth, and that it is Torah (that is, the word of YHVH) that is keeping all things together!” This brings to mind the book of Colossians, where in chapter one it says that Yeshua‘ holds all things together and that by Him all things consist. We know from Yochanan 1:1 and 1:14 that Yeshua‘ is the WORD of YHVH, and that He holds the entire universe together with His physical and spiritual laws which in actuality – is Yeshua‘ Himself! The ancient sages believed the same way about the alephbet as modern science believes concerning the elements; that they are the fundamental building blocks of everything we see. They cannot be created, but you can take those basic building blocks, combine them, and make something out of them. In reality, that is all that man can do; that is – make or form something from existing material. He cannot create anything. We can only take what ’Elohiym has created, and manipulate that material, and make something out of it. We cannot bara (create). We can only ‘asah (make) or yatsar (mold). We must take care as to the proper elements to use in our making and molding because some combinations produce useful and helpful results, and other combinations produce hazardous and even deadly results. It is this parallel comparison of the elements and words that teach us that we must be careful which words we should and should not write or speak. This is the reason Yeshua‘ said that we would be judged by every word that comes forth from our mouth. We may use the comparison of letters to the elements in the following example. You can take two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen and produce H2O or water, which is a life sustaining compound. However, you may take the same two parts hydrogen and combine it with one part sulphur (instead of oxygen), and that produces H2S, hydrogen sulphide, which is very lethal, indeed. From this simple example we can see that the substitution of one simple element can cause disastrous and even deadly results; forming something deadly rather than life-sustaining. The same care must be used in communication. We are held accountable for every word that we speak. Our words can also be life sustaining or life threatening. The same care must be used in our understanding of the word of YHVH, and our teaching that is a result of our understanding. When we read the scriptures, and we do not recognize an idiom as an idiom, and we teach the idiom as literal truth rather than symbolic of an intended meaning, we are communicating our understanding in a way that is not life-sustaining, and in many ways can be life threatening when spiritual truths are not understood as the truths they are intended to convey. To teach spiritual things without spiritual understanding is death to the hearer. Therefore, we must get back to the original context and mind set and understanding of the writers, rather than trying to force our own particular meanings into the text.

This is as good of a stopping place as any, but in actuality we could go on and on into the applications of the Hebrew alephbet in the creation story and beyond. I believe that if you can get motivated to seek out the truths contained within this study, and apply them to all areas of your studies, you will find a more solid basis for your faith and start to weed out those beliefs that you had originally felt were true, but have found deeper understanding through the proper use of the alephbet.

This essay is an edited transcript excerpted from Brad Scott’s 5 CD series entitled How Then Shall We Live? “Alephbet: the Building Blocks of Life.”

  1. Warning: You Could Lose Your Internet Access!
    (July 9th is the deadline on this. Check your DNC to see if you have been infected.)
  2. Venus to appear in once-in-a-lifetime event
    (This happens on June 5-6 this year.)
  3. Venus not scheduled to make rare transit past the Sun again for 105 years
  4. Newly discovered asteroid 2012 KP24 to pass between Earth and Moon
  5. Nibiru System In Full Color As Seen By A Passenger On-Board A Commercial Aircraft over Melbourne, Australia May 28.2012 Exclusive
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